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  1. @FlyingShark I have tried doing the Snap roll in the Bf-109 E-7 and for me it is impossible to do it consistently. I have done it perfectly a couple of times out of almost a thousand tries. The snap is often overdone and impossible to catch before you go into a spin. If anyone can do it then please show me how it is done in the Bf-109 E-7! Thank you for watching the videoes and I hope to bring more when I get the time. Best regards Henrik
  2. Took me a long time to learn that Hammerhead, so it is great that you are already nailing it 😃 All my videos are listed in this thread: Bf-109 E-7 Tutorials and aerobatic maneuvers As for new tutorials on aerobatics I hope to get some more spare time to create some, but I have been swamped in Work and Family. Most of my spare time right now goes into research on how the Luftwaffe trained their pilots before and during the war. This will hopefully some day lead to some new tutorials on how to perform the basic training for new pilots including aerobatic
  3. I would say you are right on the money with what you have shown 👍 If you are using the Barrel roll as an aerobatic figure and not a combat maneuver then it is important, that the rate of roll remains constant throughout the maneuver. This requires small aileron adjusments during the manuever as the plane first losses speed and then gains speed. It is also important to release some of the backpressure on the stick as the plane comes through the top of the manuever. This will make the line the plane makes more circular when viewed from the flightdirection. Thank you for w
  4. Hello ACG You are not supposed to "arrive" at the same line. That is just not possible in a Barrel roll. In the Barrel roll you basically combine a loop and a roll. On the top of the maneuver the plane is on its back and the nose pointing either left or right from the original heading. So going back to the same original line is not possible, because the plane is now moving away from it. And you will do so for the remaining part of the maneuver until you "arrive" at the original heading. If this does not make sence then I have made a videotutorial that you are welcome t
  5. Hello and welcome MrHemlocks 😀 There are no actual tutorial missions in the game that will teach you how to fly the planes. But there are numeros videos on YouTube on learning how to set up your controls, the basics of flight and how to fight. You will find the links to these tutorials under the Manuals, Tutorials, Guides and Tips tab on this Forums main page. Some important tutorials are pinned at the top, but otherwise just do a search and you will be sure to find lots of info on the topics you look for. I have made a few tutorial videos my self on how to taxi, takeoff and
  6. @Cyklon And thank you for watching them Hope it helps you become a better virtual pilot
  7. 4 of the 5 Winners are from France!! The competition was held in France. Ergo homeside advantage. I know it was far fetched
  8. @F/JG300_Faucon Guess you can say that you have a home side advantage when flying Aerobatics
  9. I have done a Snap roll in the Bf 109 E-7, but I just haven't been able to do them very often. It seems that you have a very small gab, where the maneuver will work and that gab is very hard to hit every time, if not impossible. I have just browsed different Aresti notations. By level do you mean category? If so it is very seldomly writen on the notations that I have been able to find on the internet.
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