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  1. There was a case in, WWII, of a P-47 shooting up a 109. The German pilot bailed out, and went right into the P47's propeller! With all of the gore and the shock from the incident, the P-47 pilot started to bail out, but his wing man convinced him to stay with the plane to see if it would still fly. It did, and they made it back to England. I think that was in Robert Johnson's book "Thunderbolt". TWC_SLAG
  2. I am so happy to hear about these changes...if it means that wings will not now fall of at the least provocation.
  3. Are you, then, agreeing that the engine sound is terrible, and the DCS Mustang is more accurate? You didn’t mention them, so....
  4. I thought the engine sound was terrible. I would have never known it was a Merlin. Much worse than the Spitfire. Also, the plane doesn't feel like it has a laminar wing, I have never flown one, but I think the DCS model is closer to the truth.
  5. Actually, I was the German planes I was wondering about. I was flying the Dora tonight, and the sight just kept disappearing, at times. The sights seem very dim.
  6. Try doing the same test, but just shooting at the fuselage. I wonder if a wing will come off then. If it does, it suggests the DM is screwy. Which is my suspicion.
  7. Something else: once you pick a place to land, don’t change it. If you are too high, slip, skid, or s curve, etc. Never turn away from where you intend to land, though.
  8. The faster you go, the greater the descent rate. Find out what the best l/d (slowest rate of descent for fastest forward speed) for what you are flying. The rest of the above advice is also good.
  9. In the one with the Sturmovik, why were the prop blades bent before it hit the ground?
  10. I guess it wasn’t “glaring” enough for me to see it. What was the “inconsistancy” about the Kurfürst?
  11. I didn’t criticize the video, I critiisized the background music. I would much rather hear the aircraft sounds. My preference is has good as anyone else’s, and I have a right to voice it. I mentioned the wings because none fell off, as so often happens in BOX. E69 seems to have less trouble with my critique then the rest of you. But you, too, have a right to voice your opinion I salute E69 in return for his response.
  12. Stupid music, has nothing to do with the action. CLOD TWC is how a flight sim should be. And, no wings fell off!!!
  13. In the first vid, the 109 was out turning the A-20, and would have continued to do so, until the 109 decided to change direction. In the second vid, the 109 lost the radiator, which is a 109 weakness. And then, of course a wing came off, as is usual in BOX.
  14. This is a bomber, not a fighter, he said. No steep turns, beware of accelerated stalls, wings get over stressed.
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