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  1. MisterT

    Evening hunt

    Hi everyone, This is my last speed painting, hope you like it!
  2. My last speed painting, hope you'll like it.
  3. Hi all, Here is my new creation made with photoshop, hope you like it!
  4. MisterT

    Fan art

    I agree with you Finkeren, it's difficult to change a way I paint the reflection. I had some screenshots for references, but I drawn the entire picture. Here is the first rough.
  5. MisterT

    Fan art

    A little link, if you want to see more... http://arthurpeltzer.blogspot.fr/
  6. MisterT

    Fan art

    Here is the new version.
  7. MisterT

    Fan art

    It's still not finished yet, I think I must revise the sky, a bit too rough in my opinion. If you have any suggestions, any ideas are welcome.
  8. MisterT

    Fan art

    Hi all, I've made this little digital painting, I hope that you'll like it!
  9. Yeah! My first victorie!
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