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  1. Well then, we can't talk 1944 and not talk about the Tiger II and the Jagdpanther, now can we......
  2. that helps, thanks - next month? next quarter? next half? Also I think it would be a huge mistake...Gajin style, huge mistake...... to not release both at the same time. I like TC in large part because the developers here are not as unbelievably stupid as their old pals at GJ are with War Thunder - I hope that doesn't change.
  3. yeah the play in the reticle is a little tough to get used to. Hopefully it gets smoother in the next patch.
  4. OK great I got record to work, now how to I retrieve my recording? I looked through the game files but could not locate it. Thanks again.
  5. wow just loaded them into my CAMPAIGNS file. Can't wait to get started on them. Amazing job TIgre88!!!!
  6. I hear you. I noticed that the Sherman is extremely hard to kill often taking 10+ shots from a Panther and still firing back the whole time. Seems fishy
  7. I pre ordered the German one. Just curious if anyone knows when we can begin playing them in the multiplayer servers? I have some scores to settle. Lol
  8. I will try to video it. Basically the game is not running smoothly.
  9. Well I hate to suggest you spend even more money, but if you want a better ground/armor experience you should buy Tank Crew.
  10. Have you tried zooming the gunners battle sight? You can LShft/Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out. I find this greatly reduces the play in the aiming especially if your target it far out.
  11. IN the scripted missions I have this very annoying "shakiness" in the F2 view (3rd person). Is this something I can fix with the graphics settings? My computer speed is more than sufficient to run the game and I have no problems in multiplayer servers. Thanks for your help.
  12. oh yeah man, it's awesome now. trust me.
  13. Well I think the AI disappears as more human players join. We just need more tankers to get into the game. The maps are excellent -except the city maps, they suck. I like the AI if there are only a couple of human players in the game. Although the AI bombers can be dialed back a bit. Definitely a great start though. Keep up the good work!!
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