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  1. Just on the topic of flat spins, steering in to the spin will raise the inboard aileron. Because the wing is moving backwards this will (try to) raise, not lower, the wing. The outboard wing is flying forwards, and, when steering in to the spin, also trying to rise. So both wings are trying to rise... that's just gonna be drag and a lift vector near the nose (keeping the nose even higher!). Depending on wing shape, aileron type (etc) and spin characteristics the two could perfectly balance, lead to reversed controls or behave normally (albeit weakly). That's why aileron use in spins varies from plane to plane.
  2. I managed to make sharpen work for the whole image on the last version, if you want a tuneable sharpen filter I could release that. That said I think the sharpen code is by @LizLemon and/or Lefuneste so would need permissions. Amen mate, can do it on my monitor but on Rift CV1 I am fairly constantly aware that the colour profile just isn't very good. Just need a minute away from work to look at this and should have it released.
  3. Would you kindly record some demos of these effects? I've seen a few people posting pics/vids over the years but if a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a thousand pictures. Just curious what this looks like in the most recent version. Thanks.
  4. Just don't bind press the relevant buttons. There is no performance hit and no requirement to use them.
  5. Hi @Firdimigdi, I'm going to give this a look and see if it's easy to integrate the contrast shader. Will have an answer in the next few days. Please let me know if there are other reshade/sweetfx effects that you wish to see integrated. Contrast is an easy one but I made it with the intention to introduce other effects as well. Theoretically I should be able to recreate/adapt most of the effects from those other tools. @c6_lefuneste Thank you for your hard work on this, fantastic to see the mod return. @LizLemon Have the devs changed the way gamma is applied during composite or is the game still using the incorrect values?
  6. peregrine7

    The Sun

    Ah apologies, the "sun" mod seems to be a normal mod, moon is 3dmigoto. Bit of a mixed bag but oh well.
  7. peregrine7

    The Sun

    These are the rewritten shaders that make the game draw the sun. You must install 3dmigoto (though the mod has been wiped from the forum, so good luck? It should be back up and working soon I hope), installing the mod will create some folders in your game directory (IL2\bin\...). You have to put those text files into the "shaderfixes" folder - overwriting where necessary. The above fixes may not work as of the latest patch, a lot has changed in terms of shaders. So you may be out of luck for now, but we will see how things go over the next couple of weeks.
  8. Clarity of lit effects is lower in fully deferred rendering, but this doesn't necessarily mean it will get harder to spot. Any of you who have tried a game that lets you switch between the two rendering methods will know what I mean - it can be done well but is often done poorly. Also our main method of AA is not possible in a fully deferred rendered pipeline. Look, at the moment we don't know what the devs have planned. Perhaps it will be forward+, perhaps not. Just wait and see (and keep your fingers crossed because spotting is abysmal)
  9. Hey mate, this would be a good point but I don't think you understand what the zoom mod does. Effectively all he is doing is cropping an image, the only difference is with the zoom mod it renders that crop at full resolution. It is the perfect way to demonstrate the issue as it shows (in effectively infinite resolution) a close up of what the game is actually rendering. In this case it is clear that the game is rendering the P51 as far smaller than the BF109, this is independent of the zoom mod.
  10. peregrine7

    [MOD] Vulkan

    Try it and see. Seems steamVR may not work, but Oculus might (Oculus has had Vulkan support for about 2 years). Opencomposite for Oculus users may be the best bet. For other headset brands I'm not sure.
  11. Liz, this is amazing work! The lack of conservation of E and the weird tonemapper had me thinking the lighting was done in gamma space. Where did you find the tonemapper? Could you release this as a mod? I'm frothing over here and need it. 😅 Gosh can't believe I didn't see this post back in March!
  12. peregrine7

    AI mods?

    On Ace they can do well, but I think there's a bug where their aim gets worse at high altitudes. Gotta test it out though.
  13. Sorry to say but all you have proved is that the external and internal cameras do not share the same field of view (zoom). There is a spotting issue with the game, that I agree with. The scaling is fine, however. For what it's worth my preferred approach would be a multisample approach which, if one sample hits an aircraft or ground object, draws the pixel as 100% that object rather than averaging samples like any other pixel. This is computationally expensive, but on a similar magnitude as supersampling itself.
  14. peregrine7

    New DM Kills

    Very nice, you got a sub
  15. Rather than butting against the wall with banding, we should probably just ask for dithering from the devs as a stopgap. Also, upload these as losslessly compressed images (or as links to them) as demonstrating banding on a compressed jpeg just isn't useful.
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