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  1. Excellent work on the update! Congratulations on this milestone achievement in il2 series. The career mode is great, the stats tracking of pilots and units, dynamic mission types, flow of events, all fit natual and immersed you into the atmosphere of a ww2 pilot. Great job career programmers! The engine itself is much improved. The framerate is overall higher with more units and action going on screen. the landscape looks much better and the level of detail transition all flow smoothly and you can barely see the change in object detail if your specifically looking for
  2. I am in primarly a Battlefield 4 and Arma 3 / Rust / Life is Fedal / War Thunder multigame clan and program some of and maintain the websites over at http://righttorebel.net clan. I have programming experience in PHP and I started looking into the RoF mission editing tutorials, though I am new to editor I am intelligent enough to pick up on making a mission with all my prior web programming experience. If you check out the site you will see that the clan has been around and maintained since 2006 and have six top ranking battlefield 4 servers in the USA and as well as the world and have lots of
  3. If you read the first sentence from developer blog #80 it says the above. So this Friday should announce more details about release.
  4. Its was stated to be released in September and still no specific release date. Maybe they will announce the exact release date?
  5. I use this joystick and only thing by default that was an issue is the throttle slider is reverse so I had to invert the control. Here is my key bindings for example: 1: mg fire 2: fov / camera reset 3: cannon fire 4: drop bombs 5: fov zoom in (default) 6: fov zoom out (default) 7: breaks ( left / right / all ) 8: gear toggle 9: airbreak 10: reload all guns 11: flaps down 12: flaps up Hotas switch: all default
  6. I have the logitech extreme 3d pro, and using its hat switch for camera view is a pain as with any other joystick. Paning view is best used for fine viewing such as the combo of that with zoom in and out to indentify targets at a distance. In a dogfight panning is a little clunky and slow and best to use the snap view points thats much quicker to switch to and from views. I usually leave it on panning cause thats what I use the most and I would say it will get you by but best way to go is with something designed for that, like Bando suggested.
  7. I have noticed something in dogfights that happens to your plane that I don't know the technical term or physics behind it so I will describe it. When your flying level and start manouvering your plane is at its most responsive, but when you start prolonged turning and manouvering such as in dogfights your controls get sluggish and unresponsive and your speed may be high but when you try and force your plane to turn sharper you get a stall effect. You hear the wind woshing and your plane will jerk around before it stalls when trying to turn to sharp. Also if you let go of the stick after doing
  8. I am finally able to land now without destroying the plane, I was coming in way to fast. I need to keep it around180 kmh on approach and pull the nose up to bleed more speed as I make touchdown like that video showed.
  9. I can't land to save my life so I have a few questions from the pros. What exact speed should I be at while landing? What should propeller pitch be set at? Any chance as to someone show a calm wind landing example? Here is a youtube video of what happens to me while attempting to land I always get the bouncing problem. http://youtu.be/hdQ5Qm1UiDE
  10. Open Broadcaster Software - http://obsproject.com/ This is in my opinion best of the free software, it supports streaming as well as recording and compresses while it records. It also has very minimal impact on framerate, unlike Fraps. It supports screen recording so you can record more than just your games.
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