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  1. That’s how it’s supposed to work. The trim tab left, pushes the rudder surface to the right.
  2. The following Fw 190 A5 skins were made with a (crudely ;-)) edited (by me) 4K template for the A3, originally made by ICDP. Furthermore, thank you ICDP for your new A5 template you released today. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much!
  3. It's a joystick symbol, meaning that particular server is for joystick users only. People using mouse aim cannot play on such a server.
  4. Not a big deal, but I think you have your math backwards. We got a Developer Diary Update every 1.3 weeks, not 1.3 a week. It's 0.77 a week, which is impressive nonetheless.
  5. I've been wanting to post of few of the following Fw-190 screenshots for a while now. A small collection with different insignia, camo patterns, kill markings and colors.
  6. Here are some pictures of a historical skin I've been working on: Bf109 F4, 5./JG 53, Hauptmann Kurt Brändle, 1942 And a slightly modified "personal" "black 17":
  7. Here are some pictures of skins I made since the templates were released in December. They are all fictional skins, although some have obvious similarities with well known historic ones. I modified them to my liking and used unit insignia, theater markings and colors purely based on the specific look I wanted to achieve and not based on historical facts! There's still fine tuning to be done, which takes quite a while because unfortunately I don't have much time to work on them right now. I know of course that most of the community prefers historical skins, but I hope at least some of you guys might like the pictures anyways! Fw 190: Bf 109:
  8. Griever, it is possible to change your Account/Forum Username. It won't affect your Ingame name yet though! Go to http://il2sturmovik.com and log in (the main website, not the forum log in!). Klick on "Profile" and you'll see your Username which you can edit. Save the changes by clicking "update" and you should be good to go.
  9. I believe this would have made most critics happy. I thank the Devs for making a very quick change within only one week, but after all the threads, posts and pictures about how refraction works and how it affects the Fw-190 cockpit visibility in particular, I really cannot understand the way the Devs went about that change. Personally, I find it quite a bit frustrating. The quoted post by FS-HerraTohtori (from another thread) sums it up perfectly. Thanks for that one mate!
  10. Oh come on, man! You gotta be kidding! Let's try this one more time, shall we? Look at the second P-40 picture in that link you provided (the one with the six gentlemen in the foreground). (For your convenience I attached it to this post). Can you tell me why the left side of the armored frame looks so much thinner than the right side? I give you a hint: It starts with "refrac" and ends with "tion". Now, don't get all worked up. I'm just teasing! I'm a simple minded guy. There's tons of sh1t in this world that I don't understand or don't believe in, but that doesn't necessarily mean, it doesn't exist! Same goes for refraction. You don't believe in it, despite all the evidence? Okay, fine. Doesn't make it any less real though! And NO, refraction DOES NOT just affect the 190! Did anyone ever claim it does? (honest question!)
  11. Corner Velocity is the MINIMUM airspeed at which maximum allowable g's can be obtained, thus resulting in the highest INSTANTANEOUS turn rate. No fighter has enough power to sustain that airspeed while pulling max g's (maybe for a while by giving up altitude but obviously not indefinitely). That means that this highest turn rate will only be achieved temporarily and that it'll decrease quickly once the airspeed decreases. In addition to Corner velocity a pilot needs to know another airspeed value / airspeed range. And that is the speed (range) that results in the highest SUSTAINED turn rate. Basically it's the most g's that can be sustained without losing airspeed (or maybe better: energy). So, in a classic 2 circle rate fight (in Sim forums you often read "Turn and burn" TnB) you maximize your turn performance by starting out with corner velocity and by pulling as hard as possible (within structural limits) initially. Once the airspeed has decreased to the airspeed for maximum sustained turn rate, ease off the backstick pressure slightly and hold that airspeed. But obviously there's way more to BFM and ACM than having a theoretical understanding of those speeds. Knowing the basics and adhering to those speeds will not make you "Über"! Depending on the tactics that are employed, they might not even be that relevant (e.g. BnZ). Just keep that in mind! But in quite a lot of situations they can be useful. So what are the speeds for our fighters in BoS? Bad news: I don't know for sure! I go by my subjective feel and estimate that corner velocity for the 109's could be around 450-480 kph. The highest sustained turn rate is achieved around 290-300 kph, in my estimate. I might be quite a bit off, so don't take it as fact or historically proven data! Others on the forum did some useful "flight testing" and posted the results. Take advantage of those numbers. Just my 2 cents. That's what I soaked up back in days.
  12. Yeah, me too! I have no idea how many members of the community would be willing to chip in, but hey ... I'm in!
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