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  1. uninstall this update to get the performance back After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing certain games, such as Destiny 2. As a short-term resolution, users can uninstall KB4482887 to regain performance.
  2. Up and down Speed settings are gone from the multiplayer interface. Its still in the start up cfg under [KEY = network] client_download_traflimit = 10240 client_upload_traflimit = 10240 server_download_traflimit = 1000 server_upload_traflimit = 1000
  3. You may be loosing track of the lower led due to the fact your TIR is back from the upper edge of your monitor, have you tried moving the TIR to be inline with your monitor edge? Your monitor top edge may be blocking your IR beam based on your seating position or body movement.
  4. Lol 😂 I about peed myself I was laughing so hard, tell her to hang in there and she will get it.
  5. What will counter the K4 up high? Space shuttle and lazer cannon ?
  6. I witnessed the same issue on that server, but not just with that map, it was unplayable and caused a lot of comments in chat about warping and laggy play. I haven't seen that issue on that map before this update on WOL. 2 sortie was all I could handle! made my head hurt🤕
  7. where is the key binding for this intercooler flaps ? intercooler flaps - neutral ?
  8. Theirs your problem TIR did not create that folder during install or it was removed somehow. Back up your TIR profile folder and uninstall and reinstall TIR, then copy over the saved profile back into the TIR folder. then copy Requiem profil;e into the user data roaming TIR folder. fire up TIR and look for the profile. Should be there. Or you can try to copy thy TIR profile folder out of TIR folder and copy direct into the user/data / roaming /tir folder
  9. PWCG ? Don't know what that is. How do I disable that ? Thank s
  10. I have found some mission logs in the data folder after flying a single player mission. Cant ever remember seeing them there 🤨
  11. ah I see you are using sweet Fx instead of Reshade. Any specific reason why you use the older sweet fx versus the newer reshade?
  12. =TBAS=Sshadow14 Where can I get the ultra preset?
  13. Gambit There's a term for people like you in Oklahoma that I wont use here, but they don't usually make it to puberty around here.
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