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  1. Hi all, I'm using a separate HD with XP to run my ol' 1946 before too long. I'll be online soon with my MB international Squad team. Praise be! One is from Sussex in the good ol' south of England, and one of the others is from the Union north of England. We southern boys have no time for the highfalutin shenanigans of our Union brothers. Our MB brothers from Germany hold special virtues in the name of both dark and white beer. But resist ye all, the tempations and downfall of schnapps.... Best Regards, MB_Avro.
  2. Hi all, Going back some time: Spitfire Zombies (Great maps! Rowan?). Mustangs Over Mars (Grafix to die for!). Double Jugs (P-47s skimming the decks). Bristols Aloft (Exploits of the famous Bristol F2b Fighter WW1. Slightly dated now, but ok on older machines). Avros and Beyond (The many Avro varients in their natural habitat, the sky. A challenge and a joy. Highly recommended).
  3. It seems to be agreed by historians that over 1 million lives were lost during the Battle of Stalingrad.
  4. Hi all, Yes! The Germans are the same as the English. We have the same type of beer, humour and share the Royal Family. Our east Counties are named Suffolk and Norfolk! WW1 and WW2 should never have happened. But....please disband your national football team Prost! MB_Avro
  5. Could be linked to migration from the Cliffs of Dover forum. Many very niche people here
  6. Hi all, Would there be any value in having all posts 'vetted' by a mod before they appear on the forum? A harmful post could otherwise sit on a forum gathering carnage before it could be dealt with by a moderator. This of course sounds like censorship, but in the real world we can't say anything we choose to say if it harms others. Just a thought. And it's probably been considered before, I suspect... Best Regards, MB_Avro
  7. Hi all, (This is my first post here ). There is obviously 'a' value, but how much? There have been those who have asked if the forum critics of Cliffs of Dover were a negative as regards the game's survival. I'm all for objective criticism, but at what point and how can malicious comments be countered? Best Regards, MB_Avro
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