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  1. Can someone please make a intercept mission with Me262 against approx. 12 bombers escorted by 4 ace 150 octane mustangs? No airstart.
  2. One engine stalled in high speed dive (iirc 850-900km/h) and the second one in aprox. 650km/h turn. I had the same problem next day, when both engine stalled after mid-speed turn to Achmer. In both occasions I was returning slightly damaged by bombers. Engines restarted without problem
  3. We all want to have our favorite plane in the game
  4. Hmm maybe , i will try to exceed 15min time limit to see if it will be the same. I thought that after 15 minut they will start to burn.
  5. no , no problems just this one. If this was throttle problem i would expect to loose both engines at once.
  6. I was returning to Achmer after attack on B25 and after returning to airfield my both engines quited. In recorded track one engine quited in diving to airfield and the second while turning close to airfield. Throttle was almost full at 8000 rpm and I didnt reduced it. Also in recorded track I have noticed that my left fuel tank lost some fuel. In the attack I took some hits to the left wing and engine, but there was no fuel leak visible. I restarted both engines without trouble. So Is it possible to have fuel leak not visible behind you plane and what was the cause my both engines quited? Is there a progressive damage to Jumo engines like in prop engines? but I restarted them without trouble to full rpm.
  7. in steam yes, but I think you cant play in offline in non-steam game if the patch is ready, but maybe Im wrong
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