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    The Sun

    Both moon and sun, very obvious in VR.
  2. I thought so! I did this to an enemy plane on combat box, flying a damaged K4 back to base and a P38 came screaming up behind me. Got slow and jinked hard down and then back up, turned back and watched him fall to bits. Nobody else on comms had seen it before, suggested he must have been damaged. I have seen P38 pilots hit their tails on takeoff, that stuff sticks around. I've also flown a mission in the K4 with 4 kills, on the 2nd one I got some 50cals through my right wing. Continued fighting, got 2 more kills, RTB, did my turn on to final to land and suddenly lost the wing. Gotta be careful, even if the part doesn't seem damaged. I remain to be convinced but it is clear P38 pilots must take care with their tails.
  3. Awesome video, that was a fantastic watch!
  4. I use VR Zoom at 3x, which gives around the same visual detail (on my Rift CV1) as I get on my monitor. Much more zoom than that and it gets too tempting to use, but the image moves around so much it isn't actually that much use. Spotting is still best when zoomed out in VR, the way it should be. I don't use zoom much at all. Considering that the 3Dmigoto mod exists I see no reason for OP's idea - if it didn't exist then I would like the idea (in fact I already made a mod for DCS that did just that).
  5. I am very inexperienced in the K4, so take this with a grain of salt. I also fly HUD off but- When I am NOT at 100% throttle but still in Emergency engine mode I receive these warnings. As far as I'm aware this is realistic. If you want to use high combat or emergency engine power use 100% throttle or else you will not feed enough MW50 into the engine and it will destroy itself.
  6. Oculus Rift / Rift S users: I switched back to SteamVR and disabled 'advanced supersampling filtering', spotting now much easier. Running exactly my panel resolution in SteamVR (98%, steamvr is weird). This appears to be optimum spotting for me, no longer using open composite. It's a shame but worthwhile.
  7. I used to fly ruskie all the time but haven't done it since the latest patch. To be honest my favourite plane (The La5 Ser8) will be hit the hardest by this, as I used to use its high speed turning capability to defeat Germans all the time. Those turns I used to do will no longer be viable, yikes!
  8. New dev diary states they've found optimizations for clouds. Seems like they read your thoughts
  9. I find the model reasonable. But your testing does show that (IMO) the value is slightly too low. While I would expect a grey out at 6G, a full on blackout after 10 seconds of 6G makes the poor German pilots seem a little weak!
  10. Would love for this to be a higher priority, it really would make the game great. It would be basically required for the marshal system we've heard the team talk about. I know Jason has said no, but nevertheless I want to put my word out that this is something important. The system would need to require you to join a "squad" (like Squad's VOIP), with features like squad locking, command channels and mutes. Think of how this game is for a new player, they jump on MP and it's overwhelming, airfields, planes, objectives... you take off and you're all alone then you get bounced and die. Rinse and repeat. In a sim game like this VOIP is crucial, and requiring each new player to find websites with IP's/Discord links which often end up empty because everybody's flying on their own custom VOIP server & service means you don't end up meeting people and learning. The rest (radio sfx, distance attenuation) is extra and not crucial, but a nice thought.
  11. Yes!!! Tested camera reset and I noticed it fixed planes disappearing too. Previously if a plane was at a certain view angle it would disappear on LOD switch, I think it failed to load the new LOD because the plane was considered "out of view".
  12. I've heard good things of the Odyssey+ and HP Reverb (for screen resolution). I use a CV1 and it is decent, but screen res is definitely an issue.
  13. Set it by using "F10" (set default view). It doesn't work quite like what you want but it saves the view for when you next jump in the plane. Move your head into the right position, hit F10, sit comfortably, hit 'reset vr view'.
  14. Welp, as a data hungry pilot I can't believe I've only just stumbled on to this. I was about to get up and do all these myself. Cannot thank you enough, got some good reading to do!
  15. I do have to say, however, that being able to turn off the advanced supersampling filter in SteamVR actually comes in handy for VR. Sacrificing some blur for more pixels. Open composite is so good that it's hard to go back just for that... argh.
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