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  1. I know, i know , i just thought that mustang was more maneuverable than Jug. It will be boring experience with Bobp without better AI. I will be Hartmann with 300 kills in two weaks.😐
  2. I just really hope that AI will be more competetive in P51. Im tired of fighting Spitfire all the time. P47 AI is good only as target practice for rookies.
  3. Im for it only, if it fits into bobp map.
  4. Im quite surprised to hear the wind (drag)sound in Me262 cockpit when im reaching 800kph. Its almost the same as in prop fighters. I thought that this will be noticeable at higher speed in schwalbe.
  5. I tried to use stabilator at high speeds, pulling as hard as i can to only slightly blackout. After that she starts to shake and never stall. Without high rudder imput im unable to stall this bird. Need to test more. Did they use stabilator in combat in real life? I need to reread my books.
  6. I tried yesterday attack on A20 mombers together with two Fw190d. There were four P47 as escort fighters. Doras were absolutely desperate to keep altitude, all the time stalling, climbing. All P47 chased me even if I tried to lure them to Doras. They completely ignore each other. 🤔
  7. You have to pull hard and press the rudder(left or right) its the only way I can enter spin.
  8. It was available on monday, same as new patch. It was not official, but really good. Thanks Requiem! It was not so hard to figure it out. There is a new key command. I managed to take off right after the patch was installed, without the Requiem tutorial video. Really not hard.
  9. I really like Me262, im in love with this bird, but I was surprised wirh 3 things. 1.How bad she climbs(or maybe i dont know how to climb properly😶) 2. Engines arent so sensitive I have imagined even without improved valve. Maybe during takeoffs but in flight I tried multiple times to move throttle violently up and down and nothing happened. 3. Its almost immposible to stall this bird. I wanted to hear compressor stalling and test engine restart in flight and you have to try really hard to stall. What do you thing guys?
  10. Need to check again today after work☺️ maybe it was wishful thinking that they was improved
  11. gas temperature was zero and after Shift E rapidly rised ro red level and engines started to burn. I will try again when I have time.
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