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  1. I may be wrong, but I believe that setting only impacts ground textures, not object render range.
  2. Welcome, now you too can curse the Germans for their lack of mirrors! It is pretty bloody amazing, hope to see you in the skies S!
  3. For what it's worth a good mate of mine has an issue with one of his eyes and couldn't use trackIR due to that (turning to his right would make him blind as he had to look left to see the screen). In VR the screen is always right in front of you, so no issues. He's having a wild good time in VR. That said I don't know exactly what you have, so feel free to tell me to shut up if I'm preaching! Also, why are people debating this still. 3DMigoto has the ability to keybind head rotation.
  4. I agree completely! This may be best suited for the suggestions subforum.
  5. OFF TOPIC: It's not, and it is the safest way to fly the Lagg3 vs better opponents. Plus the 23mm (Axis players, you may groan now) is very, very nice. But some players do take it too far, disconnecting to save their Virtual Lives and generally being bad sports. And then there are those who fuss just because you prepared for a fight, anywho there's always gonna be someone finding a reason to whine. And they're often the people doing the less chivalrous things too. Perceived agressions and all that. Just treat your opponent fairly and see how you go. ON TOPIC: (Personal opinions follow) Firstly, allied covers Ruskie, US and British, each of these countries follow different design methodologies. Ruskies fly light, lower powered, worse climbers. They are agile. They are very good at defense, as they can easily jink out of the way. They are also great at maintaining energy throughout the turn. For Yak1: Turn turn turn! For Lagg3: Roll vs 109s, turn vs 190s - go for snapshots. La5 is like a 109, 190 and Lagg3 had a bastard child. Love that thing. Germans have the 109, the uber climbing machine. You sound like you have that down. and the 190 is a falcon, keep the speed high, don't get caught in the midst of the furball. Pick off stragglers on the outside. If situation gets untenable, dive out. You can always scream along the deck and pick off anybody at the bottom of the fight too, then just keep going out the other side. Britain has the spitty mk IX, even better climbing than the K4. Great at turning. Destroys 190s when using clipped wings + 150oct. Low alt king. The Tempest is fast as... ya know. Turns well and brings a helluva lot of fire. Think of it as a faster but heavier spitty. USA I haven't quite figured out. The P51 is friggin FAST and the .50cals mean you can really just spray. Not quite there on turning, though it seems to keep energy better than the 109. P38 is really impressive at high speeds, those nose guns are a joy. Not a great climber though so take care with your energy. Rolls best at high speeds too, keep the speed up! Use it like a 190 except you can actually turn. P47 just ain't for me, will try it out at some point.
  6. Yes!! Personally, a closer look at planes that could have run higher (e.g. P39, P40) would be great. Timers shouldn't exist as currently, some of these engines should wear and give less power, others will indeed seize completely. Engines should make sounds before failing from overuse at time, give warnings through game not tech chat. There may be a few exceptions for engines that completely seize. Engines should fail due to detonation if run lean at higher power, or low RPM high power. (With sound effects) Engines should be able to lose individual cylinders
  7. I don't care much for vortices that last for minutes, or descend huge amounts. It's neat but unnecessary (and a perf hog). If DCS tuned those wakes so that they were a) Calculated per client in a smaller bubble (even introduce LODs for physics?) and b) Lasted a short time then we would see vastly improved FPS. As it is all aircraft produce high fidelity wakes that last a long time, bad for the ol' struggling CPU. And for IL2? Yes, would love to see it. Not a huge priority but definitely a great detail.
  8. Utterly fantastic. Thank you so much for this. Regardless of whether the devs act on it, please know that you could post 100x more of this kind of detailed analysis and I would enjoy reading it all.
  9. It is the same cloud tech as ROF already. Just variables being tweaked. You can check out other people's cloud mods in the MODs subforum.
  10. Are the ambient light issues from v5 fixed? Those were a bit broken. Thanks for your hard work on these ( @LizLemon, you too).
  11. Move your head to whatever position you want to be default, press F10. Now use the VR Recenter button (NOT F10) to recenter to that position if it ever goes awry.
  12. Yeah, case in point right there. Though I didn't want to talk too much about Multiplayer as weird things happen there every now and then - a video like this could be excused as "just MP things". Truth is this happens all the time, in singleplayer too.
  13. Turn off Anti-Aliasing and HDR in the game->graphics options. The other advice given is good too. I'm not sure on what the Reverb's screen is like but gamma @0.8 seems a little low. Try out 1.0?
  14. peregrine7

    ReShade + CoD

    It has been a long time since I tried, but I used to get this every now and then. I recommend booting the game with reshade disabled and then enabling it once you start flying to reduce the potential bugs/issues.
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