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  1. Yeah, I tried to join Finnish last night, and both times, on the loading screen from the server list, my computer completely locked up. Couldn’t even close IL2 from task manager, because the mouse wouldn’t move. Hope it doesn’t continue.
  2. I just got a working Sidewinder Force Feedback 2, and have come to the conclusion that this game has quite a few issues with force feedback. There are different posts about it, with different symptoms. For me, 1 attempt had pretty bad frame stuttering with track IR, which went away after restart. Then I had tension in the stick, but no real force feedback effects where they should be. Toggling the force feedback box in the options caused game crashes. Another restart had no tension in the stick. Then basically I gave up. the good news is that it seems like not everyone has problems, (
  3. Do you know how to fix this “borking”. I have this exact issue. Finally found something about it.
  4. I have the CH rudder pedals, which have worked fine up until this point. A few days ago, I was flying the Spitfire, and when I do so, I have to delete the toe brake keybinds, and bind the right pedal to wheel brakes. I’ve done this a half dozen times without problems. Now when I try to do this, the game doesn’t recognize the axis that the toe brakes are on (whichever axis that is, I can’t remember). But here’s the weird part: the toe brakes still work on all the planes that have them, even if there’s nothing bound to the axis. I checked the pedals in windows, forgot them in device
  5. Thanks for that, I played around with the spring center, changed everything to -100, and it didn’t change anything. Pulls right as soon as I put a finger over the sensor. If I pull it to the center, the motor is still clicking (clicks if I’m not even touching it too). I might try calling the local electronics store, since I got it for so cheap, it might be worth putting some money into, if they can fix it.
  6. Right down the page! VKB stuff for sale
  7. Yeah, tried that. I can get the full range of motion out of it, and all the axes work, but it will vibrate throughout the whole time, and snaps back to full right when you release pressure on it.
  8. So I bought a Force Feedback 2 yesterday for $5. It didn’t come with a power cord, but I had a type C cord that fit (doesn’t have a converter on it or anything, it’s just a cord, I’m not sure if that’s right). Anyway, when I plug in the power and USB, the light on the stick turns on, but when I grip it, the stick pulls all the way to the right, and sounds like the motors are constantly running. I took the base off and looked around, and nothing seemed obviously wrong to me, but I don’t know a whole lot about electronics. Any ideas? Is it fixable? Thanks.
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