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  1. Its NOT about performance, its about how EASY it QUICK it is for the devolopers to build in the game. Trust me, it would be easier, quicker, and cheaper, to design a blitz/rise of flight/ red baron 3d or even chuck yeager air combat level quality plane exterior then it is/was the new normandy planes. Meaning, lower cost results in more ability to use a set amount of money devoted to design to give more designs. If thats to difficult, if it costs 1000$ to develop and program and model the ME 262, and only 600$ to do the rise of flight bombers,, then if they focused o
  2. Anyway this can be located in a non google drive spot? Google drive cant find the files for me.
  3. The FC loadout seems to be focused on the "famous dogfighters" of the war. Sadly there doesnt seem to be any hope of Airships of any kind, or of early war planes like the E.III or Airco pusher. Personally i think if we all agreed that new planes should come out in the same graphics level as the current planes in Blitz, we would have a lot better tool with the developers in giving us new things. Lower detail to start, and slowly updated by the skinners here. I mean, whats better, NOT getting that Taube with 4k cockpit or getting it with blitz or Rise of Flight graphic
  4. Yes different games, different game mechanics and flight models. But how well do you feel the two series compare in terms of handling in a dog fight? Ive had bad luck in dueling ww2 versus ww2 aircraft in great battles, but in dover, its not that bad. First dogfight i did i managed to kill a 109e4 with my spitfire 2, then alot of good luck taking out at least one 109 per mission using various things like tomowawk, kitty hawk, etc. But oddly the 109 isnt as good a killer as i had hoped. What are you thoughts guys?
  5. We have the nice take off and landing cheat cards. Still havent printed them out yet. But do we have tutorial cards on how to use the planes in flight? Little things like, "when doing the torpedo attack missions, this is how you aim/arm/activate/launch your torpedo"
  6. If they had realistic effects when machinegunned or bombed. Who doesnt wanna fly a bit to low over the coral while dropping a 50kg cooper, and find the gunner has been speared by a horse or cow leg? What WOULD be the damage value for "random bits of horse or cow" flying through the fueselage or wing
  7. Ive used the parachute 3 times in single player. only issue i have is the pilot tumbles for about a minute before the chute actually opens. Since each time ive jumped at over 1000 meters its been ok..... but if i made a low altitude jump id be worried. As in "shakeing hands with birds in a treetop before the chute opened"
  8. Thats the thing they dont think about. The game is set up as Multi Player Online with single player offline as an actual after thought. Its ONLY normal that some crazies will demand that the developers make changes to the game in order to increase their odds of having an online dog fighting career last more then 5 minutes because for example, they decide they want to be the bad boy and fly an E.III against sopwith pups or triplanes.. And as an offshoot, in the Dover Blitz section, someone said that if you can down AI 109s in teh game, then you are ready to go multi player o
  9. I have options for the controls of ground vehicles, how do i use a ground vehicle?
  10. Just how do you control the VOLUME on the engine sounds? It is so loud an dannoying an dhurts the ears after 10 minutes i pop the headphones off.
  11. tell me how to find those files. did three test runs, b25d gave me the combat radio text and audio c47 gave text and audio u2vs gave me text on side but NO AUDIO on side note german 20mm makes such freakingly nice holes in those wings its bootiful. yet not one of 9 took a shot at me. although number 9 got me by ramming.
  12. And at the same time, people have been getting shot in the head with rifle rounds and surviving, when physics says it should be impossible. You really should watch Battle of Britain a few times, the original that had actual ww2 aces from both germany and england as consultants. Youd learn alot on real world bullet effect and such like when they show the insides of planes being shot.
  13. when i fly against a b25 i can hear the damned combat radio, i got awful tired of hearing marabou.... over and over. The text on the side id annoying. HOWEVER when in newest update, I CANT HEAR the radio chatter anymore. ONLY READ the text on the side of the screen. when i fight ANYTHING other then the B25. Need to check a box simple fix?
  14. ROF was supposed to have used a calculation included an aspect for barrel dispersion caused by over heated barrel. Just like it does in real life. Did you forget that in ww2 there were what, 7 versions of .303 rifle ammunition being used for different purposes. And only a few were authorized for aircraft use due to chamber pressure and muzzle velocity requirements for air plane use. Done forget the 7.62x54r chambered machine guns on russian aircraft used a cartridge with a far higher chamber pressure then the standard infantry rifle and machine gun. And NO way to test
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