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  1. But not too strong of a southern accent. I spent seventeen years on the east coast and one year in England, all of which softened it some
  2. Hello, sir! I have a strong southern accent if you need one. Thanks for all you do for this superb sim
  3. I am a redneck, so I could help with an American accent with a southern twang
  4. Tank Crew looks amazing! I can't wait for that one or FC1. VR in BoX is so remarkable, that I can't use a 2 D monitor any more, even with Track IR. Ready to go back to the Great War in VR. I am so pleased about Tank Crew because it is about time we had a true WW II tank sim and not another arcade game, and this is just the team to do it right! My first love is flight sims, but I really want a true eastern front tank sim since Steel Fury is really showing its age despite the mods. The bottom line is that I will but anything and everything that comes from this dev team.
  5. Thank you Panzerbar and Gustav!! You gentlemen are outstanding and your hard work is appreciated by the rank and file like me
  6. I for one am looking forward to the G6 for the 13 mm so I can more than scratch the paint of an IL-2 when the 20 mm runs dry, despite the cost in performance
  7. And by the way, I loved Hans von Luck's book
  8. Agreed, but I was trying to stay positive and helpful. I was attempting to be hospitable to hopefully educate others. I am a neurosurgeon and my job is extremely stressful. I fly the planes in BoX and come to this forum as an escape, not just from work, but also from the irritating 24 hours news channels and almost all popular culture now incorporating politics. I really don't want to see it here too. This place should be a fun place for military history and aviation enthusiasts to discuss just that and leave the outside world outside of here where it belongs
  9. I really feel like you got an erroneous impression from your visit and it is not fair to generalize your assessment to all Americans. I seriously doubt you met all 300+ million of us while you were here. If you return someday, I can introduce you to some superb human beings. This is an honest invitation for even a place to stay should you return. I am a 51 year old married guy with kids so I have seen and done a lot.
  10. Fw 190-A8 for me. All the bulges just make it look more muscular and powerful. Just an overall menacing look.
  11. LA-5 FN.... Another dream plane of mine! Perfect complement to the Bf-109 G6. Woo hoo! A perfect way to round out the Eastern front prior to the Pacific transition.
  12. Everything on the update is completely outstanding!! It is as if you took a wish list of mine and made it a reality. The work of this team is simply superb!!! The best sim just keeps getting better and better! Thank you again, gentlemen, for your hard and excellent work!
  13. I agree with the official skins being more generic than specific for given aces or experte. My flying is an embarrassment to the memory of those guys whose planes I fly
  14. My In-headset VR lenses arrived. They are excellent. Same acuity as my prescription lenses, but now I can ditch the glasses with the rift. I bought them from the German company that TP_Silk obtained his, and I am very pleased. They fit securely in the rift and they are easy to place and remove. I appreciate TP_Silk posting this topic. It has been very helpful to me.
  15. PWCG is my primary use for this sim. It is superb! Looking forward to more of your excellent work. Thank you again, Pat.
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