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  1. But by god, if youd had a Sherman in 1917 with a full load of APHE,, youda been da king
  2. What im curious, has anyone ever been able to compile regarding how the enemy AI are supposed to behave based upon skill level, number of enemy, if you have wingmen or not, skirmish or duel mode, plane the AI is in? I have seen some real funky behavior in the skirmish mode for some reason. 1. MY wingman doesnt join the fight until I set it up with 3 opponents 2. if i have 2 opponents set up, ground attack, bombers, c47 will simply try to fly away. When i start shooting at them they do the dodge and evade. My wingman just flies away. 3. If i have 3 opponents,
  3. Just step away from the A-8. Shes a good girl, rolls good, dives good, take a good deal of wing damage from those russian rear gunners. Lovely mk 108s on her.
  4. Ive been doing the hartmann method without knowing about the man. Seems common sense. I have also noticed that long bursts can actually make the entire nose of the 190 A8 lift up and make the cross hair move up 1 horizontal line off target. And firing at short range is alot easier then trying to do deflection shooting in the single plane on plane setup. Do the one you can chase after two flights of two planes, and it gets soooo much easier.
  5. in rise of flight i once hit 320 with an eindecker. Ill admit it was a vertical dive, without wings.
  6. Thats why i ALWAYS use protection and select the armored canopies. I have had so much debris bounce off of them it isnt funny.
  7. One of the most loved features of Sniper Elite is the x ray kill cam feature letting players see how their shot went. Any chance at all that the same thing can be done for us pilots who pump 300 rounds of 50 bmg into a B25 and never get any results? Show us if we are actually hitting or just missing?
  8. The game LOVES to send constant warning messages on screen telling me NOT to do what the automated engine management system is doing. Fixing that would be wonderful, as well as 1. odd engine controls. When im 1km away from a plane doing a roll to get back on target, is their ANY sense that the automated engine management system likes to throttle my P51 down to 20-30%
  9. Heres the problem, its ANNOYING I dont like the fact that the voices are limited, that they use two call signs for the german planes, that its commonly irrellevent to what im actually doing. Seriously kids, why the hell would a pilot flying a standard "aircraft intercept" mission loaded out for nothing but aircraft suddenly get desperate call to attack an artillery position or bridge? No use of radar to use to send urgent dispatches when your flying over stalingrad map or even kuban.. And MOST of the scripted chat is more suited to a flig
  10. If the number was kept limited to 4 as is default in rise of flight, it would be limited by the programmers ability to decide what to model and how to have the planes interact with each other. Meaning, its alot easier to have a a pair of B-25s fly in tandem and cover each other with their limited guns then it is to have B17s do the same
  11. copying the startup.cfg file from the pc that the game logs in on, does NOTHING.
  12. Not too keen on using rockets for air engagements, i have had one successful attempt at hitting a plane, but the entire rudder assembly bounced off my propellor,,,,
  13. thats a failure. all that does is waste time.
  14. its part of the problem is switching from aircraft, until each aircraft has its own directory for mapping controls, or at the very least basic ones that go from one to another, trying to fly is a fucking nightmare. i use 3 aircraft for 90% of my flying as they are essentially the same controls, but some do not respond to the same controls in the mapping section of the game settings. Some dont pop the canopy open UNTIL i hit the eject code, some dont respond at all to the way the game is setup for defaults yet. Some ONLY seem to accept the throttle hotas a
  15. when cfan we expect a cleaning up of the game controls? Example, landing gear, there are THREE damned options for workign them. Simply hitting the button G to lower them, and hitting the button G again to raise. OR we have a specific button PLUS G to lower, and another combination to RAISE.... Same with zoom. I have it by DEFAULT onto TWO different buttons. one button, 3, on my hotas to zoom in, but that only gives me the same zoom level that hitting numpad 5 does to center on the gun sight. And hitting 5 to zoom out fully. And hitting the mouse wheel to
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