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  1. Bought Hard work deserves just rewards ! Thanks
  2. He is telling you that this is coding in the game to unload the GPU. you cant change it
  3. Check and make sure you have admin rights set for TIR exe
  4. Yes It has a lot of useful functions, one of which is checking to see that you stick is centered in all aspects, button functions test. Calibration, dead zone. lots of useful item
  5. I havent found a way to get the file uploaded to a PM to you whats the trick to that ? Edit Used dropbox link in PM
  6. I found this while online in the Rhineland map on Combat box server, Bomb craters about 300 meters above the ground. trak available if needed
  7. Core I9900 will turbo boost to 4.6 to 4.8 if turbo boost is set to on in bios under load, mine runs there anytime I have any game going or a photo or video program going. should be able to do this all day long as long as your temps stay under 90 C Have you tried to re-download the game from scratch? in other words done a clean install?
  8. Spitfirejoe I had a similar problem with my thrustmaster throttle. Everything would work just fine and then it would have multiple key presses going on. I ended up opening the base, I then found some wires that were chafing and would short out the base when the throttles were in a specific position. Repaired the wiring and positioned them out of the way of the chafe point. Still working after 3 years. Might want to look under the hood and see if you have a mechanical issue.
  9. Hey MC long time no see, good to see you back
  10. It will give you a better understanding of the eastern front and what tactics both sides used. Like I said it is great read from a great pilot
  11. Molykote 44 Used it on my warthog for years
  12. It can be set to any key you like, find one that is not used in IL2 and set it to center. I use my 0 key on keypad for center and have never had an issue
  13. Nothing lost in translation here. I have his book in English and it is what it is. He used this technic in quite a few of his fights with Russian planes to climb at a faster rate that his opponents and would then turn back onto them and shoot them down. He truly was a master of the 109 You really need to read the entire story of the encounter with the reconnaissance's Spitfire to understand what and how it happened. Walter Schuck's autobiography is a great read on the eastern front battles, well worth the time and money!
  14. I started with the demo in 2001 as BPO6_Panp, changed from Birds of prey to the FS ~ Squad as FS~ Panp when warclouds shut down, Great fights in War clouds! Good to see a lot of the old hands here 😄 RBJ lol and AFJ=GoodNight I still have the vid ACE Hatin with VMF 214 Pappy. still laugh every time I see it, had to load it to youtube for you guys lol https://youtu.be/9iLlvEnPqkc Soo fricken funny 😆 Just a few of the names in that mission Tak_0_Tak MatLock Tequila Kwik Bullshark 71 VS=Klunk
  15. For those 109 aficionado's, this is a great read Luftwaffe Eagle from the ME 109 to the ME 262 Walter Schuck He has numerus accounts of 109 crashes due to the gear issue in his book. Also a lot of eastern front combat before coming back to Germany for the 262
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