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  1. The ATAG converter works fine for me (including track recorded on TF3 server )
  2. Here is a list of vehicles and AAA usable by player in IL2 Cliffs Of Dover Blitz / Desert Wings Tobruk British Guy Mk IA Armoured Car* Armor.Guy_Mk_IA Vickers Mk VIC Light Tank* Armor.Vickers_Mk_VIC Valentine Mk I Medium Tank Armor.Valentine_I Matilda IIA Heavy Tank Armor.Matilda_2A French: Somua S-35 Medium Tank Char 1 Bis Heavy Tank German: Sdkfz 251/A Halftrack Sdkfz 222 Armoured Car Pz Mk IIC Light Tank Pz Mk IIIF Medium Tank Armor.Pz_IIIF Pz Mk 38T Medium Tank (captured Czech) Pz Mk IVD Heavy Tank Armor.Pz_IVD Flak/Artillery: Bofors 40mm AAA Zwillingssockel Twin 7.92mm AAA Flak 30 20mm AAA Flak 37 88mm AAA Flak 38 20mm AAA 105mm Artillery
  3. I use Reshade version without problems. I get the "unsupported overlay" green message too but it works well.
  4. Sometimes, only few people change the history... Two new pilots join our squad thanks to CLoD DWT ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. There is sometimes evanishing of force feedback effect but there is no need to restart game to get it back. Stay in the plane and gain altitude, the speed will decrease and force feedback will be back. It is a CloD oddity... Despite this oddity, CloD has the best force feedback feeling and tuning capabilities IMHO.
  6. Very interesting and detailed review ๐Ÿ‘ Thanks Chuck !
  7. Yes, the Tobruk land texture is better now, Thanks TFS ๐Ÿ‘
  8. A strategic point in the desert...
  9. Airone, to bail out with Italian plane you have to jettison canopy first (it works for me in Mc 202).
  10. For training purposes, it is sometimes interesting to know what damage inflicts on the planes that we engage. Here is a script allowing to visualize in the chat info window the damage inflicted on airplanes we shoot at. using System; using maddox.game; using maddox.game.world; public class Mission : maddox.game.AMission { public override void OnAircraftDamaged(int missionNumber, string shortName, AiAircraft Aircraft, AiDamageInitiator DamageFrom, part.NamedDamageTypes WhatDamaged) { base.OnAircraftDamaged(missionNumber, shortName, Aircraft, DamageFrom, WhatDamaged); if (DamageFrom.Player != null ) { GamePlay.gpLogServer (null, "{0} hits {1} : {2} \n", new object [] {DamageFrom.Player, shortName, WhatDamaged});//Test } } } Copy this code in the "Script" tab ("Edit ->" Script "menu) of the mission. Here is a test mission (right click" save as ") It works in solo and in multiplayer (if the host uses the script in the mission). Here is the ingame result : Thanks to FG28_Kodiak for this script ! source: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=25337&highlight=convoy
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