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  1. Heres a little home work for you nord80 this might give you a better understanding of Video cards / V sync / low frame buffers and settings in general https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/14/
  2. Did he delete all the P51 snap views ? There are 2 locations LuaScripts\snapviews" and LuaScripts\snapviews"\ default Try deleting both P51 and restart the game as a last resort he can get the snapviews files from another person and drop them into the correct folders
  3. It sounds like you just need to tweak a few settings, then get a good profile set up, On your camera settings tab, if you are seeing red dots other than the 3 IR clip dots your camera is picking up some form of lighting which will throw off your TIR. If this is happening go to the camera tab, look for light filter threshold section, turn the setting down until you only see 3 dots in camera view, mine is set to 130 as in the first pic. Second pic you can see where I have changed the threshold and there is some reflective items behind me that interfere with the camera tracking of the TIR track clip. You have to find a setting that works for your surroundings. other items to look at are turning too far to the right or left up and down (adjust the profile to limit your head movement, but still get the in game movement you want)Higher curves (up) and closer to the center (middle)will give you rapid movements in game. Slect a profile they select exclusive in the profile tab, otherwise it will default to the preinstalled BOS profile. hope this helps
  4. Hey workky!😀 I was wondering how long it would take you to get here, now the the P38 is released 😀
  5. Go here for his interview https://www.historynet.com/world-war-ii-interview-with-ace-pilot-robert-s-johnson.htm from the interview (Also, none of the German fighters were as rugged as a P-47. When I was badly shot up on June 26, 1943, I had 21 20mm cannon shells in that airplane, and more than 200 7.92mm machine-gun bullets. One nicked my nose and another entered my right leg, where the bullet split in half. I still have those two little pieces,
  6. This is the one I was referring to The ca = 0.0000 I haven't seen that one before
  7. Just make a copy and then delete the CFG in game folder restart and then you can look at both config files to see what is different. you can then reset the new one by changing 1 and 0 in the graffic's and sound lines of the cfg if you want.
  8. Requiem If I may ask What are your speed and smoothing settings in TIR? Also While watching the video I noticed that you have very few jaggies, can you tell me your settings in BOS and video card control panel?
  9. Does anyone know what this new line in the startup config is for ? multisampling = 1 or_ca = 0.00000 The ca = 0.0000
  10. Nice one Dave 😁 tucked it into my video favorites
  11. Sure wish the in-game 51 sounded like that one😑
  12. Same here Micro stutters and some major stutters now, I was stutter free before update
  13. Same here, no trim settings work, remap the default buttons and the trim will not work, same issue with the radiator set up on flight stick.
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