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  1. Hi Oliver and SYN Vander 2) change the skin in the .mission file but delete the .msbin file. The mission will take a lot longer to load.... 😀 Great it's fixed now by deleting .msbin file !! Many thanks for your support !
  2. I’m using your mission editor to generate this mission and in my example I tried to change the skin of the Bf109G6 but I tried also many other planes without success ! 😟 in theory is it possible to modify skins individualy For each plane of a mission?
  3. A big thanks for this unique and easy to use mission editor ! I only have an issue regarding "skin" parameter if I try to change skins by editing mission file with Notepad ++ Example : Test.mission Script = "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\bf109g6.txt"; Model = "graphics\planes\bf109g6\bf109g6.mgm"; Country = 201; Desc = ""; Skin = "Bf109G6\9_54_6_Historic.dds"; In that case, I can't change the default skin with 9_54_6_Historic.dds skin, any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance
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