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  1. not funny really Go ahead and pay MS full price if you like. I'll stick to my 25 dollar price and will have all that you have and a bit fatter wallet🙂
  2. You can pick up a legal copy of win 10 pro for around 14 to 25 dollars now.
  3. Have you shot a 50 cal in real life ? I have
  4. I have the MMX 300 Great sound and great microphone Track clip mounted with sticky Velcro, one to clip and other to headphones, removes quickly and easily.
  5. I've had mine for Years ( SN 0067) and never had any issue with them, still just as precise as when they were new! I would probably trade off the wife before my MFG pedals 😃
  6. Well how about a cannon shell or tracer round into one of these tanks ? Don't see this one falling apart like a clown car after a wreck with all the parts spilling out. Here are some others for your consideration Not trying to be a butt here, just pointing out the facts as they are
  7. Or better like many players do install Reshade and use far superior SMAA ? Anyone have the actual settings in the preset SMAA in ReShade that work well with BOS?
  8. That is not any more relevant than any other fuel tank in any other plane in this sim. If this was so then EVERY aircraft in here would break apart like the P38 as it is now!
  9. different servers may be located in different country's and on different hardware. try and find servers that have pings that are close to the same
  10. Hey X I think you would have to try and maintain a TAS that was within 2 % during your pulls on all aircraft during testing to get fairly accurate results. You were ranging from 525 to 576 sadly I'm not sure how you can be that precise (2%)= about 10 mph in this sim also I think you would have to keep the same AOA Chime in as needed 😁
  11. I have the 64 th MFG set built, still going strong and without any issues at all, still as precise as when they were new.
  12. Thanks Raven 109 Just the clip I was looking for perfect! KB-Kriechbaum read First light by Geoffrey Wellum Great read by the way but using tail clearing turns and looking over you shoulders was the only way you survived
  13. Congratulations! Requiem! Jim You did say he would stay EAST of the Mississippi River right ? Whew I feel safe now ! as long as he stays on that side of the river 😉
  14. I had a 109 that I put 56 hits into it from 50 cal on a p51 mission on Combat box. I had him at my convergent at 300 and had strikes all over the fuselage cockpit and wings He kept flying until I made another pass and Pked him. it seems we have to get more hits on with 50 cals than other calibers, even though we have 6 fiftys A one second burst should put enough rounds on target to get the kill
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