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  1. 4 of the 5 Winners are from France!! The competition was held in France. Ergo homeside advantage. I know it was far fetched
  2. @F/JG300_Faucon Guess you can say that you have a home side advantage when flying Aerobatics
  3. I have done a Snap roll in the Bf 109 E-7, but I just haven't been able to do them very often. It seems that you have a very small gab, where the maneuver will work and that gab is very hard to hit every time, if not impossible. I have just browsed different Aresti notations. By level do you mean category? If so it is very seldomly writen on the notations that I have been able to find on the internet.
  4. Looking forward to your feedback on this. I totally agree with you. The only reason that I wanted to learn the Snap roll is because it is a maneuver that I see used quite a lot in competition aerobatics.
  5. Have you tried to do a snap roll in the game? Is it done like IRL? I have been practicing this maneuver for a while now and I simply cannot nail it. I can per luck perhaps perform it occasionally, but when I try to mimic what I did it just isn't possible. I simply do not know why sometimes the snap comes easy and other times I keep stalling out at the end of the maneuver. Have you got any advice?
  6. Sad to hear that. How many where you in the squad? I have just watched a stream on Twitch where people where flying aerobatics in DCS. Both as teams and individual pilots. It looked like a lot of fun. Nice flying, but I did not see many aerobatic maneuvers in that show 😉 Could be a great show
  7. Amazing video Is this team still flying? I will Again thanks for the input.
  8. That sounds like how Requiem shows how to snap a WW1 fighter and I have not made this work on the Bf 109 E-7. As i remember the plane just did not snap, but just rolled a bit faster. A real snap is done in the blink of an eye. However I will give it another go because you said it could work That would be awesome to see formation aerobatics in IL-2. I am up for it when I have practiced some more. Do you want to learn some aerobatics? Then have a look at my tutorials: This is my newest: This is my playlist:
  9. I have been doing this, because when I move the stick forward the momentum of the roll is lost. I have not tried to use the ailerons in the maneuver, so perhaps this is the secret ingredient that I have been missing. Thank you for helping me
  10. I will do that Leon Looking forward to it Loved the Ju video by the way That sounds like an amazing VR setup How good is the resolution? Can you see the pixels? Screendoor effect?
  11. I have had a look at this server and there never seems to be anyone in it Are there special hours where people use this server? Only US? I would like to see that. Please make a video of it Me too I would love to try this using VR some time. I am trying to make a tutorial on snap rolls in the Bf 109 E-7 and it is proving to be the hardest maneuver yet I have had to master. Do you have any tips on how to perform this maneuver? I start by pulling back hard and fast on the stick, then deflect left rudder fully, then when at 270 degree roll I move the stick forward and kick the opposite rudder. Often the plane ends in a spin What VR headset do you have?
  12. Hello all I have been learning how to do different aerobatic maneuvers in the Bf 109 E-7 and I enjoy it a lot. It is teaching me so much about how the plane reacts at given speeds and attitudes, but also shows me where the limitations for the aircraft are. To do the maneuvers perfect every time takes a lot of practice, but practicing on your own can be quite boring. So therefor I have a few questions: Is there anyone else out there bitten by the aerobatic bug? Has anyone set up a server dedicated to aerobatics? Are there any squadrons which train aerobatics? Everybody in to aerobatics please respond Best regards Henrik
  13. Hello all I have not been able to find the following skins in 4K: Does anyone know if they are available in 4K? Cheers Henrik
  14. Thank you so very much for your kind words about the tutorial Posts like yours really makes my day. I hope the tutorial will make it easier for you to learn the takeoff and landing procedures. Practice a lot and you will be flying circles around your enemies in no time. See you in the virtual skies
  15. I will move the controls video to the top right and see how it looks. Thanks for the feedback
  16. Thank you vaucouleurs Much appreciated. There will be more tutorials coming in the future I promise you
  17. @Raptorattacker Thank you for the input I have been thinking about the placement of the small controls video and perhaps it would be better to have it in the top right corner like you are suggesting. I have also been thinking about showing a complete maneuver where the stick video is in the main big screen and the outside view and the cockpit view are the small videos. Does that make sense? Again thank you for your critique Rap
  18. Hello again I am back with a new tutorial video and this time it is on how to perform the aerobatic maneuver called the Barrel roll. I have tried to implement some of the critique I got on my last tutorial on the Hammerhead aerobatic maneuver so I hope you will take a look at this new video: Thank you for watching and please let me know what you think if you have some critique. Best regards Henrik
  19. Hello all Here is a new video on how to do the Barrel roll. I have implemented a lot of the feedback that I got from the videosection on this forum. I hope you will enjoy watching the video and please leave a comment or a like if you have the time Best regards Henrik
  20. Hello all Have you seen this game? www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6RomqzR9vo It looks awesome. I just wish it could somehow be implemented into IL-2 Sturmovik GB. That would bring so much immersion with it
  21. @Raptorattacker I will try a different view for the last repetition And I will see what I can do about pausing the video when key moves are done or perhaps I can get away with just slowing the video down. Thanks for your input Raptor
  22. @Slegawsky E-7 so easy to fly that anyone can do a Hammerhead without a tutorial? Is that what you are saying? The only reason that I would consider making the tutorial in CloD is because of the amazing looking cockpits and plane models. However the cockpits and plane models in IL-2 GB are almost of the same quality, but the landscape, towns and clouds in IL-2 GB are much more beautiful. That in my opinion makes IL-2 GB a complete package and my preferred choice of WWII flightsim.
  23. @DD_Arthur That sounds like a great idea. I will implement that in my next tutorial @JimTM You have a point there Jim. I think I will keep the first section on the historic origin of the maneuver and the second part, the active voice, on how to perform the aerobatic. Thank you for the feedback @IckyATLAS Thank you for the kind review and the critique Your comment is spot on. I should have included the step on how to stay in the vertical line in the diagram As for your question about the speed when the small text Windows appear, I think it would be a fine touch if I slowed down the video at that point. But it is very hard to judge how fast people read, so I think I will do both. Slow it down and tell people to pause the video. The correction also hits home. The figure on the drawing is not totally correct. The wingtips of the planes going up and down should be touching if the maneuver is performed perfectly. I think the drawing I made is a for a 1 point downgrade And last but not least thank you for the tip/secret at the end. I will try it out next time I go for a practice run
  24. @Boomerang Thank you for watching Take a look at the other tutorials on my channel if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZR19GCZGqnL4jCp_4kke8w/featured?view_as=public @56RAF_Roblex Many thanks Roblex The final demo is perhaps a bit overkill
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