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  1. As the title says interested to buy Flying Circus - but what are my buying options for the early access? (note all my Il2 games and Rise of Flight are on steam - so prefer to be playing through steam?) - but this seems to be possible from what I can see? Update: someone just told me if you buy on their website you would get a steam redeem code?(is this correct?) - also do you get any discount if you won previous versions of the game - this is confusing!
  2. thanks - could I just delete and it should create a new default one? update got it working by deleting the .cfg......does track ir work with it now? (don't get a green light in game?
  3. Just bought the BoM add on (using the 40%) discount via your store - had not played the BoS which the BoM should appear within for a few months - but when I try and run it the game crashes as well as trying to open up in steam VR mode - note have already tried to reinstall it on steam - still can get it to work?
  4. Strange verified the cache - still same problem and have just tried and reinstall and now getting an immediate crash of the game and also the oculus app and steam vr try to load up even after the game has crashed........
  5. thanks just had a look in .cfg file and seems no reference to VR (not surprising since its not supported yet...) which makes it even weirder its trying to load up in VR mode! will try to verify cache next....
  6. Jason Thanks for the reply making a lot more sense now - so in reality I can play everything via my steam even though I purchased it in your store - does that include if I bought early access for your new Bokuban I think its called? 2 final questions 1)Do you have a date when the VR support goes live next month (presume its for all x3 of Il2 titles?) 2)Going back to my earlier issue with BoS trying to load in VR - cant remember last time I played it but is it possible you might have some kind of early VR support for the title - as this is the only way I could have somehow tried to play it in VR before? - assuming now VR will not work it until next month so it needs to be disabled? - so what is my solution to get it running again on my monitor (reinstall on steam or verifying integrity of cache?) @Jordan thanks for the reply - absolutely nothing has changed - hadn't played the game in games (was really waiting for the VR support to come) - but as mentioned above its possible may have had a go at trying to play it in VR last year (cant remember) - its the only reason I can think that's its trying to boot up in VR mode then crash - but its really hard issue to resolve as I cant get into the game to change the options!!
  7. Jason Thanks for the reply - but this is ridiculous why do you need to apply the discount in your IL2 store then somehow have it activate in steam?assume if you buy it directly in steam it would appear in your library? Also by way of update: 1)when I try to play BoM through BoS in steam firstly my steam VR/oculus app try to open themselves (as if its a Steam VR game) then everything freezes and locks up before the game starts properly - the only way back is to reset the computer!!! whats causing this and how can I resolve it?(note also I assume somehow the BoM game will also need to download - do not see any pending downloads for BoS or BoM on my steam? 2)Separate question - When will both games support VR? Update:now have started getting into the hanger (but its split into 2 screens on my monitor - like its trying to display VR - but the game just hangs does not go past the log in screen - only wait out is to reset the PC!!!
  8. I got the offer e-mail because I have other Il2 products on steam - so use the promo code (had to buy it through the IL2 store!!! not steam) - but its not appearing in my steam account as there instructions said it should when you next start steam - anyone any ideas??
  9. Vax thanks For CLoD how are you editing the files? I have heard of an app called fedit.exe but not sure exactly how to use it? also is it possible to increase effects over 100% using something like this? For 1946 - I did have the FFB switch on in the input options - I assume you need to switch off? maybe this is why my stick does not seem to want to work in this game - will try again
  10. I just got my first ffb2 stick - and just wondering for BOS is there anyway to get stronger FFB effects (already in game mine are all set to 100%) - strangely when I configure the axis in the options screen the game saves saves some of them as inverted also?
  11. vax - thanks for the feedback - will try and tape up the sensor its possible I am just not so familiar with FFB so don't really know what to expect but will give it a try again with the default settings - basically my observation was that the FFB effects when flying appeared a bit random and dependent on the aircraft they did not seem strong and consistent (which is why I was thinking of adjusting the curves - note I have also not inverted any of the axis although some of them seemed to default to inverted when I set them up perhaps this could be my issue?) I also tried it with cliffs of dover and got some strong forces particularly when I got a spitfire into and spin and with 1946 I couldn't get the game to detect the stick so haven't got it working yet........
  12. thanks for the reply vax actually am not sure what to expect as I have previously used only a warthog (non ffb stick) to answer your questions just learning how to use the stick - found firstly I need to have my hand on it for the FFB to activate - strangely I am getting the best resistance if in game if I adjust the %'s for strength to 90% mid way through a flight - then I get some reasonable resistance - but other times (109)stick feels very weak - interesting in the Russian fighter seemed to get very little gun shake but aside from that got good in flight ffb with the Russian plance - that aside - in terms of setting it up should I be messing with the sensitivity charts ?
  13. Just got a FFB2 stick to try with BOS and having a few setup problems (note I have already set FFB to 100% in the options) - have assigned the axis and it looks like it is working ingame - but i get reasonable FFB effect when I fire the guns but it feels weak flying - is there something wrong with my setup or my stick or does the game just have weak FFB effects?
  14. Just got myself one of these FFB2 sticks but need a little help setting it up....... 1)On BOS have assigned the axis (non inverted) and they all now seem to be working now - do get a noticeable FFB when firing the guns but get a rather weaker FFB effect when I am flying (not sure if there is an issue with the stick or is this just what to expect?) - also how can I change the FOV (seems to be a little close up for my liking) 2)For 1946 not exactly sure how to set the stick up and running as in the input devices does not seem to recognise it? so cant seem to assign axis 3)On cliffs have got it working - and get a strong FFB effect when I got the spit into a flat spin - so seems to be working ok here.... Any help in setting it up appreciated - particularly turning up the FFB effect in BOS??
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