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  1. I updated this damaged aircraft management training mission (see the link in the first post). You can now damage guns and elevator, aileron and rudder controls.
  2. This poll is very partisan... I am VR HP reverb owner and i am not against VR a all but i mainly play Cliff OF Dover Blitz cause it got features other simulators doesn't have.
  3. A nice project to adapt SEOW (Scorched Earth Online War) to Cliffs Of Dover Blitz/Desert Wing Tobruk by =VARP=
  4. Of course there is Even if i got a VR headset, I don't play BoX in VR but i will play Cliffs in VR because of the vast majority of features of Cliffs listed here that doesn't exist in BoX :
  5. Back to the last mission: The Battle of Britain seen ... from the earth... from space... and among men ...
  6. Yes, thanks Cipson and all people involved ! It is a real pleasure to fly this campaign. Ready for take off 😉
  7. 🥺 Hellrider and me have explained you twice : NO DRIFT = A BALL IN THE MIDDLE (yes you have to use your feet, the Mc 202 doesn''t have rudder trim and there is no magic auto pilot in this sim) FLY LEVEL = A ZERO VARIO (use elevator trim properly)
  8. WOW 😲 I advice you to look under instruments panel, you will find two pedals, one right and one left, this is the rudder. Try to push a bit left or right rudder pedal and the ball will be pushed !!! unbelievable isn't it !!! 🤪 Sorry, i don't have time to waste... Learn how a plane works before writing nonsense...
  9. The sim is able to reach historic parameters (498kmh IAS). I would rather say that here it is the pilot who is NOT able to manage his plane properly. I reached 498 Km/h easily with a zero vario and a ball in the middle...
  10. Thanks Cipson ! Hope the problem will be fixed soon
  11. The ping problem forced lots of players to stop prematurely in the last mission. Has the problem been identified ? Will the last mission be replayed ? OBTs really would like to replay it
  12. I can be Red Liaison Officer if needed
  13. Can players with only Blitz join the mission ?
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