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  1. You don't need to talk, just be on so that you can hear what others are doing. Of course not forcing anyone to get on it but it's great to be able to call out a friendly with a six and save them from being killed!
  2. It is great to see a video that shows the frustration that IL2 can bring - as well as an example of the Me262 being flown to its strengths yet showing off its weaknesses. For landing those shots, I've found that the Me262 benefits greatly from very high convergence settings. Even 900m+ is still viable. This allows you to adjust the point of impact by rolling (which is not too locked up) rather than having to roll/rudder and then pitch to move the actual nose. This logic is still used in modern jet fighters which sometimes use angles as high as 14 degrees! Another benefit is tha
  3. This is a general issue with the plane model and therefore can't be solved without the use of mods. If you are playing singleplayer only you could look into that (though I'm not sure if any mods exist to fix it already). This mod may come close https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37987-scratchless-canopies/
  4. Wuerger is talking about the music, which I also dislike. Music is a matter of personal taste, so please don't take this as an attack. I enjoyed the video nonetheless! I will say this, when you were zig-zagging to get back on the 190 you already had seen the 109 coming up on you. Better to be defensive at that point (when he is still just outside the turning circle) than to go for the shot. Also when the 109 was firing at you, better to keep the turn going then jink out of plane instead of constantly reversing as this gave the 109 plenty of easy shots. On the whole you flew pretty well!
  5. What an awesome story, thanks for sharing! Would love to see more people on SRS
  6. I appreciate that Liz, thanks. Sometimes your tone crosses a bit of a line from "direct" to "rude". But I'm not particularly bothered by it myself, your information and mods are invaluable. I'm using gimp, and yeah I have been using subtract. Without it I'd have given up already! Rowdy, always keen to see what you come up with next. Your work on this is inspirational and very, very cool.
  7. Bahaha, sorry to spawn the grumpyness. LizLemon's always right, but the tone of the posts is a bit much. It's like if you, a physicist, met God, and could ask him anything about how the world works. But he took the form of your abrasive, drunken uncle. Hope you're both doing well in non-flightsim-land. We're all just fiddling around trying to make the sim we enjoy flying look a bit better in the end. I wanted realistic colours as well as the clouds, so I decided to go through and start making them. I started off by IDing the light.bmp file with different colours for each of the bars, e.g.
  8. Unless they are actually made (as opposed to proposed) this won't happen. Some are easy fixes, but only for the devs! Others are easy to say, harder to fix and some are just easy but require some technical knowledge. But certainly would be keen to see some graphics engine fixes for the devs. Rowdy, love your clouds but the colouring on all the mod versions since V8 or V9 has been quite wacky (mostly just vivd purple!). I'm not sure how that's happened but take a look at CIE sky and see if you can match some colours up there. Alternatively play with a shader to get your sun/sky values
  9. It results in bad FPS in most headsets though (tested WMR reverb G2, Oculus CV1). For live recording I've found recording the actual game window but having the game set as 2x your monitor resolution and then using winexp to move the window over works best. I'll probably write a program because having to do the winexp thing every launch is driving me nuts. Or else wait for SteamVR to fix the mirroring framerate.
  10. The screens in VR headsets still aren't all that great (we really need HDR VR!). To answer your question: no Nvidia colour settings do not change anything in VR. If you are playing in singleplayer the VR enhancer mod by Lefuneste could come in handy, available here: It doesn't work in multiplayer servers however. If it did I'd update some of the shaders I wrote for it (curve contrast, true vibrance, colour correction).
  11. The banding Liz is referring to is this kind of thing (left image) See how the colour does not smoothly change across the planet? This is a particularly glaring example of how bad banding can be. IL2 has similar issues though, especially when looking through the window at the sky. Depends on time of day etc. The image on the right has had dithering applied, to great effect. Something I'd love to see in IL2 (though truth be told I'd rather they do some work on lighting and colour depth, skyboxes and colour calibration). Dithering, at a shader level, is quite easy to fi
  12. Love coming across you guys, I always switch to escort duty when I see ya. Such adorable planes need to be protected.
  13. Some good times jumping on the discord, cheers to RipShady and @StingerSFC
  14. @Enigma89 I haven't messed with postfx in resolve yet (well, it's been years). Would love to chat. I can teach text tracking and some other tricks. Just got that working.
  15. Forgive me for requesting a test I could do myself - but have you noticed these stutters increase when you fly near other aircraft? Also, have you tried disabling "show custom skins" in settings -> game?
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