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  1. If you max CM Planes, maybe any more groups of 3 cms add to a life?
  2. I love flying in NA hours, lets me mellow out and do my level bombing, I still get in a few fights too. Im not complaining I will say it does suck that its super low sometimes. But there is no other server with such hardcore rules like this. I think we should leave it be.
  3. So thaaaaats who keeps leaving random stuff in that damn station I agree with chimango on this one, its a mod, it enhances spotting, Thats a cheat and shouldnt be allowed.
  4. Hey! Someone got a track of it! Awesome Watching that happen was something else
  5. This is the main reason its not my cup of tea. I sit down hopefully to have some fun with friends after a crummy shift. And then in 10 mins i cant for the rest of the day but it is what it is
  6. Wife aggro is the #1 reason for me getting sloppy and trying to do my bombing missions too quick. Always ends bad for me
  7. I just find it puts a damper on my night when I have to wait a lot longer to fly because im out of lives. Im not that good a fighter pilot anyways so its not like I pose a risk lol
  8. Some very good observations! No matter if it happens or not, I still am happy the server exists and am thankful to all that run it. Also, Greetings!
  9. I like the dogfight challenge, great way to make this into something enjoyable too. Im forever against shooting chutes because 1- Its kinda rubbing it in after you've already blown a guy away 2- If im not captured I can hop back in a plane and fly again if im on my last life. If you shoot my guy im out of lives and Im back to wings of liberty which I do not enjoy. Also ive always flown with people, and was always shown never to do it, even if they do it to you.
  10. Why do that? Serves nothing than ruin the time of another person
  11. Whats the usual time of day for a campaign start anyways? I want to be perfectly drunk to fly my 52
  12. I thought exactly this on my last bombing run, so i went the long way, taking an hour and a half to get to target. Then i got nuked because a city spotted me. was lovely. Love this server.
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