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  1. Yes, I agree with you. But , having this option will let people think German already have Glass Head Rest in autumn 1942. Not everyone know when Bf109 begin to equip glass headrest. This option will mislead people.
  2. Hi mate, Some people like fly Bf109 K-4 in Stalingrad, so developers can set BF109 K-4 as an 'option' , if people don't like BF109 K-4, they can still be as historical as they like ?? 😳😳😳 I believe most people love il-2 because it is realistic and historical, otherwise it is no different from War Thunder....
  3. Same here , the Xsolla payment doesn't work well today, I bought the collector planes on Steam instead.
  4. I am with 850w unit/ 1080Ti/ HTC VIVE PRO, drivers are older than 391.35. I still get screen freeze many times each day. (but the sound continues, I can hear my plane crash) Since so many people suffering this bug, I hope the developers can notice this and fix it ASAP.
  5. Thans for your amazing work! But shouldn't Cologne in ruins at that time ?? By the way, If Moscow can be bombed, many bomber players will be happy, bombing factory and airfields are boring..
  6. Thanks for your great work ! I know it is very very hard to make this map 100% realistic, but I hope the town can be as historical as possible.
  7. I have same issue in Multiplayer. After loading the map on WOL server, the game always get freeze ..
  8. I couldn't find servers which is running tank maps ☹️ I hope I can play tanks in Multiplayer mode.
  9. Actually I love tanks more than planes. Why I love this game is because this game focus on quality instead of quantity. It is the most realistic tank game I 've ever see on the market. War thunder is just like a children arcade game compared with it . I can't wait to pre order Tank Crew.
  10. If there is a lobby in the game, it will be good.
  11. There are actually only two big servers for il-2 BOS. The other servers are ghost server most of the time. If people can't fly on 'Wings of Liberty' or 'TAW' server, then they can NOT fly on Multiplayer at all. ​Everyday I see many many people get kicked by 'WOL' and 'TAW' due to high ping. It is really not good for the game community. ​I hope there can be several offical servers for different net connection (Asia , US ,Europe, Russia , etc )
  12. I saw many people complain about the original Stalingrad terrain looks very unrealistic in the game. Some terrain looks a lot like Normandy.... Now it looks amazing and realistic ! Thanks for your great work. I hope the developers keep on polishing the old maps, make il-2 the best Sim game and never go out of date.
  13. Anyone know when will the offer ends ? The sale will continue for one week or just one day ? Thanks.
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