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  1. Achtung Mustangs... The Blue Diamonds p-51D's from 356th FG on a straffing mission near to Achmer.
  2. Thanks my friend... glad you like it.... do it... its for free... thanks my friend, G6 is coming I will, thanks for the feedback... The Last Defender's... Some dora work... hope you like it....
  3. @Spectre_Wolf I will place some Step by Step here if its interesting for the team... Tamiya Spitfire I 1/48 scale, built in 2019. Awesome model kit. One of the best that I ever build. Tamiya Spitfire I built in 2019, one of the best kits that I ever built... Nice choice my friend...
  4. Its all okay, I message @Jason_Williams and we talk, he give me permission to post my compositions here. It's my mistake to not ask first, but as I'm coming from modelling forums, I dont think about that. Here is about have fun, but its a business for the people that work on the development of the game. but now, all okay. Thanks Jason for the attention... ✌️ Best, Vini... This is Sebastopol Raid...I made around a month ago to test the contrails and flames. Great advances since then.... hope you like it... Vini
  5. @Spectre_Wolf I did use the AMMO by Mig OilBrushers and Airfield Dust pigment.... I apply the fading technique for oils and dry application for pigments...
  6. Hello my friends, Nice to see this thread, hope to contribute with the forum, since I love model making... this is some of my last builds... Eduard P-51D5 Mustang 1/48 Tamiya F4U1 Birdcage 1/48
  7. hello my friends, anyone can help me, how its happen on the cockpit images of all aircraft? its just on the cockpit view, on the external one its normal.
  8. Hello Jason, send you PM about it and to know about your authorization to post here. best, Vini
  9. I dont sell this art, i just do it for fun. If its a problem, I stop... simple... and I have copies since the first Il-2, now I buy the Battle of Bodenplatte sorry if this post was offensive for anyone.
  10. Hello my friends, I'm Vini Pompeo, Scale Modeller and Digital Artist from Brazil. Inspired by rOEN1911 and other aviation artists, I start to made some art using images from the IL2 game series. Now I would like to share with you some of my works and ask for help on screenshots for future arts. this is my last finished one. I call it Cold Blood. Hope you like it....
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