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  1. It's just F10 to bind a snap view... But I had troubles making that, since when I hit Numpad5 to reset i then always get instrument panel... I would like a dedicated mod from the factory.
  2. Anecdotal?! It was an experiment performed by RAF shortly after the war's end. There's a PHOTO, not the tale of a pilot! Again you MISREPRESENT what I said; I don't want replicate AI evasive manoeuvers (maybe when I become Neo😄, but I would be just as ridiculous). I was about to answer the same thing when I read this message from you ... P.S.: I forgot to add the worst of all: since update to game version 4.6 the simulation often crashes to desktop.
  3. I would like to extend this issue to when my leader I was following in padlocked view is shot down: in the same manner my padlock view gets stuck on "twelve o' clock" and I can't padlock anything more for all the rest of the mission. Very annoying for me that do extensive use of padlock view. I think it's a bug. Any chance to have it fixed?
  4. In IL-2 CloD there's a cool feature which allows to give a glance to the whole instrument panel hitting F10. I think that would be nice to have the same in Great Battles.
  5. Alfred Price "I grandi caccia della Seconda Guerra Mondiale a confronto" page 65 photo and relevant caption: a Spitfire tail torn off by a single MK 108 shell. In game I need to hit the same at least three times. Maybe, but I experience blackout just following AI in the same turn... Sure! But they move too fast in too many direction at the same time. From their movements, I can guess that it's like they act in rapid and random succession on all control devices (I mean stick and pedals) in a way that no human could replicate. True. In 475 hours of ga
  6. Maybe you're right. For decades I worked in a factory whose machinery had to have manuals in our language, and we demanded it from our suppliers; but there were security issues involved ... I don't know, I should inquire.
  7. The internal search engine of this site is rather poor as it gives very vague indications and far from what is sought. In other sites with the same problem, the introduction of the dedicated Google search engine has given excellent results. Could the same be done here too? I think a more efficient search could avoid wasting time and duplicating threads.
  8. Oh thanks! I couldn't imagine the second one was FOV! If I don't ask too much, do you know if the FPS is instant or average?
  9. Pressing the Backspace key, two small green numbers, relative to the framerate, appear on the screen at the top right. I'd like to know the exact meaning of each of them. Thank you.
  10. - There is no version of the game in my language - The manual is missing (which should be there, in accordance with the directives of the European community, in the user's language) - The maximum detail LoD disappears just 250 m from the observer; together with it the external loads disappear - The direction indicated for landing in careers is not always the correct one (upwind) - The amount of hits needed to shoot down an enemy plane is much higher than the historically proven values - Enemy AI does not blackout on high G-count turns, or suffers it very late in relation to the playe
  11. YOU asked to be specific! No need to look desperately, there are a lot!😄
  12. Irony out of place. Obviously, the situation is different: I mean that just as outdoor shooting is in this game almost always obstructed by trees, in cities it is because of buildings. But I understand that bombing of cities was done by bombers; fighter-bombers engaged targets in relatively clear areas (e.g. airports). On the other hand, if the latter had been given the task of hitting a tank leaning against a wall in a narrow alley in the midst of tall buildings, I don't see how they could have done it! Of course! But can't be always and everywhere trees where to hide! OTOH, no brass se
  13. I was making a conceptual speech, and therefore I couldn't be specific. But as an example of an objective lack whose correction suggestion was ignored, I can cite the (optional) removal of the external wing guns from the Fw 190A-8. But I don't want to create a duplicate here, I just want to respectfully point out that even the feedback, in its small way, requires a certain commitment; it would be easier to let it go and say nothing, or just stop buying the product.
  14. And when there are no trees ... there are houses! I just finished a mission crashing into a building in a useless attempt to hit trucks parked close to the walls of narrow alleys between very tall buildings ...😡
  15. I voted for first item, but, as I said in another thread, are many the things excessive in this game. This one pointed out by Missionbug is one of them, perhaps the most annoying.
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