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  1. I think it looks great, not perfect but really good. and Im really glad that we have something like this. To have marks for penetration at angle its probably impossible or it will requiere too much work. also look at the Cologne Sherman photo (with the dead driver) how strange sometimes round that penetrated (or partialy) can looks like.
  2. Honestly I cant wait for the dvd and TC changes/improvements!
  3. According to my screenshot, it is clearly a turret ring hit instead of mantlet I think that round trajectory is not so precise in game. Also like in panther there is some randomisation i think. You hit that spot between mantle and hull and there is % chance that the round will penetrateo/ is deflected downwards or nor. I remember that DVD is only visual stuff. No damage model overhaul with it. Yes but maybe that screenshot was taken when the new damage tech was tested. If you can make those holes i the turret and the tank will be operational or crew unharmed it will look bad.
  4. Good news (I hope) is that in that image of the Tiger below you can see two penetration to the hatch on the the rear side of the turret and the Tiger is not burned out or completely destroyed. I hope that it is screenshot from the game and not just from some developers tool to test damage (like the Camel damage test video from A. Petrovich). But Han wrote that we will see revisited damage model later, so im not so sure.
  5. yes, those disastrous explosions need to be revisited (it was pointed out many times) but I think that they modeled deflection of the round from the matlet, just like in Panther, not the penetration of the turret ring.
  6. Hi, there is a picture from ww2 time where the round was deflected downwards from the turret like in panther. (I think this is modeled in game, not the penetration of the turret ring). Some crew memeber will be probably wounded or dead, no complete destruction of the tank. I hope they will rework the current damage model (mainly the catastrophic explosions). Honestly as much as i like the DVD visualy i would rather have the damage indicator from graviteam series. Its easier to implement and you can see what type of round impacted, where and what damage was done. I
  7. DVD in action, that would be cool!
  8. So when can we see DVD for Tank Crew? In the next update? I cant wait for that.
  9. Happy Birthday Jason ! 1. Is it possible to even more reduce CPU load in this game engine or only with engine 2.0? 2. Is there a chance that we will see Mercedes D.IIIau engine at least for Fokker D.VII and Pfalz D.XII ? Thanks!
  10. In one book, i think it was from walter schuck, he mentioned how was his cockpit properly cleaned by the mechanic, before the flight to prevent dust or other things flying around when he was in dogfigt. It was interesting to me.
  11. I was at first very excited, but im now not so sure. I hope it is at least the damage visuals somewhat corresponds to the damage. If I can fly with big hole in the engine (or other critical place) or use my gun in the tank, with the hole through it, it will be strange.
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