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  1. The worst part is that none of the developers or admins said anything in this topic (besides there are more like this one). That non-action or ignoring way of doing things is just bad... Devs and Admins: - If you're NOT going to change it, say it - If you're going to change it, say it. - If you don't know if it's better to keep it or not, ASK THE [Edit by FSM: Dearie me!] COMMUNITY THAT PAID YOU Thanks in advance for not saying a word
  2. Well, some of you have your real names. Apparently, if you were lucky enough to take an already used name, they automatically assign you a number without even asking. So, it's a pleasure, my name is "Wolf5"
  3. Yes, to spend all the time grinding for unlock things anb being unable to change your ingame name! :D
  4. I think that the "unlockables" in CAMPAING mode are just fine, because that's what a CAMPAING means, to unlock things and advance in a closed story, like some kind of RPG. But in no way that should be required to use any mod/skin in QUICK MISSION or MULTIPLAYER. Quick Mission is to test things, and there's not much to test if you don't have anything to it. And in multiplayer you should be able to equip whatever the hell you want, use the skin you want, or in any case, use the server/mission available content, but never have to unlock it in a Campaing.
  5. Horrido! Bueno, más que vernos nos oirán, para luego caer en picado!
  6. Buenas a todos! He comentado en el foro general, pero también quería ponerlo aquí por si a alguien más le ha pasado o alguna posible solución. La cosa es que en el menú principal, donde aparece el avión dentro del hangar, tengo una especie de lag en ratón, como si tuviera pocos FPS y me pone muy nervioso. Lo raro es que una vez en una partida, esto ya no pasa. A mejor calidad gráfica, más se nota ese problema y no se si será cosa del avión en 3D que aparece de fondo. Actualmente juego en Balanced Mi ordenador es: AMD FX-8320 8 core @ 3.5GHz GTX260 856mb Ripjaw 8GB RAM Un saludo a todos!
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