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  1. I have just added my newly arrived Virpil Control Panel #2 and IL-2 does not see it. Windows and DCS World does. So following this thread
  2. And it would help people like me not getting seasick when using the binoculars AND TrackIr. I really like the TrackIR implementation in the commander and driver position besides the binoculars.
  3. Not sure if this is the right thread but a friend and I started a coop campaign as USAF flying P-38 and we bounced 4 Fw-190 A5 on a ground strike. The FW's couldn't care less about us attacking them since they were on their attack run making them really easy prey. We hit them multiple times but they continued on their attack run like we weren't there. I have not made any changes to the config files since I'm not really sure what does what. Is it possible to read somewhere what every setting does?
  4. Hi New to multiplayer and the mission editor in IL-2 Box. We tried the included mission Complex Example yesterday and had a real good time just taking off and flying around learning the ropes of multiplayer. Soon we moved onto some of the AI planes for some combat but they just fly around and do nothing - even collide. So my question is it possible to have AI planes in a "dogfight" mission that will attack the players? Thanks in advance. Mark
  5. Ok well, it seems that its indeed the default that has been changed. I followed the above from LF_ManuV and it worked.
  6. I found this old thread and will try if it still works
  7. Ahhh I see. Must have done it in error then. Is it possible to change something in an ini/cfg file or the like? I really want it to go back to standard. Thanks for taking the time to answer
  8. Hi What am I missing with my Bf 110 G2, its gun sight isn't centered (as it is in the E2) and looks like this?
  9. Hi Just to make sure before paying for BOK I have BOS on steam and bought BOM sometime ago directly from the IL2Sturmovik store and it has flawlessly giving me access to both BOS and BOM in game. Will it work the same way with BOK even though its not even listed on the the Steam page? Thanks in advance. Mark
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