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  1. Quax - that's a mightily impressive bit of engineering!! Just paid for my new pedals (ouch!!) Hope they live up to the hype! Birdseed007
  2. Haha FlyinPinkPanther - glad you showed the missus the rig!! Actually she loves it when I'm in that because she knows exactly where I am and she enjoys watching her TV shows etc! Good point re: the early access stuff, I think it's rather unclear how little of the game is actually finished which can lead to disappointment. Algy - glad you like the simpit. I haven't got the Thrustmaster TPR's yet, in fact I'm waiting for the store to invoice me before shipping as they were supposed to ship out today but he's gone radio silent! I'm currently using a pair of gameport Thrustmaster
  3. Thanks Algy, I like many people spent ages trying to find an RTX3080 to buy, and I'm hampered by having a small form factor case on my Alienware R6 Aurora which means only a very small number of RTX3080's will fit at all. I wanted an Inno3D RTX3080 X2 because that is the most compact one available and would slot straight in but they are just totally unobtainable right now! I messed around on Discord and Overclockers for most of the last month and just grew frustrated that I couldn't even pre-order anything! I nearly bid on a scalper who was selling one on ebay and visited Currys
  4. I ordered a G2 in early December from their UK website and am told it should ship Jan 21st ish - can't wait. From the sound of things a second batch are currently in transit now, at least to Europe and I see no reason to suspect the USA would be any different. Birdseed
  5. Thanks for all the encouragement folks - I'm going to keep Normandy! The opportunity to fly out of the Southern UK over France and the Channel is just too good to miss! Coupled with the Spitfire MkXIV I think there will be plenty to keep me occupied! I can't wait for my Thrustmaster TPR pedals to arrive hopefully this week and yesterday I managed to secure an order for an RTX3080 to replace my GTX1080 which should arrive (along with the Reverb G2) towards the end of January. That will mark the culmination of a very significant investment in flight simulation and gaming - but isn't that w
  6. That's great info Jaegermeister - going to try that out today and really appreciate your tips! Birdseed007
  7. I just wanted to say that last night came the closest I have ever come to realising my dream of flying a Spitfire thanks to Cardboard Killer. I've loved aeroplanes my whole life and from the age of 5 my Father who was cabin crew for BEA and British Airways would take me to airshows and airports plane-spotting. We shared a love of old war movies too and all through my childhood we would sit and watch those films together - The Battle of Britain, 633 Squadron, The Dambusters and Reach for the Sky. So from a very young age I was in love with R.J. Mitchell's masterpiece. Firing up the Oculus
  8. Wow Cardboard Killer, I actually can't believe this - your kind gesture has really really shocked me - you really are an absolute gent!!! Never in over 30 years of gaming have I ever known a welcome like this. You're so right, it absolutely has softened the disappointment - in fact it's made my New Year!! Happy New Year to you and yours, what an incredible community this is!! It's genuinely heartwarming, it really is. Birdseed007
  9. Thanks guys - going to go with Bodenplatt and hope that satisfies my Spitfire craving for a while. Could have really done without wasting money on Normandy though - especially having just ordered a set of Thrustmaster TPR pedals to replace my word out 23 year old Thrustmaster Elite pedals.. Birdseed007
  10. Many thanks for the replies guys - looks like I have dropped a real clanger there then!! I will write to them I think and see if I can request a refund as basically for me it's sixty odd quid spent for nothing and I would rather spend the money on more useful campaigns like Bodenplatt etc. The Normandy page on their website was very misleading in leading me to think most of the campaign was there already!! The Dover Battle of Britain module sounds perfect but am I correct that it doesn't work in VR,? I have recently obtained a Quest2 and am loving the immersion of VR flight-sims!
  11. Hi there, I'm a longstanding flight simmer and started with the original IL2 on disc in 2004. After a long gap I am returning to flight simming again and after dabbling in DCS (too hard to learn the modern jets!) and FS2020 I have just purchased IL2. I bought the Battle of Stalingrad base edition on Steam just to check it worked on my I7-7700, 32GB, GTX1080 gaming rig - it does!) I bought the Battle of Normandy Direct from the IL2 website (as my interest is primarily with the Western front flying Spits and Hurricaines! I merged my Steam and IL2 account
  12. Jason, can you just confirm that it should all work seamlessly if I now buy the Normandy pack from your webstore with my Steam copy of the Stalingrad battle? Brg, Jonathan
  13. OK I bought the Battle of Stalingrad on Steam last night, downloaded it and am trying to run it. From the main menu I chose quick battles and a mission from the map but when I try to choose an allies or axis plane I can see the list of planes and click on one but it still shows 'none' on the screen where you select 'fly'. No matter what I do I cannot select a plane!! Can someone help - this is driving me nuts! Also From readong the notes it seems I might need to enter my Steam key to activate the game via the IL2 website but Steam never told me the game key number eve
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