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  1. @Falcon41 What about until and afterwards you engage that aircraft? For me personally bad looking terrain like that in CLOD is a total immersion killer.
  2. Great news I am very exited to see that Fliegerhorst Quakenbrück is on the map. Nr. 2 from the top of the map. It housed the Flieger Übungsstelle Quakenbrück from 1936 until 1938 and the FFS (FlugzeugFührerSchule) 82 until 1939/1940, where new pilots where trained to fly 1 or 2 engined planes with a weight up to 5000 kg. The map also seem to contain the flightschools two working stations at Vechta and Plantlünne. During operation Bodenplatte the airfield at Quakenbrück housed II./JG 6 which targeted the forward airbase at Volkel in the Netherlands. Only limited damage was done during this attack.
  3. HenFre

    Bump map?

    @BOO Thanks, but you just gave me a lot of new questions: IDSP? OvGME? JSGME? And what is the difference between the folders planes/textures and skins?
  4. HenFre

    Bump map?

    Hello I have a question regarding the bump map of the skin. I have downloaded a 4k skin of the Bf 109 E-7 and I don't know if I have to download the bump map also or if it is integrated into the skin itself? Might be a stupid question in that case sorry for asking
  5. @Leon_Portier Thanks. Of course it is under Vehicles But mine is in black color. How do I change it to white?
  6. Hello I am looking for the wind direction T in the objects list, but I simply cannot find it. Can someone please help me? Best regards Henrik
  7. HenFre

    High altitude footage

    Amazing video. This looks way better than the real thing shown on Discovery
  8. I am back from a long break and proud to introduce the new video which is about the Immelmann turn. This maneuver will allow you to fly in the opposite direction and gain altitude at the same time. Please like and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel Have a great week Henrik
  9. HenFre

    Toll Bridge

    Total carnage Didn't see any APC's though (Armoured Personel Carriers) The Germans really screwed up with their placement of AAA. Almost no light AA fired during the whole attack
  10. HenFre

    Bodenplatte early access

    Does anyone know exactly what area the Bodenplatte map will cover?
  11. HenFre

    Guide a noob

    @testudine2002 Thank for the kind words The way I analyze my performance is by recording (ctrl+R) the maneuvers and then watching them afterwards. You can find the recordings under Flight records in the root menu. This is not an instant replay, but you can still learn a lot about what you do right or wrong when performing the maneuvers. If you press F11 when you watch the recording you will be in the free camera mode. It is easier to see how well the maneuver is done by turning on the Aerobatic smoke, which can be found under your planes settings tab before you start the mission. The smoke is turned on and off by pressing B. Good luck on the Barrel roll. I hope to have a tutorial up on that maneuver in the future
  12. HenFre

    Guide a noob

    @testudine2002 Hello and welcome to the game I think you will do best in learning in the way that makes the game fun and exciting for you. When I was learning how to play the game I started with taxiing on the ground, then progressed to takeoff and landing which I did a whole lot of times, maybe a hundred or so, then I began to learn different aerobatic maneuvers and that is also what I am focusing on at the moment. You can watch some of my tutorial videos on this in this link: I hope you will have fun in the game and that we in the future will meet each other in the virtual skies. Best of luck Henrik
  13. HenFre

    New Players start here ...

    Welcome to all the new pilots If you would like to watch some videos on how to takeoff and land, taxi and do some basic aerobatic maneuvers then you can watch my YouTube videos in the following playlist: Hope you learn something from the videos and that we some day meet in the virtual skies Best regards Henrik
  14. Do you want to learn how to do a Half Cuban Eight aerobatic maneuver then just watch the new video at the bottom of the videolist. I hope you enjoy the video and support my channel by subscribing or liking. As always please leave a comment if you have any questions or input regarding the tutorials. Best regards Henrik @Katoshira Great to hear that you learned something from watching the videos. With practice you are going to master the maneuvers and learn how to better control your plane in a dogfight. I hope you have subscribed to the channel or liked the videos as this will help me make more videos for you
  15. HenFre

    Wings of Russia - Docu-Videos with interesting footage

    Thanks Wolfram-Harms. Interesting videos about how the soviet airforce evolved.