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  1. Love coming across you guys, I always switch to escort duty when I see ya. Such adorable planes need to be protected.
  2. Some good times jumping on the discord, cheers to RipShady and @StingerSFC
  3. @Enigma89 I haven't messed with postfx in resolve yet (well, it's been years). Would love to chat. I can teach text tracking and some other tricks. Just got that working.
  4. Forgive me for requesting a test I could do myself - but have you noticed these stutters increase when you fly near other aircraft? Also, have you tried disabling "show custom skins" in settings -> game?
  5. The HDR implementation (and lighting/haze in general) is fundamentally different between "LOW" and "Balanced" presets - regardless of what you clicked for all the other settings. Spotting can be a lot better on the Low preset, but in some conditions it is far worse (planes blending in to forests etc).
  6. I don't see much gain with the ryzen 9. Single thread performance is king in sims, you can see the scores here: CPU Single thread performance As you can see the 5800x actually beats the 5900x! Likely this is due to errors in measurement (the two should be roughly equal) but could be due to the 5800x being better when it comes to heat. On the other hand, with GPUs, go for the highest you can reasonably afford. The 3090 is a decent step up for high resolution (i.e. reverb g2) gaming and will show a decent increase in performance.
  7. Yeah, I'm not running higher than the panel resolution on a 2070!! Of note: The main factor for performance (at a set graphical fidelity and SS) seems to be trees (GPU) and plane count (SP, CPU). I've been playing with reprojection off to test framerates, and kept it that way in MP for the last few days. It's reliably at 90fps which is really nice, though running panel resolution and reprojection is pretty sweet too. Sounds like you've got a good plan to go on with, let us know how ya get on once internet is sorted! Oh and jump on voice comms
  8. You certainly can when turning things down. I get 90fps in simple QMB missions at panel resolution (what should be 100% in SteamVR, but actually 52% because SteamVR is weird - yes yes I know distortion correction etc etc) running on minimum graphics settings. I get 90fps consistently on balanced graphics settings, HDR, shadows and mirrors turned on. 74% of panel resolution. In a big dogfight on Finnish at 80 players. With game capture running too! RTX 2070 OC +150, 450 memory i5 9600k OC 5Ghz 32GB DDR4 @ 3200mhz NVidia driver 446.14 (last stable VR driver
  9. Got a bit of a lucky sortie, some hearstopping moments and a lot of fun! Enjoy!
  10. At a guess, OP flies the FW190. Different strategies work for different planes, different goals (you aiming for K:D? Objectives? Winning the map? Staying Alive?) and different situations (playercount, number of large furballs etc). In general. GET ON COMMS: SRS or TS/Discord!!!!! Fly with a wingman. Keep your energy high (whether by alt, or by speed in the combat zone. Speed is always good), don't get wrapped up in furballs, disengage if you aren't at the advantage. Always keep an ace up your sleeve. Don't get greedy.
  11. It only shows the prompt if it is unsure of the tracking environment (usually because it's darker than usual, or you're sitting up near your PC), but you don't see the prompt if you put the headset on after having already launched steamvr/a game. So if you get into the game, put on your headset and find your head position is "locked" this is why. To fix it, close steamvr (and possibly restart WMR?), either way you'll know it's right because either the prompt will pop up or immediately upon going to WMR cliffhouse positional tracking will start working. If your tracki
  12. The process you are describing skips the calibration step. With WMR open (but not SteamVR or the game) you should put on your headset, it will tell you to look around.
  13. Airone covered it well. One note, if I'm up at 5k and see someone on the deck (and am pretty sure I'm clear) I'll dive down in successive split-S's. When I level out at the bottom of each one I'll scan again. It's easiest to spot contact at the same alt as you or directly below you. So often I end up level with a bandit I hadn't seen, but the energy I have from diving means I can win that fight easily.
  14. You'll often get blood regardless, even AP rounds produce shrapnel. But a round that would have straight up killed you will not just pepper you with bits. Also HE shells near the cockpit will mess you up.
  15. Still wanting to see this fixed, please go back to one eye mirror view!
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