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  1. What a warm atmosphere here! Ok I'm in. My real name is Jeongwoo and I'm 43, working at Hewlette Packard Company in South korea. (Of course, I'm korean ) I have a wife like a fox and 2 sons like a rabbit! Well, not sure this expression is common in other country, but We normally use this kind of conceit. Actually, my Flight sim life has begun with MicroSoft Flight Simulator 1 for Apple II in around '84 and I've played : Their Finest Hour (by Lucas Arts) F-19 (by Microprose) Falcon 3.0(by Spectrum Holobyte), and so on... I don't have much time to play BOS but always trying to feel and play it! Next please~
  2. Even though I'm using GTX 980, there is some stutter that even Gsync can't cover it I feel this some frame drop sometimes and I think this isn't issue of H/W but S/W
  3. Well said. Actually, Sometimes I feel "Is this game worthy to 100$? indeed?"
  4. Actually, I drove my plane to ramp as I thought ground crew may rearm my plane. but nobody did that. I had to finish the mission to rearmament.
  5. When I'm out of ammo, How can I reload ? At the airfield like war thunder?
  6. Do you mean something like this? You can adjust increse /decrese speed by modify this command.
  7. Expecting! especially focus to pure dogfight!
  8. please refer to the profile which I've recently uploaded, not this one,
  9. This profile is based on the default key settings FYI cheers
  10. Hi pilots, Please find attached X-55 Rhino Profile which is focused to LA-5, LAGG-3
  11. As you can see in my sig, I've changed 290x to GTX 980. This issue won't happen any more. and I also changed screen to G-sync. Awesome!!!
  12. Real WW2 pilot said that when 20mm cannon is hit, It sound like battering tin drum with stone right next to ear. But in BOS, the hitting sound is a bit weak. Am I alone who think like this?
  13. OOoops.. I don't want meet these folks in the sky~~
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