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  1. Thanks a lot Cipson and ITA for all your beautiful campaigns ! I will be ready for the next one 😉
  2. First error : you didn't take into account the target altitude, Lympne altitude is 100 m from sea level, so if your altitude (ASL) is 3100 m then you have to set 3000 m in the bomb sight. Second error: before automatic bomb drop, you continuously change bomb sight altitude instead of correcting bomb sight speed (point 5 of my previous post where the bomb sight altitude should stay fix). Third error: thinking that you will get a laser precision with only one bomb... it is a WW2 bombing technology not a modern laser guided bomb.
  3. Not necessarily. I suggest you to start learning how to use Lotfe bomb sight (without wind in a first step): 1. For a precise bombing run, you need to know the target altitude from sea level and subtract it to your ASL. 2. Tune the sight altitude according to this altitude difference (plane ASL - target alt). 3. Tune the sight speed approximativelly to the plane indicated air speed IAS 4. When your bombsight cross is aligned with the target, turn on bombsight automatic mode. 5. Adjust the sight speed to have a stable cross on the target (up/down). 6. O
  4. This is totally false... The track recording in Cliffs Of Dover series works very well and the tracks are readable from one version to another (my tracks from 2013 still work). We can re-record tracks from a track (very useful for videos creators ) and have beautiful slow motion. And as you can see in this video, there is no problem to create videos with CloD.
  5. What is really appeals me in IL2 Cliffs Of Dover Blitz / Desert Wings Tobruk :
  6. 129. The glare of the sun on the canopies at long distance.
  7. Yes, Kintaro is the Wing Commander for this campaign.
  8. Samedi 6 Mars 21 h (20h GMT) TOBRUK 1940 AIR WAR - TEAM FUSION & ITALIANWING 3eme Mission: Libye . 18 septembre 1940 (Historique) serveur ITALIANWING. ATAG TeamSpeak: BRIEFING: MISSION AÉRIENNE ITALIENNE: Soutenez vos colonnes de chars avancées CIBLES: - Aérodrome de Bir el Malla South (Q9,4) - Troupes Britanique (8th Hussars) (R11,5) - Aérodrome de Siwi Town (O1,7) Rapport des renseignement: Colonnes de véhicules ennemies entre l'aérodrome de Bir Basur (P2,6) à 08:40 et l'aérodrome de Bir el Malla South (Q9,4). Le h
  9. Uncheck or check "change position" in the realism option...
  10. You don't need to be connected to play IL2 Cliffs Of Dover. You can play offline by launching Steam in offline mode and run the game (this works even if your ethernet cable is unplugged...)
  11. I tested the Beaus with 100% fuel and full bombs load and i got no problem to take off and land
  12. I tested BR20 and I managed to change stations without explosion.
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