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  1. Hi, I have a laptop with an Intel i5-4210u as CPU and an Nvidia GeForce 840m as graphic card, and having 12GB of ram DDR3. On this laptop I can somehow run at good levels War Thunder, but as this game is a lot more hard to run, do you think that it’s possible to run it decently on my latop or just not? Thank’s.
  2. Hi, as written in the title, is possible to remove the crew members to have a better view of the objects in the tank?
  3. Hi, I come from War Thunder and IL-2 Sturmovik looks more special in interiors details etc. But, for example in War Thunder aircraft simulator battles without a controller you can’t play it. So the question is: are the aircrafts at this game playable without any controllers? And I play War Thunder on a laptop, but I can run War Thunder at the high graphic option, so can this game look good on my laptop like War Thunder? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this game, and I wanted to ask, by any chance does the developer team have plans to add King Tiger tank?
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