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  1. Hi - Hopefully you have received the PM over at the Dogz forum with details of our TeamSpeak server so you can join us?
  2. @Bagpipe - Did you know you can go another step on your zoom by clicking Left Shift + T again when in gunsight view? It takes you to the periscope in the T34 which you can then rotate independently of the turret via Right Shift + , to go left and Right Shift + / to go right.
  3. Great event, really enjoyed it, many thanks to all those involved in putting it together. Congratulations to Allies. Perhaps better organised than the Axis? The KV-1 helped a bit as well? What would I do different? Perhaps add a 5/10 minute timer into the mission start giving players the chance to spawn in but stay in and around their spawn area, then a text message is displayed that says something like "Go Go Go Let Battle Commence" or "Allez Allez Allez!" to start everyone at the same time. Panzer IV v T34 perhaps? Ask for someone to be a
  4. Salute, Why not swing by the Dangerdogz at www.Dangerdogz.com and say hi and say Friar sent you. We are a motley crew, average age around 50, UK based with members also from Europe, NorthAmerica and Canada. We fly GBS on Tuesdays and Sundays from around 19:30 and use TEAMSPEAK for our communication. Our number one rule is to have fun. We do not insist on attendance, fly when you can. We have plenty of skilful pilots that can assist you improve. Our evenings tend to start with a dogfight map where you can fly what you want and kill or be killed. We then move onto coops.
  5. You can and there is. Panzer 4 top left to driver. You can even set your heading and the compass will help you stay on course. Sherman to right of driver. Same. Don’t know other tanks off the top my head.
  6. Salute Has anyone else noticed that previously when you where in the Commanders position and using Binoculars there used to be a little hand on the HUD compass (bottom left) that showed you the direction you were looking. This now seems to have been removed?
  7. Salute I have just noticed three commands in the settings Gunsight Filter Toggle LALT+F Gunsight Position Toggle RALT + F Gunsight Power Toggle LALT+L Is anyone able to tell me which tank(s) these commands relate to please?
  8. That is interesting. How do you do that? Do you have a spawn counter with a timer or something?
  9. Please provide the following information as an answer to this topic to register: Register as a team (one TC owner + one non-TC owner): Commander's forum (or discord) and in-game name: DD_Friar Commander owns TC? : (yes or no) Yes Gunner's forum (or discord) and in-game name SidTheGit Gunner owns TC? : (yes or no) Yes Preferred team: (axis, allies, no preference) Axis, but happy to go Allied if required to balance numbers. We are both happy to go driver / commander if you need extra taxis for non tank crew owners. DD_FT will not be taking part w
  10. @super-truiteReally enjoyed last nights (Friday 30/4) session with the test for Sundays event and the Provhorovka map with no AI. Having only hoomans to worry about made it a lot better in my opinion. I played with my squad mate DD_FT in multicrew and had a blast. If you have not multi-crewed, give it a go. I drove and commanded, he gunned. It is so much more fun getting killed numerous times with a buddy rather than on your own! note to @ickylevel good shooting! If you are a pilot who usually plays on this server, why not sign up for Sundays even
  11. That is not true. My squad fly with mods enabled. Different players can have different mods. It is not generally allowed for an open public server to ensure a level playing field, but for a closed group it is possible.
  12. @MajorMagee To get that evidence would I not have to turn on the recording, back up a bit, drive forward to get the bump again, then provide more information on where I am, all potentially whilst being in a difficult position tactically? If I could just hit a key that displayed my x / y scribble it down, then I could move on? But I do accept that that is an option, its just not always practicable. Salute
  13. Salute As a tank user, like others we encounter the invisible objects from time to time. I would have to hold my hand up and say I have been guilty of hitting one, cursing, and then moving on, without any attempt to record. I acknowledge that it is well documented that there is no magic wand to fix these and that dev's have requested that, when encountering these we log their position. To assist with this, is there any way a feature could be added that allows the binding of a key to the display of your x y co-ordinates. I feel sure that thi
  14. Brief description: New Tank ID Codes Not Visible in Certain Multiplayer Conditions Detailed description, conditions: When playing in Multi Crew and using the new tank ID codes, if the person occupying the gunner position goes to externals they cannot see the number of their own tank. They can see them via the gunsight. The driver and commander can see them. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Spec in signature.
  15. Hi @CB77Don246 I would suggest you map your rudder pedals for steering, its what I do with an X52. Push left to go left and push right to go right, frees up your hands and buttons/axis for other stuff. If your joystick twists I would suggest making that the turret traverse. I have joystick forward / backward for up down and twist for left right. I am able to adjust it quite precisely. Put zoom on a HAT switch on the stick, also "T" and LeftShift+T for take control and nestle in on the stick as well. It will help to get in the gunsight quickly. Good luck and we
  16. Hi - there are threads for this - you just need to run the "Re-Save All Missions" under Tools in the editor. I got caught by this exact issue as well.
  17. I pre-ordered them both when they were first announced...
  18. Buy it anyway to support the dev's. It is going to find its way into all sorts of missions. Get it Now! We need to show them that we like this concept and give them the encouragement to build the German version.
  19. yes, run that process and all good, phew! first time I had to do this...
  20. When I try and open a mission file I get an error Error reading Mission File I tried the previous suggestion of under tools "save all mission files" but that did not seem to work? Any advice? Ok so I re read the instructions on the mission re-save utility and it now appears to be doing something to the files, hopefully they will all be ok when it has weaved its magic...
  21. Salute I have tried that (adding new waypoints going back from where the convoy came) but I am struggling to configure how I get them to divert to the new waypoints. Is anyone able to provide a simple quick knock-up of how the MCU's should link please? Regards Friar
  22. Salute I wonder if someone would be kind enough to give me a steer on how to get a vehicle / convoy to retreat. I have a group of tanks approaching and if one of them gets damaged I want them to panic stop, wait a couple of seconds and then retreat. I now have them doing a panic stop but despite firing a formation command of "backwards" they are not moving. Reading the guide it says for the backwards command that the vehicle/convoy will follow the waypoints but backwards. So do I need a fresh set of waypoints for the retreat (it seems that they do not f
  23. @Jagermeister13 Just amended my test mission and adding the timer has done the trick. many thanks Now to try and take it a stage further by making the convoy change direction.
  24. ok thanks. I think I am missing the timer in between the formation command and the truck. I will review and post back. Salute
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