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  1. I know I know, but still its fun. I wish they could hire more people to work only on TC. Im little sad that the official release is close and no word of new content/improvement in the next patch. I still believe in TC2 announcement in December which can lead in more improvements for the base game.
  2. Im enjoying TC. I absolutely dont regret buying it. I would like to have more official single player campaigns from the team or even more variation to the qmb. Im missing at guns positions in qmb. Tank warfare is not only about tank vs tank engagement . They are improving the game by small steps with every update. There will be infantry some day and hopefully we will get TC 2 or at least some new vehicles. And honestly there is nothing to choose from ww2 tank sims. There is only heavily modded old steel fury and thats all.
  3. SU152 crew is escaping the vehicle without opening hatches.
  4. I wasnt so lucky to escape the burning hell
  5. I think just left and right for big movements and fine tunning with the mouse
  6. When im moving turret with the mouse its like stepping on the turret movement pedal in the tank.(or at leat in some tanks). If im not moving with the mouse, its like moving leg off from the pedal., So i dont want to have turret rotating if im not moving with mouse. I hope is understandable with my English😀
  7. Im just saying, that the current implementation of the mouse movement is far better then what we had before. It was impossible to aim, move the turret etc. Now I can smoothly move the turret and aim and if I need to turn the turret more I just need to put up mouse slightly. for me it's perfect now. If they slightly improve restriction of the turret movement and the current smoothness remain it would be nice, but i dont want that unstoppable turret movement what we had before. It was tragic. I would like to have different option of mouse controlling, because i would like to have this one. Also It would be nice to have some communication with the team what we want to change/improve, so everyone could be happy.
  8. I have absolutely no problem with that and Im personally glad for that. I think it was massive improvement for the mouse users, but we all have different opinions.
  9. So Im here again, so frustrated with the SU122 firepower I decided to try Ferdinand, to my surprise from distance 1200-1400m one 122mm round hit my front superstructure armor, Ferdinand started to burn, optics destroyed, crew wounded, maybe someone killed. I know there is a engine below the gun and some shrapnels could damage, destroy the engine, but again I think that damage is to big for just one round. I have tested some mission and cant survive one or two 122m hits from that distance. Overall Ferdinand was dead. Second round hit the roof of the superstructure and that was the end. At that angle I thought that the second round will ricochet.
  10. Full weathering for me for sure!
  11. Yep. I remember nice set of pictures from the tiger in combat book, when the tigers ii are advancing through the russian village without troop cover and the leading tiger is hit somewhere in the driver position. They possibly tried to eliminate the target because turret was facingbfully to the left at 9 oclock. Or they were advancing with turret already facing to the left
  12. Maybe inexperienced driver, crew? I can understand rotating turret to 2-3 or 10-11 oclock, but all the way to the 6 oclock is nonsence. Anyway I can understand what you have in mind with the mouse control, but how to model it to satisfaction for all of us? hmm I read somewhere that mainly Tiger due to its slow turret rotation used the whole tank to face the enemy, not the turret itself. And in Panther with its weak sides is a must to turn the whole tank and not only the turret.
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