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  1. 13 September 2013 is when I pre-ordered Battle of Stalingrad. The sim has come a long way since then.
  2. Woooooo With the worldwide pandemic causing lockdowns, working from home, etc. The last 12 months have flown past. Is it now Christmas already with the contents of this release? Thanks developers for the work that you are still managing to do in the current climate & looking forward to next update.
  3. B-17 - daylight bombing, so at least you get to see the scenery Now a Lancaster, which I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned yet - night bombing, with very little to see. Now that would be boring, but also very challenging......
  4. A choke - a thing of the past. I fited a K&N filter to my Citroen AX GT. In summer it was OK, but in winter had to drive round with the choke out as if I didn't it kept stalling.
  5. I live in the UK & I used to have a Bertone X1/9. Despite living in the UK, they were built for America & their safety requirements, so it wasn't as quick as it should have been due to extra weight. However it was built so occupants could survive an 80mph crash. However, one mod was to install 2.0 Lancia engine so it then performed like it should. Friends asked why I didn't get a MR2, which would have been a MK1 at the time, but after looking, they were too luxurious, I prefer a sports car to be rough & basic. Then got rid of it for a Citroen AX
  6. Marmite - You either love it or hate it...... This is how I see it whenever something new is unveiled & reading through the comments. Would like to have been around at the time when the wheel was invented to listen to the for & against arguments.
  7. see the thread I started entitled Damage Model at https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/69617-damage-model I too got took out by flying parts of a plane I hit
  8. Bargain at 85usd 😀 What about a base for it? What you got planned?
  9. Not able to feather prop in this case, I think they were bent too far 😕
  10. Very impressed with damage model. Think I was too close to a C-47 when I hit it as it got it's own back in that a piece of it hit my propeller, which bent it. I think it also knocked the canopy off as I didn't jettison it
  11. How about a flying Bren gun carrier that will satisfy both the pilots & TC crowds?
  12. Would enjoy driving the Sd.Kfz.222 if released for TC. How about the VW161 as well?
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