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  1. The Full Rich mix should only be used when Auto rich fails. When you go full bang the mixture should follow suit.
  2. Ah ok understood. I definitely have to do more research on the units operating in the area I don’t have a solid grasp on it as it shows.
  3. In the document I linked earlier it shows 8th tested the 150 in early summer and by late all 51/47/38 detachments received it. cite: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/8thAF-150grad-26may44.pdf When he said they had 8th 51’s in SP campaign I figured that meant all of 8th including 47 and 38 should have the 150 because that’s how it went down. It was literally weeks after Normandy when those squadrons started to receive the 150.
  4. So you’re saying there’s a chance
  5. This definitely needs more attention. My time is limited for a few weeks but when I can Im going to do a series of tests along side historical data to see how the Jug really compares. Hopefully in the mean time 150 Fuel is taken into consideration ;)
  6. What steps have to be taken in order for it to be taken into consideration? I know there is a thread for things like this but is it just post and hope the devs agree?
  7. Sorry by wing tanks I meant external drop tanks. I’ve seen this thread and post, it actually prompted me to do my own research which lead to this post. The Jug is my favorite aircraft of this era hands down so naturally I’m a little biased. But in my experience I definitely felt it was under performing.
  8. The P-47 in game currently doesn’t use or give the option for 150 Grade fuel. May of 1944 the 8th AF decided all P-38/47/51 groups receive 44-1 fuel immediately. cite: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/150-grade-fuel.html They did many tests at altitude and with ground attack variants and once they were pleased with the testing they pushed it out. The only thing I noticed was most P-38/47 Squads were converted to P-51’s so their time using the fuel was slightly limited. I really enjoy flying the Jug but with its current power output it really leaves me wanting more. The 150 grade fuel gave the Jug over 3,000 Ft per min climb rate at 10,000 ft, compared to the 2,000 Ft per min it has now. I’m hoping it’s taken into consideration as it was historically used on the front. They even went to the lengths of filling the wing tanks with the lower 130 for the climb out, and filled the onboard with 150 specifically for combat use. The Jug desperately needs 150 fuel in my opinion I’m curious what the masses think.
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