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  1. I haven't had an issue with my Reverb Pro. I did have some tracking problems, really more like drifting off-center view every time I looked around. I removed Windows WMR and reinstalled it and that seemed to fix the problem, nothing to do with IL-2 itself. The flickering was there before 4.001, it actually seems better with the recent SteamVR updates.
  2. In the last week or so my view starts to drift from center after a short while, especially if I look to the sides. Not sure if it's a software issue caused by WMR, SteamVR, or Il-2, or hardware issue with my Reverb. My room is well lit, and I track fine, just the view drifts around a lot more than used to. Anyone experience this? I have a I5 96000k@5Ghz and 1080.
  3. I think it's a WMR issue. Exit out of WMR and then startup again, put on your headset and follow the instructions to look sideways and down. Then start Il2.
  4. That was my experience when I had both, hfov slightly better and vfov slightly worse with reverb. Also fov on the side is more squarish than circular.
  5. I actually found the foam cushion, which I had in my first Reverb, slightly more comfortable than the leather one I have now. Definitely not worth the extra $150.
  6. Glad it worked, spent some time dialing it in. The Reverb with the mod zoom is pretty sweet.
  7. These are the setting in my d3dx_user file that seem to work pretty well for me. $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0.0554999523 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 0.321999609 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = -0.724999428 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = 0.3 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 0.717498541 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 0.0500000007 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = 0.3 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00400000019
  8. Can't help you with the Index, but I did do some mods to the Reverb to lessen the feel of the heavy cable and adding foam to the Pro leather padding (it also helps by pushing the headset further away so you don't see the blue edge).
  9. It's very clunky the way WMR does it, unlike Oculus. Here's a link to it: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228378
  10. Was scratching my head on this until I saw the Odyssey label on top of the graph.
  11. Chili - here are my results with Reverb at 192%SS for the the two tracks. Used your setting with a 9600k@5.0Ghz, DDR4@3200Mhz, and 1080@1900Mhz. On test 1 looks like your theory on the CPU is right, even with only 1080 but with a faster clock speed and RAM, I was able to match or beat your FPS. On test 2 I was at least 5-10 FPS below yours, either I didn't run the test right or the smoke/fire stressed my 1080 more than your 1080Ti
  12. Just be warned you'll need to do some tweaking before you get everything set up, had mine for a month and still working it. Suggest with your specs you can do 200%-220%SS (I'm at 180% with a 1080), try it with motion projection on. The cable and connector can be annoying, I've tried different set-ups, tie-wrapping the connector to the back then looping the cable back down seem to work best so far.
  13. I agree with HDR being turned off is better, my gamma is still at 0.8 (too lazy to go into the config file🙂) I seemed to actually get a sharper image at 300% than Chili's picture. Compared 300% SS to my 27" 1080p and the max speed numbers in the Spit from the default cockpit position looked just about the same (Chili - I assume that's what were seeing in your photo, default cockpit position with no lean in or zoom). Of course I'm getting only 35 fps (22 msec frame time) just sitting on the airfield with my 1080, may need to get something better. I do notice when fpsVR is on it sets the SS and not the steamVR setting, that confused me for awhile.
  14. Was a Rift owner, got the original Reverb, tried out the Rift S for awhile. Let me say if this is your first VR headset then Rift S is great all around and easy to set-up. The Reverb takes more patience and tinkering to get the better visuals, and a heavier cable to deal with. In the end I stuck with the Reverb (updated version, with workarounds for the cable) because coming from the original Rift $600 was worth having the better clarity, while $400 for the Rift S was more than I was willing to pay for it's clarity (as much as it was better than the Rift)
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