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  1. Haven't played since they introduced the unlock torture and won't play again until it stays as it is, unless you can play the unlock game in MP. They might have put much efford in SP, but it is just god damn boring for me. It is as simple as it is. If it stays like that I won't be playing again, I regret funding the EA project.
  2. The 190 is crap if it has no mates around it. Even if it as energy advantage it can't use it properly. Either the elevator locks aboth 700 km/h or you have to run away after the first attack. @ 2km alt you can outrun your enemies in a perfect level flight, but that's about it. I never engage a Yak1 if we are on equal energy, no matter which alt. This always ends in a turn fight which is easily lost in a 109 against an experienced Yak pilot with just 1 little mistake Well I missed one point regarding the 190. You can use it on SYN server right after restart to bomb the supply dumb.
  3. "Please update your game. New version available"
  4. Statistics showed 69 people "flying". Don't know if it is a bug, but is was lagging like hell. Couldn't get out of tab statistics, had to alt F4. Bud had a lot of fun
  5. I was able to play with no big problems. Sometimes crashes/freezes, but nothing game breaking since it is still alpha
  6. Can a mod plz edit the link? He posted a new, working one https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20586543/BoS%20He-111%20High-Altitude%20Bombing%20Guide.pdf thx
  7. Thx Nope, I don't. This isn't "my threat". It's one for people searching for information A mod will have to edit the threat again, I think
  8. Mind if I post this in tutorials (He 111 threat)?
  9. Is a carpet bombing mission possible? Like the objective is bombing Stalingrad or w/e since He 111 is not meant to do high precision bombing (but its possible) Like you mentions as an event mission at weekends
  10. I was training a little bit yesterday. You have to keep in mind the wind in m/s and direction. Bombsight: Set in on "view", then go "further" to spot target. Set up Airspeed, Alt., windspeed and direction. Set bombsight on "auto" once target is straight in your bombsight's cross, open bomb bay and selct "auto drop bombs" ( or w/e it is called ). Tried in 4 times in 3 km alt and is was not exactly precise, but close enought to destoy the selected target. But is pretty hard to hit single AAs :/
  11. How about a mission pre pocket.. like "advancing to stalingrad". It was it autumn, but you could still make it with the winter setup, if there is no autumn setup available. German side has to bomb stalingrad and russians have to intercept. That would actually be fun gathering like 3-8 He111s, organising an escort and move to stalingrad.
  12. Since it gets harder and harder to find threat again with important information about planes I decided to creat a threat for the He 111. Edit: HE111 Manual by Chuck
  13. That is not a good idea ( prewarmed engine ) since not all gages are working as intended / are not done completely ( noticed that in He 111 and 109 )
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