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    Green Moscow map

    Would love to see these awesome map reskins made available in multiplayer. Both this and Winter Kuban are bloody excellent.
  2. That's a real shame to hear, sorry you're going through it. My PC is out of action so I can't give you tips for recent patches. You could try downloading the old Nvidia drivers through the website (doing a proper uninstall, restart, install and cleaning out old driver settings in the process). But the lack of sharpness is concerning, you could uncheck (or check - just try out the other option) "Advanced Filtering" in SteamVR. Turning it on will stop things from looking pixelated at the cost of some sharpness - it's a user preference kind of thing. With some of the SteamVR patches the supersampling has been made weirder still so experimenting with lowering it can pay off (though it is a hard sacrifice). Lastly, just double check sharpness in game. Hope you get it sorted anyway
  3. peregrine7


    Aww I enjoyed that one! How come you deleted it mate?
  4. I've found IDing just as powerful as 2D so long as you get 3DMigoto mod set up correctly. Turning Gamma up reduces effective contrast. I've found the game looks realistic at 1.0 gamma or thereabouts on the Rift CV1. Turning Gamma way down from there will increase contrast, would help with some spotting but it just looks too ugly to me! A VR headset has far less dynamic range than real life so that's what limits us currently. With the limited dynamic range we have, adding more contrast to the terrain would reduce our spotting ability. It's a realistic FOV for corresponding to your IRL FOV. As projected FOV increases angular size of objects decreases, so players will struggle to spot objects at higher FOVs. It is a tradeoff, not a cheat and it is realistic. I fly in VR but I don't think unrealistically gimping 2D players to match us in VR is reasonable. Glad you're having fun in VR! Enjoy
  5. I'm on a GTX 1080, otherwise my kit will be just about identical. It's going to be a few weeks before I buy the parts as I've been stuck working for the last 4-5 months.
  6. No supersampling would correspond to 100% in SteamVR. 1.0 in Oculus Tray Tool. Same CPU I'm buying as well, let me know how you go!
  7. For the terrain rendering (the flat bit, not including any objects sitting on it) Distant landscape detail: Improves the textures of terrain further away from you. Cost is GPU and VRAM. Horizon draw distance: Changes the distance at which the horizon is drawn. Cost is mainly GPU and VRAM (but a little bit of CPU) For object distance (maximum is 10km) Preset: (Yeah, the general setting on the left) changes a whole host of graphics, one of which is the object draw distance (how far away objects are rendered). High CPU, GPU, VRAM and RAM cost.
  8. Unfortunately your CPU is on the extreme low end for using VR in flight sims (in regards to single thread performance, the stat that really counts in sims). Between running VR (requires quite high CPU usage, especially so for the Rift) and running a flight sim (heavily loaded single thread) your PC just can't keep up. Most of the graphics options have minimal impact on CPU compared to GPU, which is why turning the graphics down isn't improving the FPS to an acceptable degree for you. The general graphics preset will have the most impact on CPU performance, turning it to low may help but the game certainly won't be very pretty. (The general preset changes the object draw distance, higher draw distance = more objects = the CPU handling more draw calls to pass to the GPU). If you're using the Rift you may also get better performance by cutting down the amount of cameras you're using (going from 3 cameras back to 1 greatly reduces the impact of VR on your CPU) but you may get degraded tracking quality. Your GPU would be capable of running at least a little super sampling and some higher graphics settings in game if you upgraded your CPU. A list of CPUs and their STP (Single Thread Performance) can be seen here.
  9. I made a bug report for this when it happened. If any modder can figure it out I'd very much appreciate it.
  10. Yeah, that's plenty mate. You'll be at 90fps if nothing much is going on with dips to 45fps with ASW (if on Rift) during combat.
  11. If the biggest issue of the patch is that it makes claiming kills slightly more nuanced/annoying then I'd say its a good patch! 😆
  12. Agree 100%! The damage model for structural damage is now looking fantastic (albeit with some rough edges. High caliber canon shells are not doing as much damage as I'd expect for example). Huge improvement on before. However, in my opinion, this highlights the need for more complex engine damage. Now that engine/system damage is more likely to be the reason the plane goes down. I made a list of key changes a while back:
  13. Wait, have they changed the logic for the F8 "exterior padlock" camera? In previous patches the camera position often obscured the padlocked plane behind the F2'd aircraft. Awesome kill by the way, thanks for sharing!
  14. My 3 big issues recently were damage model, performance and MP issues - so this patch sounds perfect! Thanks!
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