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  1. Voidhunger

    Bf 109 k4 skin

    yes pls
  2. Voidhunger

    DD today?

    Any chance for a Dora before the end of the year?
  3. Voidhunger

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    I voted "after", but I think that it would be good to improve damage of large HE calibers
  4. I know, but for me it was extremely rare. Yeah, something between both dmg models would be nice
  5. Dm is good now, it needs some minor tweaking. Im still waiting for improved undercarriage dm(hydraulics/eletric) and pilot dm. I cant remember if I was ever wounded.
  6. Flying with the first version of the Lagg3 was masochistic.
  7. Hmm after many qmb fights i was unable to shot off rudder or elevator.
  8. Like I said before, I really like the new damage model and I know the limitation of the graphic representation of the dmg model. They are doing great job. But if you are unable to shot off wing in a P47 with 3 MK108 hits and even more rudder or elevator, for me its strange. Anyway I agree thst MK108 is still lethal to the pilot or the engine with just single round if you place it right.
  9. I really like the new damage model, except the MK108 cannon effectiveness. I know that you can damage P47 with one 30mm and she will go down after some time or kill the pilot, but if the average of rounds to shot down sturdy 4engined bomber was 3-4 hits (probably into wing area) its nor right that P74 can fly with 6 or more 30mm hits. And the P47 can withstand this punishment quite often. Many times in QMB I said to myself, f..k what the hell, go DOWN please ! ...also the advantage of the Thunderbolts high resistance to damage vanished when fighting the Bf109K, as the MK108 cannon took no respect of airframe robustness... also there are reports from pilots to shot off wings(Pe-2) with just one MK108 hit and that is no possible now in the game
  10. More I fly I really like the new patch. Need to start carrer again with those changes. Changes to the AI are visible and after many qmb mission i like the new dm model. only "drawback" for me are the AI gunners now.
  11. No its from the Me163. Lt. Charles Laverdiere’s B-17 XK-B of the 305th Bomb Group after its return to Chesterton, UK, 8-24-44. Damage often attributed to Ryll, but consistent with Schubert’s gun-camera film.
  12. Voidhunger

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    From my observation some planes are better now (for example P39) and some are easier (Yak7b) now. together with increased durability of planes its interesting now. IL2 gunners are deadly now.
  13. Maybe but like i said you cant be mistaken in ME 163. Also the B17 looks almost intact if you pause the video after this punischment