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  1. Blacksix please, make some missions for the Panther, i will buy them instantly!
  2. Hmm reading this topic is strange to me because, even with 60fps the game is so cpu demanding that career mode is unplayable. And because i play only sp content im stuck in qmb forever. And I dont think that the new shader (or what is it) will help.
  3. True, true, but they are no propeler driven planes
  4. WW1: Siemens-Schuckert D.IV Hannover CL.IIIa Halberstadt CL.IVa And for WW2 - Ta 152H
  5. Unfortunately the game is uncomplete without Panther. Greatness will come later.😉
  6. There will be probably some news next week imo
  7. How fast is this model compared to late Bfg6 and FwA5 ?
  8. I think there are only some improved parts of the engine IIRC
  9. Nice update thanks!!! ...but where is the Panther 😥
  10. Can someone please make a intercept mission with Me262 against approx. 12 bombers escorted by 4 ace 150 octane mustangs? No airstart.
  11. One engine stalled in high speed dive (iirc 850-900km/h) and the second one in aprox. 650km/h turn. I had the same problem next day, when both engine stalled after mid-speed turn to Achmer. In both occasions I was returning slightly damaged by bombers. Engines restarted without problem
  12. Hmm maybe , i will try to exceed 15min time limit to see if it will be the same. I thought that after 15 minut they will start to burn.
  13. no , no problems just this one. If this was throttle problem i would expect to loose both engines at once.
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