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  1. HenFre

    Plane Mechanic Simulator

    Hello all Have you seen this game? www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6RomqzR9vo It looks awesome. I just wish it could somehow be implemented into IL-2 Sturmovik GB. That would bring so much immersion with it
  2. HenFre

    Looking for critique on tutorial video

    @Raptorattacker I will try a different view for the last repetition And I will see what I can do about pausing the video when key moves are done or perhaps I can get away with just slowing the video down. Thanks for your input Raptor
  3. HenFre

    Looking for critique on tutorial video

    @Slegawsky E-7 so easy to fly that anyone can do a Hammerhead without a tutorial? Is that what you are saying? The only reason that I would consider making the tutorial in CloD is because of the amazing looking cockpits and plane models. However the cockpits and plane models in IL-2 GB are almost of the same quality, but the landscape, towns and clouds in IL-2 GB are much more beautiful. That in my opinion makes IL-2 GB a complete package and my preferred choice of WWII flightsim.
  4. HenFre

    Looking for critique on tutorial video

    @DD_Arthur That sounds like a great idea. I will implement that in my next tutorial @JimTM You have a point there Jim. I think I will keep the first section on the historic origin of the maneuver and the second part, the active voice, on how to perform the aerobatic. Thank you for the feedback @IckyATLAS Thank you for the kind review and the critique Your comment is spot on. I should have included the step on how to stay in the vertical line in the diagram As for your question about the speed when the small text Windows appear, I think it would be a fine touch if I slowed down the video at that point. But it is very hard to judge how fast people read, so I think I will do both. Slow it down and tell people to pause the video. The correction also hits home. The figure on the drawing is not totally correct. The wingtips of the planes going up and down should be touching if the maneuver is performed perfectly. I think the drawing I made is a for a 1 point downgrade And last but not least thank you for the tip/secret at the end. I will try it out next time I go for a practice run
  5. HenFre

    Looking for critique on tutorial video

    @Boomerang Thank you for watching Take a look at the other tutorials on my channel if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZR19GCZGqnL4jCp_4kke8w/featured?view_as=public @56RAF_Roblex Many thanks Roblex The final demo is perhaps a bit overkill
  6. HenFre

    Looking for critique on tutorial video

    @DD_Arthur Thank you Arthur The last third of the video is just a repetition, but with less text describing the maneuver each time. Would it be better if I showed different takes on the manuever instead of just a repetition? Or are the repetitions unnecessary? The Barrel Roll maneuver is coming
  7. Hello all I have been producing some tutorials on how to do different aerobatic maneuvers. This is the latest one on the Hammerhead: I have been trying to refine how the content is presented and I am pretty happy with it. But I would like to hear YOUR opinion on the video? What can be done better? Anything that can be done in a different way? Or is it simply the best tutorial ever Please leave a comment Best regards Henrik
  8. HenFre

    DD today?

    I would like to have a go at this, but the team needs to release the STK's for vehicles, building etc. before I would begin building anything for the game. And I do not think this is a priority at the present time which is understandable. I have done some research on an airfield that is going to be in the Bodenplatte map. It was called Fliegerhorst Quakenbrück. Here is a typical building from that airfield: This is a rendering of the building which is a Work in Progress. The textures are not final and the polygon count is way to high to be in a game. But it would be fairly easy to convert.
  9. HenFre

    Is this kind of town realistic

    I do not think the town layouts are supposed to look exactly like in real life. They are modular builds that speed up the population process of the maps. But if you look at maps from present day Kuban you will see these square housing blocks in the towns.
  10. @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann Setting steam to be run as Admin was so far the best solution for me. It has reduced the freeze time to about 2 seconds, so now it is tolerable. Thank you
  11. @jcomm I have the Steam version, so no launcher for me @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann Thanks for trying to help. I'll have a go at the 2 ways you reduced your load times
  12. @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann I Have 16 GB of DDR4 ram on the motherboard and 8 GB of GDDR5 ram on the GPU. Is this causing the problem? @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann I have turned of Vsync in the game and in the Nvidia control panel. It didn't make a difference @jcomm Where do I find the launcher options?
  13. Thanks Sevenless. It helped at lot and made it easier to switch between programs and the game. But there is still a periode of about 10 seconds where the game is frozen when I get into it Again. Is this normal? Any way around this problem?
  14. Hello everyone When I leave the game and have it run in the background and then return to it again, then it will take 30 seconds or longer for it to connect again Is there anyway that I can connect instantly? I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get out of the game. Hope someone can help me out Cheers Henrik
  15. Hello everyone The tutorial on how to do the Hammerhead is finally finished and uploaded to Youtube. It has been a long time in the making because it actually is quite a hard maneuver to master. Have a look at the video and leave a comment if you have any remarks, good or bad Thanks for watching and have a nice day Henrik