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  1. How can anyone do battle of Normandy without making the C47 flyable. Not happy. 🤤
  2. DD_AOB


    Ok thanks guys. I also use CLoD and did not realise nothing is clickable in BoS.
  3. When I get into a server or offline practice and spawn on an airfield my mouse seems to be locked to view mode which is annoying because I cannot select anything with it. How do I get the mouse to act like a normal mouse and not be a part of the camera?
  4. Any squads out there who do not use discord? I prefer Teamspeak or Mumble.
  5. Not blessed with 20/20 vision and wondering if anyone knows how to display speed and altitude in the info window? That would be a huge help in landing and flying in general instead of squinting at the cockpit instruments. I have looked at the how to guides and video but cannot a mention of this unless I missed it.
  6. Hi AJ, given that keyboard templates do not show flight stick assignments I am thinking that a lot of folk must use keyboard and mouse. It should be perfectly possible.
  7. This sale is too good to miss. Must add Bodenplatte and Kuban to my collectiln.
  8. I keep getting told that I must claim my account before I can post on discord but then. I keep getting told this email is already registered even when trying two of my email addresses. Not sure what I am doing wrong, anyone else having this trouble? Pink, I am sorry but I accidentally deleted your email to me this morning before I read it as it went straight to junk mail. Like everyone else I get heaps of advertising that goes straight to junk and I just bulk deleted it and caught a glimpse of your email before it disappeared forever. Could you resend it me please?
  9. I like to see what is going on around me so I wonder if you guys fly with external views enabled or disabled?
  10. Are there any old fashioned Il2 squads out there that are not FB based?
  11. Hi, Some questions please. I last played Il2 1946 about 10 to 15 years ago. I was in WTE Anga back then. Any active Aussie squads out there, preferrably with their own website and forum (not facebook)? What software is used these days? I downloaded Discord and I have Cliffs of Dover Blitz, is that enough?
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