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  1. That's absolutely fair. While I don't understand how it could be better, if it works for you (from experimentation) that means more than theory.
  2. In a game about spotting (dark) dots against a (lighter) background, gamma correction should always be turned OFF. When AA is applied is blurs the edges of the dot (if the dot is a single pixel, that pixel will fade slightly into the background). Gamma correction favours the lighter colours, in flight sims this usually means the "background" and not the "dot". So spotting aircraft will be harder with gamma correction ON. The best demo I've seen for this is this article: https://www.anandtech.com/show/2116/12 See how the dark wires disappear into the background? Not good if that's a one pixel plane against the sky. And, despite what you may expect, scenarios where the plane is lighter than the background are both surprisingly rare and also not helped by gamma correction (as AA generally favours the background anyway). HDR Enhances the contrast of the scene, and is therefore quite handy for spotting planes (this wasn't always the case, but the new vis model seems to favour HDR being turned on - albeit with bloom turned off). To be honest, I don't understand how he can come to that conclusion. Gamma correction is iffy at best, rarely achieving its goal (which is to make small amounts of AA make a bigger difference) and leading to extremely negative effects in flight sims.
  3. No, no need for 3Dmigoto anymore (in terms of zoom). And using it may now stop you from entering some MP servers. In general, ID aircraft based on silhouette not markings. If I need to find a certain friend by his markings I fly closer, it's just not worth using zoom for that (with the Rift CV1 though, so I'm basically blind compared to you!) I think the zoom making distant aircraft appear further away was either an optical illusion or a product of the spotting system and may have changed as of the latest patch.
  4. Yes, unfortunately most of the "PRESET: LOW/MED/HIGH etc" changes (e.g. reflections, draw distance, texture quality) are locked up in the gpreset file which can't be modified while playing multiplayer.
  5. You'd think so, but it's actually really hard for video games to handle the viewpoint being really really close to something. If you do lean really close to something in game (with head blocking turned off, or using external view + head tracking) you'll notice the object gets "eaten away" (bits of it disappear, it's hard to describe so forgive my terrible phrasing). This happens in (almost) any game. It is a product of how games are rendered. Here it is shown as the gap between the camera and the yellow plane. Any object within that area can't be rendered. While the solution the devs have implemented has flaws (e.g. yours), these are very minor. There isn't anything out there that is better. Turning the near-clip down even lower can lead to a decrease in performance (the size of numbers used to calculate where objects are goes up a lot), glitches (objects appearing in front of things they are actually behind, you see this with e.g. particles and propellors vs transparent volumes like clouds already) and a lot of headaches for the devs. There may be a tiny bit of wiggle room, perhaps the head size could be reduced a little, I don't actually know where the near-clip is set in game (it appears to be very close already). Any improve that may be possible would be very small.
  6. Are the bomb splashes and sub-effects sprites? Considering water is at Z=0 could this be handled using a larger effect centered below z=0 with the top peaking out? This would reduce the particle count - probably at the cost of clarity. @TheVino3
  7. Jumped on today and didn't hear anything. Is there any user-setup involved?
  8. Hi all, loving the sim and all the new toys... however I have no idea how to pit them against eachother. Is there a way to see plane specs akin to the encyclopedia in il2 1946 or the plane specs page in CloD? The flashcards are nice, but don't really mention EM curves, climb rates, top speed, hp etc etc. If not, well it would be great to include in game.
  9. Some fantastic shots here everyone! Looks amazing. Can't wait to get into MP when I get the chance.
  10. Yeah, the biggest shame of IL2 CloD was that parts of it were so utterly fantastic it made everything feel lacking. But that's why TF is great, the fundamentals of this sim are beyond everything else. DCS is only just getting there. So maybe, with great hope, TF can restore some of it in future along with VR.
  11. We can patch (to some extent) via reshade. But yeah, it does always strike me that for once my nostalgia glasses are correct. The game really did look stunning early on. Perhaps TFS can restore that natural beauty again, the same way they brought other aspects back to life. Team phoenix seems more fitting to me
  12. Last I heard US .50s were still not using the API rounds. Not sure if still the case but that certainly makes a difference.
  13. Wow! That's fantastic news. Thank you Jason, it is amazing that you worked together to get SRS working. Great work cribob on making it too! Kudos all around, you've made me very happy indeed.
  14. Just on the topic of flat spins, steering in to the spin will raise the inboard aileron. Because the wing is moving backwards this will (try to) raise, not lower, the wing. The outboard wing is flying forwards, and, when steering in to the spin, also trying to rise. So both wings are trying to rise... that's just gonna be drag and a lift vector near the nose (keeping the nose even higher!). Depending on wing shape, aileron type (etc) and spin characteristics the two could perfectly balance, lead to reversed controls or behave normally (albeit weakly). That's why aileron use in spins varies from plane to plane.
  15. I managed to make sharpen work for the whole image on the last version, if you want a tuneable sharpen filter I could release that. That said I think the sharpen code is by @LizLemon and/or Lefuneste so would need permissions. Amen mate, can do it on my monitor but on Rift CV1 I am fairly constantly aware that the colour profile just isn't very good. Just need a minute away from work to look at this and should have it released.
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