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  1. I'm gradually working my sims over to a brand new VR ready rig. When I updated IL-2 on the new PC, it blew it up to where I no longer have the icon buttons visible on my 4k monitor. I can't get to settings to reset the resolution to match my PC's monitor recommended resolution. Is there a path to type it in withing the game folder? Thnx, V
  2. Nice to have Big Beautiful Doll here now. Flew that skin in DCS almost exclusively as default. Thanks! V
  3. The Dog Fight icon is F-4F Wildcats vs Zekes over a carrier! Thanks for that! Sign of things to 'really' come I hope? V
  4. Thanx Jordan and mga! I did both and I can see aircraft and be able to ID them very well now. I even made this change in DCS 2.1 and I can see aircraft a few miles away! Its not too bad, but I do see a difference in display quality. Not as bad as I was expecting though. Thanx again for the help Gents! S! V
  5. I've been having issues seeing other aircraft when others see them clearly. I'll fly with a squadron-mate that will see a target, call it out, and I don't see anything. A squadron-mate will join on me and see me clearly. He'll call out his position and where he's joining from, and I look in that direction and see nothing. All of a sudden his plane draws in graphically from within a mile out after he's been tracking me the whole time. I've flown with other folks who are calling out aircraft from long range and even I.D.ing the type aircraft, and I don't even have a dot on my screen. I've had aircraft run away from me while in a chase just to all of a sudden disappear as I'm looking right at them!. No Disco. Yes, I have zoom mapped, doesn't matter. I have a Radeon R9 8Gig video card and a Samsung 28" 4K monitor with settings set to almost max. What am I missing here? I've adjusted manual brightness/contrast settings on the monitor, and the gamma in-game is all the way down to get rid of the brightness. Help "Blind Baby" out! S! V
  6. Developers, need “if they have not done so already” the complete series of The History Channel’s “Dogfights” accessible in their library. The data comparing aircraft performance and statistics, plus pilot accounts from both sides would be very valuable! V
  7. Spawnable points on the carrier would be good enough! We did have the ability to allow observation points on stationary carriers in Pacific Fighters/'46... you had to guestimate the position then the height from the water to get a vantage point from vultures row. took some trial and error to capture the right vantage point which appeared you were standing in the catwalk of Vultures row. DCS' new carrier modules are going to be INCREDIBLE with jaw dropping detailed. You will be able to move about the ship while it's underway while people are conducting Carrier Ops. V
  8. With the Spectate option in IL-2 BoS, BoM, and Kuban, I expect it will continue into the Pacific. I think it would be awesome to log into a server, select Spectate to spawn in on the LSO Platform in my PiMax 8K head set and hand devices. You could stand in your living room with the VR head set on and use the hand sets to manipulate paddles and be a part of the server as an actual LSO. Other Spectate positions on the boat could be spots on the flight deck, cat walks, Pri-fly or bridge in the island, and vultures Row to watch flight ops. I know the new carrier modules coming in DCS will be supporting this. The Black Sheep are really big on just conduction flight Ops for hours without ever firing a shot. We even have a Greenie Board to grade our passes. V
  9. Really? Disregarding pilot accounts? Watch the video I posted again. This is a living pilot with more hours in a Zero than any human alive or dead. He generalized, but he IS the authority on the Zero folks. I'm a pilot with thousands of flight hours folks. I only see statements like that on PC flight sim forums. ;-) V
  10. Yup... below 170kts, and to the left. That very same light airframe struggled against the engine torque to the right... which is why heavy metal tactics was to roll right and dive... a characteristic not modeled in PF/'46. The 350kt dive capability claims? yeah, no. All Zeke airframes had horrible compressibility issues at and above 250kts. The pilot in the video above (with more hours than anyone in the airframe) states 220, but I believe he was speaking generally in regards to over-all maneuverability. There are post war reports where Japanese aircraft seemed to be in dives that augured in for no reason... meaning no surface targets to smash in to. These incidences are theorized to be due to elevator compressibility. Japanese tactics actually changed to avoid high speed dives in A2A combat scenarios. V
  11. Yup.. The Zeke's FM in Pacific Fighters/1946 allowed players to use U.S. Boom-n-Zoom tactics when the airframe clearly should NOT be able to. There are post war reports that Zeke's thought to be Kamikaze, were actually pilots in distress in complete compression of flight controls. The most used U.S. tactic to evade Zekes, and other Japanese aircraft, was to roll right and dive. This was completely pointless in PF/'46 due to the Zeke's FM. V
  12. Looking forward to flying from Carriers again - its been way too long!!! Something to share with developers. This man has more time flying Zeros than any Japanese pilot in WWII. Please take note of when the Zero is most effective at specific speeds, and when it is completely ineffective at other speeds. Take note of is comments about the superior roll rate... watch his hands.. they go left. To the right, the Zero had a terrible a roll rate due to a 1,200 HP engine torque on a VERY light airframe. he doesn't explain this. While the rudder maintained full effectiveness at all speeds, the ailerons lost effectiveness at speed at and above 200kts. The elevators suffered severe compressibility at and above 250kts. This gentleman gives a "blanket speed" of 220kts for both control surfaces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmUseKNrh6Q Enjoy this gent's extended experience flying a real Zeke! S! V
  13. I'm excited about the PTO coming, but I'm still not a fan of the Flight Modeling of this current series. Hope improvements and changes are coming in that regard. Forget landing on the boat with those bouncing characteristics! My biggest concerns are the accurate limitations of these aircraft represented properly, particularly the Zero. In 1946, the Zeke could be used as a B-n-Z aircraft, in many cases running down Corsairs and P-38's. The F-6F while heavier, still had the power-to-weight to accelerate in the climb and easily catch a Zeke in the vertical. 1946, it flew like it was dragging an ACME Anvil! The Zeke was terrible in a dive and it's controls locked up over 250kts in a dive. The IJN prohibited dives because many pilots (that were mistaken as Kamikaze) were simply auguring in due to elevator compressibility. It also could not roll to the right due to engine torque in a very light airframe. U.S. fighters saving grace was to roll right and dive. In the BSS, we have over 2/3rds of our members not active because there is not a new PTO sim. This will bring them back! That's just one squadron. Imagine the interest world-wide. In regards to flying around the carrier, if you need to learn how to do it, ANYONE is free to join in with us on-line and we'll show you how to do it right. I have written a CV OPS guide that is referenced directly for the U.S. Navy's CV NATOPS manual, and is available for anyone to read in our Tech Manuals on our website BSS214.com. It's called "CQ/Formation Flying Guide" V
  14. Tactics and Intel were the main reasons for Allied successes. Test flights and evaluation of the captured Zeke was quite revealing on how to counter a Zero's attack. i.e. Dive and roll to the right with a Zeke on your tail. Above 200kts, the Zero had almost no roll authority to the right due to aileron compressibility. In level flight, the torque of the engine and the light-weight airframe hindered rolls to the right as well. Above 240kts, the elevator locked up. Examples of mistaken identity of "Kamikaze Zeros" diving into the water with seemingly no targets reveled that they simply got too fast in a dive and augured in due to elevator compressibility. Soon after, Japanese pilots stopped pursuing in dives. The Rudder authority however was completely available throughout the Zeke's speed regime. NONE of which was included in the IL2 Pacific Fighters flight model. On a side note, when the F-6 Hellcat was released, it outclassed the Zero in every aspect except turn radius. But it was close due to the Hellcat's speed controlled flap system. Despite its heavier weight, it drastically out climbed the Zero due to it's superior power to weight ratio. A successful Japanese Ace made the mistake of thinking he was fighting a Wildcat and went to the vertical. The Aviator thought that was a bad move and powered right up his 6 in the vertical with speed to spare and shot down a top Ace. Despite my issues with the FM in BoS, I will say they have done a better job towards accurate aircraft performances. I recently flew my first sortied in an FW-190A3. Seeing that I was outnumbered, I pushed the nose over to run and didn't even try to jink - thought I had it made. I was then summarily ran down by a MiG-3 that had been co-alt with me. That would not have happened in the old IL2 days. Nice shot Elf! LOL V
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