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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer and for including videos and images, Sokol1! I looked into Joystick Gremlin but I'll follow your advice and stick with my current key settings instead of trying to configure them using the software. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, I have a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant that I use mostly for FS2020 but I'd like to take advantage of its six axes in Il-2. I have four axes already bound (axes 1 and 2 for water and oil radiators, and axes 5 and 6 for RPM and mixture controls), but I can't bind the controls for propeller pitch, Bf-109/Spitfire's water radiator, and Bf-110's oil radiator to any axes. Ideally, I'd like to bind the Bf-109/Spitfire water radiator to axis 1, the Bf-110 oil radiator to axis 2, and prop pitch to either axis 3 or 4. For some reason, the game only recogniz
  3. @Beebop, I just tried @DerRoteHound's profile that they shared here and it's working well for me. I didn't have any issues making my camera center using SmoothTrack before, but I wanted to try different curves. The only thing I changed was selecting the input as "UDP over network" as opposed to "PointTracker 1.1."
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