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  1. Ww1 - My great grandfather was in the 5th Battalion, South Staffs Regiment. He survived, & became a Councillor in Darlaston, West Midlands & had a street there named after him, being Lowe Avenue, which had a bomb dropped on it WW2 destroying a couple of houses. WW2 - My grandfather was a sand caster at FH Lloyd in Darlaston, West Midlands & classed as a protected industry worker. During WW2 he was engaged in making tanks, but not able to find out which tanks he would have made. Because of his protected industry worker status, he was also an auxiliary fireman, but never talked about his service as a fireman, but you can imagine some of things he saw. Apparently, he was called to Coventry when it was bombed. On a lighter side, he stayed on past retirement to complete the castings he was working on for the Thames flood barrier.
  2. Happy Christmas to all. Thanks for the hard work done by everyone involved in the sim.
  3. Would be nice to have a Lancaster & B17
  4. What next for this great sim? Playable submarines & boats so have land, sea & air combat in one sim. Roll on payday so can get my pre-orders in.
  5. Did WWII pilots receive bailing out/parachute training or was their first experience when they had to bail out for real? Found plenty of articles on whether it was ethical or not to shoot a pilot in a parachute, but nothing on the training side.
  6. Looks great guys. Thanks for the work you're putting into this sim.
  7. It covers the Spitfire IIA & IIB Merlin XII engine. Chapters are; Pilot's notes Pilots flying log book Pilot's personal combat report Aircraft movement card Forget me nots for fighters General notes on air gunnery & air fighting Bag the Hun Warplanes - card game for aircraft spotters It caught my attention, so had a quick flick through & for £3.00 you can't go wrong. Another interesting book for £3.00 is Wings on my Sleeve. It's a book about test pilot Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown who flew pratically all German WWII planes.
  8. Was in a Works bookshop the other day & picked up this book on the Spitfire.
  9. Was in a Works bookshop the other day & picked up this bargain book. Whether it improves my flying is yet to be seen once the spitfire is released.
  10. Likìng the HS129 Enjoyed flying it 1946 & will sure like flying it in BOS, etc.
  11. Ordered to help contribute towards developement of this sim.
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