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  1. Is it possible to lock view from the cockpit to prevent rising or lowering view(g forces)? This is soooo annoying since day one. Even if I turn trackir off whole cockpit is moving. In real plane your seat is moving together with the plane. This is one of the reason why I need pressing trackir center view all the time because my crosshair is sinking below my gunsight. I tried to dissable head movement in the game option menu, but it doesnt work.
  2. But this will stress cpu even more, so please no.
  3. Yep after more testing its seems to me that there is still problem with german planes. I have to sit very straight, without moving or crunching otherwise my view is lost. There still some gforce to you head when you pull or push your joystick. I need to set up my view higher when I fly straight to somewhat eliminate view drop in push/pull movement.
  4. ...and its seems to me that we have a winner here! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!👍
  5. Its very loud as it is, and its very annoying. I hear it all the time when I fighting the mustang.
  6. Im not using mouse in my cockpit, so there is nothing interfering with track ir. But when im home from work i can try everything.....
  7. Its very very very annoying, track ir recenter view is my most used key button on joystick(and in the game). In banking, climbing, diving....recenter view, recenter view, recenter view. I lost many victories because of that. I always though that its feature ( Head movement in gforces).
  8. I tried yesterday in qmb to bomb a train with Me262 (only two cannons) and 4xAce tempest with 11lb boost. After succesful bombing i tried to fly long way to achmer. Tempest engaged a with long full power dive i managed to dissengage with damaged wing. Later i tried to gain some altitude but when i lost some speed while climbing they were close again and shot me down its fuc...fast this tempest
  9. +1 to Finkeren post. I like the recent British voices.... drinking whisky, smoking cigar and shred to pieces everything in my way 😀 but my heart will always beat for German planes...
  10. For me alternative visibility is something like icons on. I can finally spot something in the distant sometimes, even its not realistic. I dont want to use icons and zoom cheat. A.I use unrealistic spotting so now i have slight chance to see them too.
  11. Im very gentle with my beloved Dora and I have improved a lot with the new phys feature, but still breathing sound is very rare in this bird.
  12. with Vsync ON and FPS limiter set to 60( I didnt even know that this option was deactivated) its seems to me that microstutters are gone, however I still have some big stutter spikes for 0.5 - 1 sec sometimes. Game freeze, smoke/fire stops in the air. also when i fly low near cities (Bobp map) and look around in external view there are popping up big blocks of buildings suddenly. (they are loading into memory?)
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