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  1. To have a Kissenberth moment: To crash your (captured) sopwith camel and injure yourself out of career.
  2. That SE5 bursing through the explosion on the ground was just EPIC! Once again, a fantastic video of the battle over the tanks. Sensational to watch!
  3. I have photos of this one on display at the Dayton Air Museum. I'll share when I can dig them up.
  4. It was intended to be a rhetorical question... Daedallus was my Kette flight leader! So awesome! And an honor to be featured in the first half of the film! Those Lewis guns really shocked me. I was clearly out of the gun solution when those first Lewis gun hits struck me, and it shook me! Great to see the cavalry arrive to rescue me. The second SE5a to drop on me hit my pilot critically, but with the help of J5, I was able to extract, and to return safely to land at our airfield. Cheers for a great film. What a blast!
  5. Who's this handsome bastard?
  6. I noticed today that killing a Nieuport in Quick Battles don't register in the game. You get no awards for the kills. I hope that this lack of kill record doesn't also include online games. I reported this today in Bugs. The screengrab here is after I shot two nieuports down in Quick battles.
  7. I've taken the albatros up in a couple of quick battles to test the Nieuport. Downed planes don't register as hacing been killed there. I haven't encountered a nieuport in multiplayer battles, but it would be a shame if the same lack of recording happened there as well.
  8. Can you post a link to the weekly pilot sign up sheet? I'm having trouble finding it; Nevermind. I found it in Discord.
  9. How am I just now seeing this!?! I've read Kylander's book so many times, so I respect where this is coming from. Ready to dive in and learn!
  10. I'll be flying Otto Kissenberth's Jasta 16b. Unless I get instructed otherwise.
  11. Oh! Damage model! I thought you guys were complaining about the Dungeon Master!
  12. To be fair, RFC is an artifact of a squadron I belonged to in other games. I've used that IGN in every game since then. I've used it so long that I forgot that it has meaning here!
  13. Apparently I accidently clicked Entente, rather than Central. Is there a way to undo or correct my choice?
  14. Otto Kissenberth of Jasta 16 prepares to take off for a dawn patrol.
  15. What he means, I think, is that there are some of us for whom the Skin Downloader isn't connecting to the data set. I can't get the downloader to work, either.
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