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  1. Slow motion Career mode

    I have I5-4670K overclocked to 4.3 Ghz. No steam and I have no stutters
  2. Slow motion Career mode

    I just tested intercept bombers career mission. Approx. 8 heavy bombers and 3 Yaks and my flight of 2 Bf109g2 above water (This mission would have been running smoothly before the update probably), and my CPU usage in MSI afterburner was 86-92% on all four cores. It seems to me to high CPU usage for such undemanding mission
  3. Slow motion Career mode

    hmmm and no slowdowns? ok thanks
  4. Slow motion Career mode

    Whats you CPU ?
  5. Difficulty aiming in the La-5

    Well, its about experience only I fly mostly german planes and sometimes La5 so when i switch sides its difficult for me to hit something with vvs planes. Im good with La5 but with mig and yak I often overshoot target. I don know the rof of spitfire cannons , but its easy to hit target with them like with german cannons.
  6. Slow motion Career mode

    its now slightly better on scattered density with 3.002 patch. Nothing spectacular, but at least its playable now.
  7. quick Pe - 2 footage

  8. in the career mode? I can see it in QMB but not in the career
  9. Still its not possible to display subtitles for radio chatter even with Hud on default. What Im doing wrong? I only see mission objectives and time acceleration. Help me someone pls
  10. Thanks for the update! Please try to improve the slowdowns in the career or make the option to even more reduce the number of the units Missed this, thanks! I ll try it in the evening : 31. 'Rare' and 'medium' Career object intensity settings will result in better performance;
  11. Difficulty aiming in the La-5

    hmmm I find it easier to hit with La5 than with Mig and Yaks.
  12. Difficulty aiming in the La-5

    Shvak has higher muzzle velocity and higher rite of fire. True is that due to the higher velocity and higher rate of fire its more difficult to score hit in soviet fighter for me. Mainly in Yaks and in Mig
  13. Slow motion Career mode

    Ok thanks. Im curious if there will be more cpu optimalization in the near future.
  14. Slow motion Career mode

    Hmmm I think Ryzen is not so good in single core performance but your gameplay is improved, strange. I would be nice to have some info about this from the team