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  1. The Joystick is working in windows and other games. Il2 just stopped to detect it. Can anybody help?
  2. Thanks team for bringing up the best available WWII flight sim. Congratulaions.
  3. yep got the dash too. didn't try out what it could be. but i'm so glad the performance is back with this latest update. thanks to the devs.
  4. sounds great. thank you very much for your hard work.
  5. sorry maybe i wasn't precise. the change of weather went well, in fact i liked it very much to fly with these big clouds. the fps breakdown came later. maybe 3 or 4 days ago.
  6. it came after the change of weather and i don't have these problems on other servers. fps goes down almost 50% if a plane gets near. thats annoying if you want to kill that plane. hm i'll keep testing. anyways thanks for the quick answer.
  7. im experiencing bad performance on your server since a few days. especially in target area and with planes nearby. i'm a little sad i can't enjoy flying like a was used to be. did you increase number of vehicles/aa or other stuff that maybe kills fps on lower systems?
  8. got this message too. and "new update blabla". let's see.
  9. there's another update? can't login rightnow.
  10. so i'm happy i let the autopilot run this afternoon.. the unlocks are still there are they?
  11. no problem. just saying. thank you guys very much. you're awesome.
  12. so there's still no update for us steam guys
  13. took a bad shot on a friendly some days ago. i should have noticed him and he got really angry and flamed me hard. i understood him. so TRIAS if you read this, one more time i'm sorry for that unlucky moment.
  14. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/3625-il-2-bos-tutorials-tir-profile-g940-controls-sweetfx-updated/
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