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  1. The A/S Mod for the BF109 G6 and G14 would be cool
  2. Thank you for the nice update. but one thing maybe I do it just wrong but if I get the Binoculars with CNTL+5. I can’t put them back with the same buttons... can someone help me? thx
  3. well but I cant hear a real change? just while spooling up the engine you can hear a change but full throttle is the same...
  4. Hello, I would like to Help. I could test. Tanks and also the ww1 stuff. Greetings
  5. Hey, I haven't tried that out yet. But is it possible to use these textures without mod on? Greetings
  6. is this still working ?
  7. Hello, I have this weird flickering like you can see on the picture.. does anybody know how to get rid of that anoying flickering? All my Graphic settings are on max settings... Resolution: 2560X1440P my pc: cpu: I7 8700K 5.0Ghz gpu: RTX 2080ti ram: 32gb ddr4 3200mhz mobo: Asus ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULA ps: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 850Watt EDIT: I found out that the problem is called ""Z-fighting"" thanks
  8. thank you that was my problem ;D
  9. Hello Folks, Can somebody please tell me how to operate the Me262 Engines without the regulator mod ? I only use really really gentle input "1-2 percent + - slow input" but everytime my engines shut down? greetings,
  10. Hello, where can I get these missing 4k normal maps ? A20B FokkerDr1 HS192B2 Ju88A4 LA5FNs2 P39L1 PfalzD3a SopCamel Spad13 U2Vs Ya1s69 greetings
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