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  1. Its the game engine. Those slowdowns and heavines are probably tolerated by majority of people. I cant believe that you all have same fluidness (not FPS) when you start mission and at the frontline with fighters, flak, big town and ground units.
  2. Hi, just bought today 3060 Ti card. Game looks beautiful on almost max details(didnt try maximum, like shadows or clouds) at QHD resolution. Everything is fluid Mainly the increased town visibility is nice, when you can see churches from distant as navigation targets. but same as before once I reach the frontline with many targets on the ground or in the air, game slows down a littlebit and there are some microstutters. Its very annoying. Once some planes are shot down its much better. FPS always 60 (vsync ON) CPU is boosting to 4.7 and CPU usage is approx 20% GPU is boosting max 1000mhz (max card boost is approx 1900Mhz) and usage is max 50-60% The game is not using all the system power. I can play any other game at max details totally fluid .
  3. Yeah, im not a big fan of the spitfires, but this variant we are getting is beautiful. Cant wait to ty it.
  4. DO 335 would be interesting in this game, but I would rather have Ta152 and He162 which saw at least some action. Anyway what I like in late war scenario, is that you can use existing planes and add some rare interesting planes to mixup with the old FW and Bf. I know that majority of people is not interested in such things, but Im 😀 Give me Ta152, He162 and La7 (and Me163 please please!)
  5. holidays in Russia https://www.rusemb.org.uk/russiaholiday/
  6. did some testing today and on scattered density its quite flyable (not max details ofcourse), but once I set density to medium, game is much slower over the target area. Once you shot down some planes it was better, but not so much in ground attack missions. So I will stay on scattered density until I can get new GPU. Maybe it will help.
  7. Yes in HW info all cores boosted to the max. Need to test more yesterday, but it seems to me that after the bios update its much better. Thanks again. I will report later
  8. in cinebench all cores are running at 4,2 in single cpu test cores are switching to 4.7 i will try
  9. i have installed CPU Z, Riva tuner, HW info 64. Im not sure if all cores should be boosting in IL2
  10. Thanks guys, I thought since my cpu was recognized by the motherboard that the bios is newer one. Updated bios, waited bit longer to load up objects in mission, FPS are now : Avg: 106.465 - Min: 74 - Max: 135 I will try later in the evening some career fights. My GPU memmory is almost full, GPU is running almost 100% and only 2 CPU cores are boosting all the time.
  11. only 2 cores are boosting to 4700Ghz the rest is at stock speed or even less. also im not sure why in this CPU test i have to max glass reflection if the test is running in outside view? why grass on ultra which is not vissible at that height?
  12. Avg: 103.162 - Min: 41 - Max: 137 I dont know why my min fps are so low. second run: Avg: 100.891 - Min: 48 - Max: 135
  13. its only about FPS, i have no problem with the fps
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