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  1. As far as I know, we haven't seen a similar statement from the devs regarding the Albatros like what they said about the 109 rudder. It's helpful that they've explicitly acknowledged they are not happy with the result in the 109 FM either.
  2. RIP, Jack. Thank's for all the great music. You were part of great things!
  3. If I were a foot soldier in a US Civil War simulator, I would not want the world to be portrayed in gritty black and white, even though most images of that conflict are like that. When we are talking about a simulator, the idea is to insert yourself into the situation, as if you were really there. So I would want it to look like it did to the folks that were there at the time, not like how we armchair historians experience it.
  4. Is this trying to be a space combat sim? If so, why would you have rudders to maneuver in space? Or are you talking about flying in a planet's atmosphere?
  5. They didn't claim it is the fastest plane in the war.
  6. Yeah, it sounds like marketing, but I was simply addressing your earlier claim to having seen no evidence to support this little bit of spin. Whether the chart is trustworthy or not, I don't know. But I wouldn't trust ANY individual chart in the first place. I'd prefer to see several sources where agendas are less likely to be overlapping. Regardless, if that chart is at all accurate, the claim isn't that much of a stretch if you consider that most combat is taking place at low alt in the sim (thus far).
  7. HerrMuff, did you see post #10 in this thread?
  8. Additionally, when I look down I see my own real hands and arms on my real throttle an joystick and my own real legs and feet on my rudder pedals. I would find it more immersion killing to see those things repeated in the game. It's not all perfect but it's the best choice not having a virtual body in cockpit, IMO.
  9. Where are you guys getting THAT from? Jason said a new, easier to use ME is what is contingent on the success of the game. The harder-to-use, original ME that they have now will be released sometime after the official game release.
  10. Watch Requiem's tutorials on YouTube. He lands all planes without drama or bouncing. I think a lot of the problem people are having is in interpreting the information the sim provides on their rate of descent and height over the threshold when landing.
  11. The basis for this poll hasn't been firmly established, imo. Did the real life bomb guy in the PE-2 set the sight with IAS or TAS? Same question for the HE-111 bomb guy. I'm just saying it would be best to be 100% clear that it is proven how it was done in RL before having a poll based on an assumption or an "I think" or an "I believe", etc. basis.
  12. Nice! That might be signature line-worthy.
  13. Did you cook your engine? That might explain the smoke with no hit sounds.
  14. In the case of RoF and games like it, if you haven't downloaded those squadron skins, you never would see their numbers, etc.
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