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  1. Thanks for all the reply's. I found a way to sort out everything, by dropping everything into the shopping cart and it tells you what you already own by flagging all the items you have and tagging them as gift only purchases. I find that extremely considerate on the devs part so as to not sell you the same software twice. A salute to them for that. I still think a product check page would really be nice to verify new products and just to sort out bits and bobs.
  2. Foliage on tanks sounds awesome for the game. I'm a noobs noob here. I have to confess I am not even aware of the tricks and tactics of land units other than air support. I just made the purchase of this unit of the game and hope I don't muck up more experienced players too much as I assimilate game mechanics.
  3. I have looked at that but it doesn't show what there is left to buy. Short of making lists and cross references and playing hunt the needle, it gets rather confusing quickly. Sales should not be confusing or problematic. This whole project is on a grand scale, and I commend them for their initiative, but the fragmentation is horrendously confusing to a newbie like myself.
  4. This whole matrix of products is becoming unmanageable to keep track of. I recently purchased all (I thought) of the premium packages, but obviously there are things like the collectors aircraft that do not come with the packages, and other things that do not have references to on the site. There really should be a way to sort out what a user has vs. what is available to purchase, with out a lot of back and forth comparisons and list making. A simple page with the list of products, and when the user goes there it fills in what he has licensed to his account. You could even turn it into a sales
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