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  1. Thanks for your help. I had to do a reinstall.
  2. I have tried once again to default everything but still no dice. Please help....
  3. Hi Guys, I have just re started getting back into IL2 BoK. I was messing around with the tanks and decided to Default my commands. Now I have no gunsight in any of the aircraft. I tried using Pg Up Pg Dn Home End Insert and Delete to move the head around. I tried Num 5 and still no gunsight. Im getting pretty desperate since its been a couple of days and I don't want to reinstall the game. Please help. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi all, Recently I've had a good time w the new aircraft. Lately I developed a problem. When I load a profile in TARGET the SIM don't recognize my stick or throttle. When I load the game without using TARGET the game recognizes the Joystick axis right away. I need TARGET. Is this a common issue? Please help. Thanks Maico
  5. Thanks Guys, After reinstalling last night I lost a few battles to the blue ring. I hope this works. The ring looks bad.
  6. Hi, I recently got back into this sim. I have been trying to program the Slaw device brakes to my toe brakes. However, they don't show up on BoS. They work just fine in DCS. When I go to BoS, I get nothing.. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Maico
  7. When I play a track from Tacview, it shows my aircraft flying in and out of the ground? I'm a long supporter of TACView. It works good with DCS. Any help is appreciated
  8. Its been two years and I still use these almost daily. They are bullet proof. Even the paint is so well done, its not even scratched. I would buy other products from Slaw Device. Please make a HOTAS.
  9. I have gone to DCS and I am having fun with the CV-1. I eagerly await VR support from this company so I can get my Eastern front on. VR is not a gimmick. It is the future of our hobby. There will always be entry lever screen players. Someday VR headsets price wil be cheap and everyone will be playing this in VR.
  10. Hey fellas, Only Froogle sim's mention of a new theater got me to open this forum. Like many others, I bought a CV1 Rift and forgot about BOM/S. I want to fly the Airacobra in this sim so bad that it hurts. However, until I see Rift support, I will be playing DCS with an occasional blast in WT just to fly something new. I am also using flyinside with P3D. As its been said (and I am purposely killing the dead horse) Once you fly in VR, its hard to go back. Low resolution be damned! VR is 1:1 scale, the feeling in the pit of your stomach and the Real feeling of takeoff and landing. I have faith in this company to have proper VR support soon. It is the future of flight sims.
  11. Tripwire, Thanks Man, I went to the file and did a search. I clicked and it installed some Microsoft thingie it needed. Im in the game! Maico
  12. Hi all, WHat does this mean? I just reloaded Win 7. I cant get the game to run. WHat am I missing? I downloaded the new installer but its not working. Thanks Maico
  13. Hi, I am in a bad way. The game does not start. Last night I updated to latest version with the MiG. After I added Sweetfx. Game would not start. I deleted the sfx files but it does not start. Help. Is there a fixer utility? What can I do? I have backed up everything. Happy Holiday's and Thanks all Maico
  14. Hey fellas, My new PC is now in full effect. I spent my last 3 days loading games and transferring stuff. I cannot get tir to work on the game now. Is there a hidden button im missing or something? THanks Maico
  15. Lets Stay Positive. P-40E This is what we are getting. Lend Lease aircraft were the absolute best in 42. Look at the Russian contemporaries and you will agree. Sure, I-16 is better in a tuning duel, if you stupid enough to do this in a 109. Yak is lighter but lightly armed. Lagg is not a nice aircraft when compared to P-40. AMC Gremlin vs Cadillac. Ok, maybe the P-40 was no Cadillac but it was a nice aircraft. Heat, nice instruments armament and sturdy metal construction. I for one am looking forward to it. Anyone know what is next for BOM?
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