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  1. Well ! When you look over there and see something that ugly, you have to take the quickest way out, and no I was not talking about the aircraft 🤪
  2. I agree with Jaws 2002 get the bigger SSD
  3. I have encountered this issue although rarely, not sure it's a server issue as it's most likely a code issue with multiplayer.
  4. Maybe better or improved graphics A A ? or better clouds ?
  5. Really doesn't matter these days with the invention of sticky sided velcro. I haven't found a head set I could not mount my track clip too using the clip or velcro So get what you like 🙂
  6. (Anyone got an idea what it is? Or how to fix it?) look here for your driver crash issue https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/gpu-drivers-crash-with-long-computations-128745489.html
  7. Sounds like you may have the same key bindings for commander position as turning off TIR
  8. I believe the default TIR pause key is F9 start TIR and look in the HOT keys section down arrow the actions to the pause and it will show the default or mapped key
  9. I had a 36 in ultra wide, got rid of it because I got tired of not seeing enough in the vertical. went to a 43 inch 3840x2160 makes it so much better with all around visibility!
  10. Hump day in oklahoma is when you have a Big Girl and about 10 minutes 😉
  11. Get away from the 4 K tv and get a 4 K monitor, Most TVs process the image and use downscaling to play games at a decent frame rate. You can see this for yourself when looking at the active signal resolution in display settings in windows. you will have the desktop resolution, lets say 3840 x 2160 and you will have the active signal resolution 2560 x 1440 or maybe even lower when they differ, you tv is having to process the image, which will at most times lower the picture quality to play at a decent frame rate at 3840X 2160 your Tv will most likely be at a sig
  12. I Bearcills I also have a single dot on the zero line in the center, my next dot on both sides is also in the zero line, that is how you create a dead zone in the center, as you move up and out you get movement in the software and game. Thanks for helping me figure it out! Yep no problem 🙂
  13. S So the 2 dots on the bottom are the first points that you can adjust, They are my dead zone. putting them to zero and spacing they to the side of the starting dot give's me the dead zone I like (aka no movement of the view while in that zone)so after I start TIR and get my head centered I press my center key to get my view centered in the game. From looking at your profile it looks like you may have a couple of dots real close or over lapping each other. The green line is the track of the profile, the orange will be the actual speed and distance movement in game
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