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  1. The force feedback effects can be tuned via the .ffe files you can find in the following folder: "..\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\parts\core\FF" - autocannon.ffe : cannon effects - bomb.ffe : bomb drop effects - machinegun.ffe : machinegun effects - mortar.ffe : - punch.ffe : taxing effects - shake.ffe : turbulence effects (stalls, flaps and landing gear). - spring.ffe : stiffness vs air speed The software Fedit allow to edit those files and change few parameters (amplitude, frequency, etc...) For my part, I particularly change the effects of weapons and that of turbulence, I greatly reduced the effect of guns (I found the effect too strong for the 109 E3/4) . Here is : my files i use with a MS FFB2 Caution: When performing a "cache integrity check" in Steam, the modified .ffe files are replaced with the default .ffe files. Do not forget to save your .ffe files if you care about your settings.
  2. OBT-Mikmak

    ReShade + CoD

    I use Reshade in CloDo without problem.
  3. Constatant qu'il y a de nouveaux pilotes sur Cliffs Of Dover Blitz, je relance des soirées tutoriels pour les débutants les mercredi soir à partir de 21 h. Au menu et à la demande des participants voici les différents points qui peuvent être abordés : - configuration du simulateur (explication, attribution et réglages des commandes, configuration des fenêtres infos, etc...) - initiation à la création de missions avec l'éditeur de mission, - explications et prise en main des chasseurs, - explications et prise en main des bombardiers, - initiation/entrainement au décollage/atterrissage (pistes courte ou étroite, vent de travers), - initiation/entrainement au vol pur (gestion des trim, régime moteur, pas d'hélice), - initiation/entrainement au vol en formation (Patrouille Serrée, formation de combat), - initiation/entrainement à la navigation à vue (parcours chronométré), - initiation/entrainement au combat en paire (appui mutuel, SITAC), - initiation/entrainement au combat en groupe (cohésion, discipline radio), Vous pouvez nous retrouver sur TeamSpeak ip : ts.jg27.fr:7777 N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, tous le monde est bienvenu.
  4. That is false, STEAM requirement is clearly specified at the bottom of Cliffs Of Dover purchase page (https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/)
  5. Have you tried to reajust your graphic settings to max ?
  6. I move "dxgi.dll" and "dxgi.ini" to GAME_INSTALL_LOCATION\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover\parts\core Reshade seems to work but when i stop the game and relaunch it, the effect disappear, i have to reselect my "effects_profile.ini" in the Reshade interface (Shift+F2). It seems that Reshade doesn't record my tunings. Do you have the same behavior ? How can i fix this ?
  7. Passe voir les OBT. Nous volons sur BOS, Cliffs Of Dover et DCS WW2.
  8. I totaly agree with this. I was also a owner of two Saitek Evo Force and I switched to MS FFB2 which is really the best force feedback joystick.
  9. I use a MS FFB2 and in my opinion the range of force is better managed in CloD. The FF effects in BoS saturate forces too fast. In Clod, I really appreciate the very soft forces at low speed and really hard at high speed.
  10. Bonjour, L'escadrille OBT a ouvert son école de chasse. Nous sommes désormais F0-3. Nous restons très flexibles sur la formation des pilotes en fonction de leur motivation.
  11. That is true but you can adjust it in a way that it becomes really more manageable in game (less shake effect during 109 shoot and keep enough buffeting effects). I suggest you to try my .ffe files to have a more precise idea of ffb behaviour.
  12. For the happy owners of a joystick with force feedback here is how to configure the effects of it in COD: In the ".. \ SteamApps \ common \ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover \ parts \ core \ FF" folder you will find .ffe files that match the various force feedback effects that COD supports. - autocannon.ffe: effect on gunfire - bomb.ffe: effect when dropping a bomb - machinegun.ffe: effect when firing machine gun - mortar.ffe: I do not know what this effect - punch.ffe: effect that manages the vibrations during taxiing (during take-off in particular) - shake.ffe: effect due to turbulence during stalling (as a function of the stall intensity) as well as when the flaps or the landing gear exit. - spring.ffe: stiffness effect of the handle linked to the air flows on the control surfaces (function of the speed of the airplane) The software Fedit (right clic -> save linked target) allows to edit these files and modify lot of parameters (amplitude, frequency, etc ...) For my part, I have notably changed the effects of weapons as well as that of turbulence, I greatly reduced the effect of guns because on the 109 E3 / 4 I found the effect too strong. Here is the files ffe that I use with my joystick Microsoft Force Feedback 2 (right clic -> save linked target) Caution: When performing a "cache integrity check" in Steam, the .ffe files that have been modified are replaced with the default .ffe files. Do not forget to save your .ffe files if you like your settings.
  13. What do you think about the offset of force feedback joysticks when trims are adjusted ? For my part, i got very flat response curves in the center and I can not benefit the central precision of my curve because of the offset generated by the trims on my FFB2... it's really problematic (problem that does not meet those who do not have force feedback...) I would wish that this offset of FFBs be an option we can activate or desactivate.
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