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  1. Nice update with the Ferdinand, unfortunately Panther is still exploding after one round. I havent tried tiger yet. - Enemy T34, Su152 and KV can survive multiple rounds from Pack 43 L/71 (from ranges 400-1400m)and still firing at me. - I cant use insert, del, end, home keys to correct my view in commander and gunner periscope - I had bug once in Ferdinand, when i tried to change ammo to HE and the loader kept changing ammunition over and over. - I had several times bug in T34, when It was impossible to fire the main gun, changing view to different crew position corrected it. I like the more realistic view from the optics of the main guns and the better view from the binoculars. Its hard to hit something now at long range, unfortunately enemy AI is not affected by this and still hitting me precisely at approx 1500m
  2. Last time i tried blitz the enemy ai used eratic maneuvers , they used all ammunition in one attack and then they headed for home without any defensive maneuvers. Ai in cliffs of dover was absolutely atrocious. Maybe you are satisfied with it, I dont.
  3. are there any improvements to the AI, because its tragic right now and what about improved quick mission builder?
  4. hmm i remember that two AA vehicles were included as the AI only in the package and they later changed that to be controlled by players. I cant find the TC announcement page. I cant remember any news about them in DD. Whats the situation now? does anyone know?
  5. Some pictures of the Ferdinand inside and outside would be nice.
  6. sure, to do some damage to crew, but to destroy whole tank i dont think so
  7. I hope that we will see some nice improvements for the TC in next update. Anyway thanks for this.
  8. I play only SP, not interested in MP in IL2. Maybe if a good Tank only server (probably with password) will show up, without planes and with normal people, I would be interested.
  9. Nice! That new German pilot is scheduled for 4.007 or 4.008 patch?
  10. Just had another QMB mission with the russian voices. Prochorovka, 8x Panzer IVG vs 4xt34 and 4 KVs (custom skins, Achtung panzer mod installed, MODs on) When I reload or start another one QMB mission everythink is ok. I just had it twice only, since the release of 4.006 patch
  11. Ahh, I hope its not around the corner yet Anyway looking forward to your enhanced textures. Thanks
  12. There is strange dmg modeling in other tanks too. One round often kill all the crew, without fire or ammunition explosion. Im not saying it was not possible, but I think that often some of the crew manage to escape. There are some accounts of tank kills by AP rounds and hollow charges http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/4th-armoured-brigade-tank-casualties-1945.46671/page-2
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