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  1. Considering the Germans developed heavy water and most of the nuclear bomb progress, where the US used defecting scientists to bring it into its final form; I would say that the German technology was way ahead of most others for the time. It was mainly too many enemies on too many fronts, as well as a serious lack of supplies and materials that hindered the Germans the most. If you need to refer to German V's American technology, just read about the tank battles, as well as many other major advancements. Cheers.
  2. This is an interesting Story I came across, where Flying Officer Geoffrey Bryson Fisken speaks about his gun sighting and loadout. It would be nice to see an option like this in IL*2. "In those days, all planes were normally sighted so that the guns had a 96 square foot range but I reckoned you could fly through that so I dropped mine down to 300 yards so that every gun was within a 20-foot range. With more firepower going into a smaller area, and with incendiaries, if I hit something I knew very well it would go up. You had to get permission to do that and I got permission. I was also intere
  3. Yep. As TOG_Strewth and JG2_Bock. How time flies (no pun intended). I started flight simming around 1995, with monotone engine sounds and the enemy in front looked like a pixilated upside down "T". Always loved the IL-2 series in their different forms and owned pretty much every release. Had several years away from it though due to overseas work commitments and living with laptops. Back now though.
  4. I went from Oculus Rift to Reverb-G2. Still tweaking, but massive difference. I have an old Logitech G110 keyboard, with up to 36 programmable keys. Dunno why they don't still make them. The keys make it a lot easier. I use M1 = 12 keys for takeoff / taxiing. M2 = 12 keys for flight / fight. M3 = 12 keys for landing. It takes a while, but you learn your key positions. Cheers
  5. I just went back onto the page and after changing my name from Strewth to TOG_Strewth, it gave me access. Dunno anything that I did differently to yesterday, but thanks for the help. Cheers.
  6. Discord will not allow me to post anything. But I just jumped onto your server and actually go a P-40 to go fast enough to take off. Big difference. This could also be why the server is so heavily loaded towards Axis all the time. Cheers.
  7. Parking brake checked okay. RPM from throttle rises and then drops off like an over - rich setting.
  8. Sorry to have to butt in here. I have been trying to fly on your server and have problems. I have searched for an available forum, including Discord, with no success in logging in to post questions. So here it goes: Why do Allied aircraft go to full throttle and then die off leaving me blurting across the airfield like a crippled duck with gastric? This does not happen with Axis aircraft as much. But happens with every single allied plane. Cheers for any help.
  9. Okay jollyjack. Appreciated. Olga is already in the process of helping me out on another challenge, so I might have a look at any steam links I can find first and then ask her if I cannot get anywhere.
  10. Okay guys. Just a little niggly one at the moment. I bought Stalingrad initially through steam and then found out about this great site where I could purchase direct. So thanks to people here I can now purchase here and play in addition to my initial steam purchase, or play independantly from the IL*2 launcher on my desktop. But when I launch directly from IL*2, all games appear except the original steam purchase of Stalingrad. I thought "No worries, I will just purchase another copy of Stalingrad through here and play it in with the others from my IL*2 launcher" Great idea right? - -
  11. Hi again all. With help from here, I am now purchasing all my other titles direct instead of through steam, like I initially did with Stalingrad and works well, including playing direct off the IL*2 launcher instead of through steam. So a big thanks to all who talked me through it. Now I have been having an ongoing challenge with my oculus rift sound. And no matter what I try, it works for varying amounts of time and drops out mid flight, or between flights, if it doesn't just fail on startup. I have adjusted settings in just about way conceivable way known to me, including selecting
  12. DrKarrot, Thanks mate. Much appreciated.
  13. Cheers all for the explanations. I feel much more comfortable dealing with the direct webstore now. I had actually contemplated having to buy the steam content again, but directly if nescessary, but this seems like a good arrangement. By the way, if anyone has an easy answer: Why does TrackIR correctly restrict your head from passing through the cockpit, but VR does not? I am loving the VR, but that part is weird. Cheers all. Done. And works as described. Thanks again for the assistance.
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