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  1. Great read! Cant wait for this, it will be epic.thanks is it possible in next review/improvements of the DM to have pneumatic/electric malfunction of the undercariage? Im waiting patiently fo this for years🤐
  2. Many thanks for the BON copy Doctor! I didnt expect to win. Thats awesome!
  3. so the enemy AT guns can fire in 360 arc? Where is limit? This is wrong, you cant be sure if the enemy can fire at you or not. Let them turn slowly the whole gun if its necessary
  4. You can fly ironman mode and if you die due to bad AI or glitch you can exit the game before saving. (altF4 or forced quit). I have used this in ROF because I died many times due to bad AI in formation flying.
  5. Thanks, it looks magnificent! I cant wait for the new dmg model and the QMB.
  6. One or 15 hurricanes? If you have more than one ill gladly take one(number 2). Thank you!
  7. Ha, im experiencing the opposit. My whole squadron survive against 8 enemy planes. Only playing against ace AI. In FC its total slaughterhouse in a few minutes. Easily ending qmb with 8 victories.
  8. I have many times situation in QMB when the enemy planes dont attack and fly away. It was there since the release of FC. Yep! it was always there. Its annoying
  9. Wow, cant wait to see it fly and to hear the sound. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Magnificent! Original engine? or replica of original?
  11. yep that must be corrected, but I dont think its easy.
  12. Fighting AI single seaters is too easy even on Ace difficulty, so at least there is a danger attacking two seaters and thats good.
  13. I just tried PWCG for FC and autopilot is not working. Any help? Is there a option in the pwcg?
  14. hmm i think, it will be better to increase number of mid/late war planes we have and not repeat same mistake as with ROF. As far as I know ROF was meant to be late war simulator until some people complained that they want early stuff. Vol.2 with early/mid planes is a mistake imho.
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