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  1. Hello NobiWan, thanks again for the great app! One suggestion. Could you add a vertical axe? In a turn I look up to check 6 and it would be nice to also add a few degrees.
  2. Unfortunately, for me both 2.03 and 2.04 have offset problem with DCS. When returning from check 6 I move forward and to the left. Also, I don't see a way to assign Numpad5 as a re-center button? Had to make up a joystick one...
  3. @J2_NobiWan Hi, thanks for the excellent tool! One suggestion: could you allow a second key binding for re-centering? I have them different in IL2 and DCS (one keyboard and one joystick button, cannot change those to be the same)...
  4. I fly in VR with Reverb G2, so it is always a stereo sound. I have 100% audio volume in game and 50% master volume in Windows for the headset. When I turn my right ear to the taxiing planes my left ear does not hear their engines at all. Feels very unusual. It should be lower volume, for sure, but not zero. Not sure if you can reproduce, but I attached a track. 01.2021-03-01_13-22-14_00.zip
  5. About the built-in IPD adjustment, could the devs explain why reducing it (-%) moves left and right screens AWAY from each other, while increasing (+%) - towards? My IPD is 70, while G2 goes to, and reports, 68. I was trying to increase it in IL2 to reduce eye strain, but reducing it instead seems to work better! Not for world scale of course...
  6. The built-in IPD adjustment is not for helmets like G2, which has a physical slider. IL2 should read it correctly from SteamVR, which in turn takes it from WMR. Now the bigger question is that IL2 ignores SteamVR ipdOffset value!! My actual IPD is 70mm, outside the G2 range. In my setup.cfg I always see or_ipd = 0.068 whatever offset I give to SteamVR. I don't think IL2 works with WMR directly. Otherwise why would it launch SteamVR?
  7. Not to start a new thread. I think after the last update the trees started to "grow" way too close as you fly over. This is not affected by draw distance (tried 100km 150km) or detalisation (normal, 2x, 4x). In DCS there is a parameter to control this, which I like at max. What do we do here? Looks awful in G2..
  8. Thanks. Yes, IPD works, but unfortunately not with shadows enabled. Surprised that ipdOffset in SteamVR settings has no effect on IL2 (((
  9. I play in VR. I noticed it from day one, which was about one month ago for me ))
  10. I saw complains in the Russian forum, with no reaction from the devs. Sound direction with canopy open is too rough - either 100% in one ear and 0% in the other, or 50/50 in both - depending where you look. With canopy closed it sounds always 50/50. Is there a mod to fix that (like one for Skyrim VR)? Can devs comment?
  11. Did anyone else notice that centering VR view brings your head about 10cm to the right of center? HP Reverb G2, if that matters. Other planes seem fine.
  12. @c6_lefunesteHello! It's me again, looking for the manual! Or just copy-paste here the part about IPD adjustment. There is no easy menu like in your mod for DCS?
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