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  1. Regarding introduction of VR I understand the argument refered to the majority of PC users. However do not underestimate the uncredible effect specially with flight simulators. I personally use VR since two month and i have to say "there is no way return". I have played CoD for long time with fun, but now only BoX gives me the real feeling of flight (more important than fight). I will surely come back to CoD when VR is implemented, and I hope this will happen very soon.
  2. It is finished, I have completed all 10 missions with great pleasure. A special thank to "Redglyph", he lifted me over the barrier of the 6. mission. I hope we will see some more of such campaigns in the future.
  3. Hallo, is anyone there who has finished the 6. mission, and can tell me what secret it has? I flew over the clouds, I flew under the clouds, I flew north and south a big circle and a small circle. I followed the order to come return , and I ignored it. Nothing helpes, always I got the message "mission not successful" In general I fly in VR and I am overwhelmed by the feeling of flight, as well as by the quality of the surprising good campaigns. I would be grateful for getting help, to finish this campaign.
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