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  1. Dear God please I don't want to go back to War Thunder. I know you got my money - haha who cares right? My problem, I get that. But this is the kind of crap that causes people to find other things to do with their time. Just now on Finnish - had a Sherman looking for me in PZ4 in the woods, not even 40 meters away (I was very well concealed, engine off). Hull front shot, slight angle but nothing major. 4 Direct hits from me before he can even locate the source of fire: 1 in the machine gun port. 1 front turret ring under the cannon . 1 SIDE RIGHT TURRET (i.e. 45 degree angle
  2. Thoughts on the new 2 Front Line/1 CP version from a tanker perspective: 1.) limiting the map to only one CP should in theory stimulate more live PvP contacts. I think this is true so far, however we still have a large portion of the tank community who specialize in nothing more than hitting the AI bases. These AI specialists also get the benefit of better stats. I would suggest that we provide less points for AI kills and re-invest those points into live player kills and CP captures. 2.) opening up the map to 3 spawns per side is a terrific idea in that in turn makes spaw
  3. I think all these games - well at least TC and WT - would like us to believe there's alot of actual ballistic and armor related code built into the OS of these games. I think the proof is, in fact, overwhelmingly against this. I stopped worrying about it. It did alot to improve my outlook on gaming. The other day I just saw a PZ3 one-shot a T34 from about 2k. I have a thread here somewhere on an encounter I had in my Tiger with a Sherman that absorbed at least 6-8 hits and drove away....while firing back. I don't think the developers know what to fix if they even knew how t
  4. Luz, I think you should seek professional help for your airfield addiction.😄
  5. Does anyone know if the new BON Map is available for ground missions too? Is it available to play ground missions now? Or is it still in pre-buy/development mode?
  6. I would just add this bit of experience as a guy who had to figure it out on his own too. 1.) You only need the .DDS file placed in your Skin/Tank folder. When you download the skins off this forum, some of the zipped files come with lots of other "stuff" (layers of files) that you don't necessarily need and that might mess up the games ability to extract and use the skin in-game. 2.) In the game you have to click on the Custom choice in the skin applet in the tank set up section. If the game is reading the file correctly you will find the skin there. 3.) If you are playing
  7. I want to bounce this post. I'm looking back into time here to find some PzIII-L Skins. I found one (4th PZD, really nice), but cant seem to get it to load properly in-game. Is there some kind of issue because the PZ3-L is a "free tank?" Just curious.
  8. No dude I like the skin. I like history. Bad side or good side.
  9. you will get used to it bro, just keep playing. It helps if you have some formal map reading training but here's a couple of quick tips: 1.) Look for places where the road goes in a straight compass direction. Many times that will help you figure out where you are if you're on a road. (i.e "ok this is the only place where the road is straight east/west, this must be where I am") 2.) Big Grid is 10km, small grids are 3.3 km - things take a lot longer than you think to traverse. 3.) At least on Finnish, the wooded areas on the map are about 70% accurate to the real terrai
  10. What Major said. Terrain roughness can be adjusted in Settings. Try that and see if if helps.
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