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  1. from the article: 😂😂😂 Göring, what a massive tool. That is the stupidest thing I heard today and I read YouTube comments every day Then again the quote is probably made up but still dumb as was Göring.
  2. While practicing low level bombing I drop a bomb from too low and what I assume was shrapnel pierced my oil tank. After that I decided to see what happens when I fly low and start dropping bombs from low enough that I get hit by shrapnel but will not get parts blown of by the shock wave. Wasn't 100% successful in that regard, but the damage model and the way each piece of shrapnel seem s to be tracked separately is really impressive. What is not quite as impressive is that your own bombs just pass straight through you. Ow well cannot have everything.
  3. sadly no pictures of formation flying cause I forgot to record the track, and was too focused on not crashing to take pictures
  4. Regarding the crashes, I did not have any during the event but when watching the track from that one flight when almost all of the blenheim pilots had CTD I have CTD while watching this track. No idea what went wrong but it sure looks like something went wrong with the game. Anyway here are some picture from the first Blenheim raid.
  5. Everyone talking about the online play got me nostalgic for all the time I spent flying with a squad in COOPs and Sky of Valor/UK dedicated all those years back and just regular fooling around in single player. I will never forget how I messed up a carrier landing in a Corsair in such a way that the aircraft bounced like 30m into the air and inspired me to make this compilation of crashing and exploding. Uploaded in 2009. How the time flies.
  6. That it is a long time. In 2001 my family did not have a computer so I played IL-2 for a bit on my friend's computer no joystick just arrows. I started playing regularly in 2004 or 05 when parents bought us a computer. So that means I started with Pacific Fighters.
  7. That means i can post these and still have a chance. and another post cause file size limits
  8. To elaborate on my P-47 comment. I did not like how it flies I do not have any frame of reference apart from flight sims so I have no idea how realistic it is or is not. What I did not like was it was way too sensitive to pitch inputs like trying to correct my aiming by a little always resulted with wild swinging up and down. I simply did enjoy flying it I do not make judgements about realism as I am not qualified for that. Regarding the damage model. The visuals do match the impact on your plane. That mission that I was doing in DCS had a lot of 88 flak in it and I was being hit a
  9. Hello, over the Christmas holidays I took an advantage of the DCS free to play event to try out some of the warbirds they have on offer. When I was playing around with P-47 I found this airfield attack quick mission where you are supposed to vulch some planes parked/taking off. This at the start of the video where I drop the 500 pound bombs on the poor Doras. I have to say that I was not impressed by how the game handles bomb damage to live planes. As you can see the bomb exploded right on top of the middle one and it just got lots of damage decals and the engine stopped that is all. S
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