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  1. Hi, Thank you both for your kind comments, Glad you enjoyed it. It took about three months to make, the toughest and most time-consuming part was trying to learn how to make vehicles, planes and men do what I wanted them to do and I had to put my self through a learn on the job crash course in scripting with ARMA and the mission editor in BoS. The re-skinning stuff also took some time as I wanted to try and get the best continuity between the Ju-87s in ARMA and BoS. There were a lot of funny moments getting vehicles etc. to follow waypoints like the opening with the kubelwagen and the taxxiing etc.. Putting the airfield together and placing all the objects took a lot of time, every fence section along the road etc. but again good fun. It was also a lot of fun to put together some of the blue-screen sequences and I enjoyed driving the kubel at full pelt alongside the taxxiing stukas whilst trying not to hit anything! and at the same time get the camera angle as I wanted. It also took up several terabytes of HD space capturing in full screen HD but I wanted it as hi-res as I could make it and my old PC wasn't up to it but my newer one gave me the opportunity to capture at a decent frame rate but it did eat up a lot of drive space . All-in-all I'm fairly pleased with the outcome, with the benefit of hindsight and experience there are some things I'd probably do a bit differently but it was a lot of fun. Best wishes Aces PS, my next project will probably use more green screen stuff like this "taster" clip when I've fully recovered psycologically from doing this one that is
  2. Many thanks guys, I really enjoyed putting it together, glad that you enjoyed it, Best wishes Aces
  3. Good tip thanks, I don't know if you play Star Citizen and, if so you might already this know but they force v-sync in-game without a graphics option to disable it. I discovered that you can type "r_VSync 0" into the console and then type "sys_maxFPS=120" and then use fast v-synch in the Nvidia CP this work well. The value of sys max has to be below 200 else you might get game crashes. I went from 60 FPS to 150FPS, I decided to cap at 120. Cheers Aces
  4. Interesting I thought the Nvidia setting would override the game's vsync. I get the same FPS with fast sync on with or without the in-game vsync enabled. I haven't noticed any stutters, I'll set my in-game vsync offf again to test more. Cheers Aces
  5. Hi, As others have said, if it works for you then use it. It seems to me that the easiest way to test is to run a game without any form of v-sync and see what frame rates are possible. If this is substantially and consistently above 60 assuming that your monitor is a 60Hz monitor then there are FPS gains to be made with it on or to put it another way there are gains compared to running with conventional v-sync on which I do because I don't like tearing especially using Track IR. I just ran RoF, the thing that lowers framerates in RoF for me is supersampling as one might expect. With conventional v-sync enabled in-game then I'm capped at 60 FPS as one might expect with my monitor refresh rate. With fast-sync on then my framerates go to a pretty constant 110 FPS. Cheers Aces N.B Also remember to increase or disable any in-game frame limiter whilst testing.
  6. As I like to experiment I just, did a benchmark on an action-intensive campaign mission with plenty of zooming in and panning around in twisting and tuning dogfighting. GPU ran at a maximum temp of 60C which is the same as without Fast-Vsync. Frames: 55279 - Time: 580000ms - Avg: 95.309 - Min: 65 - Max: 120 So my minimum FPS was higher that the normal maximum 60 FPS v-synch imposed limit and my maximum FPS was double the normal v-sync limit and my average approx 50% higher than normal v-sync. Cheers Aces
  7. Hi, You need a Pascal chipset video card like to Nvidia 10 series. It won't improve game performance what it does do is allow me to enable other options such as Transparency Supersampling and/or DSR resolutions without taking such an appreciable framerate hit. I've flown quite a few tests and not noticed any input lag nor have I noticed any higher GPU temperatures on my 1060 with stock cooler. A squadmate with a GTX1080 tried it out and sent me this message "OK I've done the tweek, and running at 2xdsr with 4x Supersampling and got 112 lowest fps and with 8xSupersampling 110 fps lowest. " so at least he's happy As I mentioned before, it's something to try. If you have a Pascal chipset Nvidia card then it's easy to try it out. If you like it keep it on, if you don't turn it off, "simples" Cheers Aces Edit. I don't use the in-game counter, I switched it on for the screenshots. I use other such as FRAPS, Afterburner etc. and they all agree
  8. I just heard back from one of my squad mates who has a very similar setup to me, he has a 1080 card and I have 1060 card. "OK I've done the tweak, and running at 2xdsr with 4x Supersampling and got 112 lowest fps and with 8xSupersampling 110 fps lowest. " At least I know that I'm not the only one that it works for Cheers Aces
  9. 60 Hz it has neither, I've just set that option in the Nvidia control panel. So far I have noticed similar gains on Skilent Hunter III, Clod and Wings of Victory.
  10. Hi guys, I think that this option is GPU-dependant. I have a GTX1060 which uses the Pascal chipset and I have the latest Nvidia drivers. Also if you run in DSR resolutions then you almost certainly get less or no benefit. As I said your mileage might vary. I just tried this with ARMA III, CloD and Silent Hunter 5 and got similar or better FPS gains. I have a 60 Hz monitor so "normal" game vsync will limit it to 60 FPS max as you know. I found this short explanation of "fast" Nvidia synch: ""this is beneficial to games that render at higher framerate than your monitor and you want as low latency as you get but you don't want tearing VSync ON gets rid of tearing but adds latency VSync OFF gets rid of the latency problem but adds tearing the middle ground is FastSync - adds some latency for no tearing"" When I posted I didn't realise that this wasn't an option always present in the Nvidia control panel. Cheers Aces
  11. Hi jaydee Okay, my CPU is Intel I7-6700K @ 4GHz, 16 Gb RAM, Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX12, Nvidia GTX-1060 6 Gb. I'm not saying everyone will benefit to the same degree and as with all these things your mileage may vary as the saying goes but it does increase the FPS substantially on my rig and it's an easy enough thing to change and try out. Cheers "Aces" Edit - Yes I do have V-Synch selected in-game and, importantly, the FPS limiter set to 120 FPS. It was previously set to 60 but prior to changing the Nvidia setting I could change it to 120 and still get an absolute max of 60 FPS. It now needs to be at 120.
  12. Hi chaps, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is pretty amazing. I changed the setting for V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel to "Fast" and changed the frame limiter in the game's startup.cfg to 120 and went from 60FPS to an average of 90-100 FPS and haven't noticed any tearing!!!. Try it I always keep my startup.cfg read-only as I have other changes such as bloom off that I want to preserve. Cheers Aces
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