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  1. I tried 2v4 vs 190A-8 and they were complete pushovers, AI is just not that great they keep flying in circles waiting to get shot. I did the same in 1946 and it was much more difficult. Nasty bandits were covering each other and getting shots in was real hard without turning with them. Did not try fighting AI 109s but I assume the result would be same cause AIs can't really use their planes correctly. And I forgot to add these were Ace skill pilots.
  2. I mean this https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/dt-990-pro.html Looks like they are cheaper now cause I bought them for about 200$ few years back. the trouble with them is no microphone so you need to buy a dedicated microphone. I guess if you bought some cheap mic it might work within your budget. Anyway what you should do is go on website of electronics vendor in your country with good filtering. Define your requirements and look what options you have and read reviews/opinions online to see what is best for you. I can only tell you my limited experience with my headphones and mic.
  3. On the topic of USB headsets and sound cards: I had some headsets from Creative and currently have an external soundcard from the same vendor and I can tell you my experience has been horrible. Every now and then the sound would get completely garbled and microphone would stop working and I had to unplug the headset and plug it back again. Same goes for the sound card. For a really long time I have been using KOSS SB45 headset and it worked great and still does I just stopped using it to move to better headphones. Currently I use Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones with dedi
  4. this is correct here is a detailed explanation of the phenomena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9j89L8eQQk
  5. I have not posted a video for whole 10 day so here is my latest addition to the ocean of video that is YouTube This weekend I tried spinning, turns out it is not a good trick. It all started after I flat spinned my Beaufighter to the ground. I wanted to learn how to recover from it and while I was doing that I decided to try other fighters. Below is the result of my efforts. Warning: may contains spelling and grammar errors. You can really see that Youtube compression cannot really keep up with the more violent spins on the on screen text (it gets all blurry during the high motion p
  6. That is how I started I was trying to damage the ships with guns. I managed to sink the submarine and torpedo boats, no luck with the cargo ships even the 40mm on the Hurri IId failed to do any observable damage. When the bombs explode they can knock out the guns on the ships, but I never managed to destroy the AAA guns by strafing them. Although it is very difficult to test it as the ships defences will usually destroy your plane before you get in range.
  7. idk people are ignorant? You get few people with an axe to grind that go on and shit on CloD everywhere at every opportunity, while rest of us play happily. We are aware of the limitations of the sim but it has the goods where it counts and the damage and piston engine modelling are those goods.
  8. Thanks for the insight Buzzsaw, but I am less historical accuracy and more stuff blowing up in interesting ways kind of guy. And 90 planes in the air sure sounds like a great explosion opportunity.
  9. There are 7 flights of 3 attacking from different directions in the second part. Results would be better if the AI could avoid crashing into each other. I used 1 second fuses cause of the way AI drops. If you look where the bombs land all of them missed with 11s delay the bombs would explode after the ships sailed way past them. Mainly they served as decoys so I could practice my bomb runs without getting blasted each time. I will try to edit the mission to mitigate the crashing and try to set the attack way points to 25 m to see if they can hit something. Edit: I attach
  10. Four and then eight flights of Beaufighters armed with 500 pound bombs attack 2 axis cruisers escorted by 4 destroyers in Cliffs of Dover. Created this mission to see how many airplanes do I need to sacrifice in order to get through that crack shot AAA on those nasty warships. My efforts were a bit hampered by stupid AI pilots crashing into each other so the losses were 100% with not that great results. Attacking anything bigger than a torpedo boat seems like a suicide mission.
  11. Also 109s no longer explode when you try to use the emergency landing gear release.
  12. very nice editing brought down by the extreme over the top effects in the game. Looks like you are hitting them with 88s or something. It would look very realistic without it.
  13. over here https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/ the expansions is here https://il2sturmovik.com/store/desert-wings-tobruk/ To fly the 109 F-4 you need the Tobruk expansion, also most of the servers are running Tobruk content, still I would suggest you try the cheap Blitz first and see if you want more before spending 50 on the Tobruk. No mods needed, though the bomber server is no longer running and the regular campaign server has a bit more modest formations but the intercept radar system is in the game and works great until some of the bombers blow up the radars.
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