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  1. These are the setting in my d3dx_user file that seem to work pretty well for me. $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0.0554999523 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 0.321999609 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = -0.724999428 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = 0.3 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 0.717498541 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 0.0500000007 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = 0.3 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00400000019
  2. Can't help you with the Index, but I did do some mods to the Reverb to lessen the feel of the heavy cable and adding foam to the Pro leather padding (it also helps by pushing the headset further away so you don't see the blue edge).
  3. It's very clunky the way WMR does it, unlike Oculus. Here's a link to it: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228378
  4. Was scratching my head on this until I saw the Odyssey label on top of the graph.
  5. Chili - here are my results with Reverb at 192%SS for the the two tracks. Used your setting with a 9600k@5.0Ghz, DDR4@3200Mhz, and 1080@1900Mhz. On test 1 looks like your theory on the CPU is right, even with only 1080 but with a faster clock speed and RAM, I was able to match or beat your FPS. On test 2 I was at least 5-10 FPS below yours, either I didn't run the test right or the smoke/fire stressed my 1080 more than your 1080Ti
  6. Just be warned you'll need to do some tweaking before you get everything set up, had mine for a month and still working it. Suggest with your specs you can do 200%-220%SS (I'm at 180% with a 1080), try it with motion projection on. The cable and connector can be annoying, I've tried different set-ups, tie-wrapping the connector to the back then looping the cable back down seem to work best so far.
  7. I agree with HDR being turned off is better, my gamma is still at 0.8 (too lazy to go into the config file🙂) I seemed to actually get a sharper image at 300% than Chili's picture. Compared 300% SS to my 27" 1080p and the max speed numbers in the Spit from the default cockpit position looked just about the same (Chili - I assume that's what were seeing in your photo, default cockpit position with no lean in or zoom). Of course I'm getting only 35 fps (22 msec frame time) just sitting on the airfield with my 1080, may need to get something better. I do notice when fpsVR is on it sets the SS and not the steamVR setting, that confused me for awhile.
  8. Was a Rift owner, got the original Reverb, tried out the Rift S for awhile. Let me say if this is your first VR headset then Rift S is great all around and easy to set-up. The Reverb takes more patience and tinkering to get the better visuals, and a heavier cable to deal with. In the end I stuck with the Reverb (updated version, with workarounds for the cable) because coming from the original Rift $600 was worth having the better clarity, while $400 for the Rift S was more than I was willing to pay for it's clarity (as much as it was better than the Rift)
  9. I found the Reverb FOV slightly larger than the Rift S before I returned it. If I remember correctly sitting in the Mk IX while looking straight at the sight I could still see the 20mm while I couldn't in the Rift S.
  10. Have you tried SS at 180% in applications ? That should get you near the native resolution, assuming the video SS is set at 100%.
  11. With the O+ the lenses stick out more so glasses would be a problem. I never had any issues with the Rift or Reverb, and I've tried three different frame types.
  12. Good review, probably can't go wrong for either for Il2, just depends on preference for resolution or FOV. I only have the Reverb (Gen 2) but have no problems wearing glasses, I would say if your glasses fit within the Rift then it also will for the Reverb. And I'm happy that my 1080 runs it fine for the most part, so no need to go out and buy a new card like I thought I would.
  13. I left mine unchanged from when I had the Rift and everything seemed to fine with the Reverb, pretty much have everything turned off with pre-rendered frames at 1.
  14. That's what I have now, with a I5 6600K@4.3Ghz and 3200RAM. With SS@180% and motion reprojection on I fly fairly comfortably in WoL which is a stressing MP environment. Of course you get some artifacts with reprojection on. So yes, with 1080 you can fly with a Reverb. In fact, I'll probably upgrade my CPU next before the GPU. For those interested in the fpsVR stats, here's a WoL mission I flew in the Gen 1 HMD. fpsVR Report: App: Il-2.exe HMD: HP Reverb VR Headset VR1000-2xxx GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 ( CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz Delivered fps: 44.74 Duration: 11.2min. GPU Frametimes: Median: 10.6 ms 99th percentile: 16 ms 99.9th percentile: 27 ms frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 62.4% CPU frametime: Median: 9.7 ms 99th percentile: 18 ms 99.9th percentile: >30 ms frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 74.8% Max. SteamVR SS: 186% Render resolution per eye: 2193x2149(by SteamVR settings, Max.) (HMD driver recommended: 1608x1576)
  15. I got my Gen2 yesterday and flew around in Berloga, put the clip on and flew for about 30 minutes without issues. Will put it through longer flight times this weekend. Just used the normal VR zoom in Berloga (hadn't configured Lefuneste's mod for the Reverb yet) and that was sufficient for me to ID and be competitive in that MP environment.
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