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  1. 58. Propeller blades visible in slow motion 59. Ability to have a view without cockpit allowing to create guncam videos.
  2. Moonlight (in game screen with Reshade only)
  3. The high octane fuel in action... (in game screen with Reshade only)
  4. 49. The exhaust flames color changes according to the mixture, blue flames indicate that the mixture is correctly tuned. 50. The different wind layers ability (distinct in strength and orientation)
  5. 48. Distance and heading measurement tools integrated into the minimap and allowing to pin navigation points.
  6. Did you notice at 0:13, the altimeter and the airspeed indicator variations during explosions ... Would the shock wave pressure variations be modeled ? 😲
  7. I am a fervent support of Desert Wings Tobruk and here is a list of qualities that I particularly appreciate in the Cliffs Of Dover series and which are, IMO, important for the content and not only for the form ... 1. Excellent damage model 2. Fluidity even on modest PC and weak internet connection 3. Very good mission editor inherited from IL2 1946 and integrated into the game (essential to create interesting campaigns πŸ˜‰) 4. Easy host capabilities 5. Very good ballistics 6. The recoil effects when firing with on-board weapons are modeled 7. The cockpits are clickable 8. There is a minimap adjustable in size and position which does not take up the whole screen (so much more practical for navigation 🧐) 9. Map grid with letter and number (so much easier to announce in audio ) 10. Excellent force feedback with the possibility to adjust the various effects via ".ffe" files 11. The tracks are readable from one version to another (my tracks from 2013 still work) 12. We can re-record tracks from a track (very useful for videos creators ) 13. The Track IR can be used during the reading of a track( as it is in Il 2 1946) 14. You can choose your ID and serial number just before you take a plane (interesting for organization and cohesion) 15. The shared victory system with a decimal point count (avoids race-to-kill and other shoulder shooting behaviors... 😭) 16. The info window system is very practical and completely configurable (no, the gray square on your screen is not a bug ... ) 17. The tank management system with the possibility to transfer fuel from one tank to another in the event of a leak (bomber enthusiasts will not be bored... 😎) 18. The different realistic autopilot modes on bombers (heading / climb or heading / level ) 19. Possibility of creating damages on the aircraft via C # scripts 20. Possibility of creating a radar system 21. Possibility of radio navigation (Gonio, Lorentz) and landing without visibility 22. The sound of planes rather close to reality 23. I really find that each plane have it's specific flight behaviors and is really impacted by the loading and the inflicted damages 24. Photorealistic aesthetics Have you another qualities you like in CloDo ?
  8. Clouds art in CloD (in game screen with Reshade only)
  9. 4K screenshot (in game screen with Reshade only)
  10. A team screenshot...
  11. I will buy it because such a long free dedication from Team Fusion is the sign of a real passion that is lacking in so many other products that only make things for money.
  12. Really happy about this news. I will buy it at release with pleasure. Even if i own a HP Reverb, I don't care about VR (SA killer in my opinion) and I continu to fly on flat screen in DCS, BOS and ClODo. Long life to IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings !! πŸ˜‰
  13. Here is a screenshot of futur potential in a multi player server:
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