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  1. I'd like the last 110 spot if it's still open please
  2. None of the airfields show "Attack" on them now. Does this mean we can't attack airfields? I heard both Yes and No on chat today and was not sure.
  3. Maybe related to the recent update (3.008) but since I updated I'm only showing 3 available servers.
  4. Thanks to the 216th pilots who took me along in our IL2's. This was great - now I need to be off from work every Friday so I can join in
  5. I'll take a IL2 please - if none available I'll take a Pe-2 if they are avaialble. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the quick response Artur - I obviously need to pay closer attention next time!
  7. I just registered for TAW but it's not showing up in my Multiplayer server list in game.....what am I missing?
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