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  1. Salute I wonder if someone would be kind enough to give me a steer on how to get a vehicle / convoy to retreat. I have a group of tanks approaching and if one of them gets damaged I want them to panic stop, wait a couple of seconds and then retreat. I now have them doing a panic stop but despite firing a formation command of "backwards" they are not moving. Reading the guide it says for the backwards command that the vehicle/convoy will follow the waypoints but backwards. So do I need a fresh set of waypoints for the retreat (it seems that they do not f
  2. @Jagermeister13 Just amended my test mission and adding the timer has done the trick. many thanks Now to try and take it a stage further by making the convoy change direction.
  3. ok thanks. I think I am missing the timer in between the formation command and the truck. I will review and post back. Salute
  4. Salute I am trying to programme a convoy of trucks to "Panic Stop" when the lead truck is damaged. This is an off road convoy. I have linked to a formation command from an "onDamaged" report but the trucks are not "panicking" Does this feature only work if actually on a road? Or have I just messed up the coding?
  5. @[N.O.G.F]Leon_Portier Salute Sir, The DangerDogz ran your "Change of Plans" last night and had a lot of fun with it. We did notice however there were some AAA and field guns that seemed indestructible? Was this by design? Congratulations on a great scenario. Cheers DD_Friar
  6. Yes I was aware of that around the flag. When the flag is in the middle of open ground I suspect they would not help me much! Cheers DD_Friar
  7. I would not expect a flag / town to be defended by AI units. You could place empty revetments I suppose but not a requirement. It would be up to the side taking the flag to take up positions around the town where they feel they could defend against attacks, from what ever direction that may be. This would encourage more teamwork on comms. A lone attacker or defender would probably not last long. Air cover would become more important to be co-ordinated with the ground units. Call in an air strike to prepare for your advance into the town or call for support against advancing units (all to be co
  8. To make the tank play more enjoyable would it be possible to have the CP points in a local town. Once the point has been captured the town should then be defended. As each defending tank gets killed and has to respawn, the defences get weaker until the attackers can capture the CP. Roles are then reversed.
  9. Has anything changed on the server to the detriment of the tanks? Twice on recent nights after travelling cross country to a rear station and then towards enemy troops myself and squad mates were taken out by some super gun. Single hit. Boom, We were destroyed. T34 the first time then 4 of us in Panzer IV's Bang, bang, bang bang, 4 deaths, all exploded? Does this mean now that we can not approach any of the bases, depots? If so are tanks now just expected to wait for other tanks to come out of the spawn area?
  10. Salute, Over at the DangerDogz I like to throw them the odd curve ball of an event / mission from time to time. I thought you might like to share in my latest creation... Tank Agility Test It is a side by side race designed with Muti-Crew in mind (a driver, a gunner and a commander or driver and commander / gunner for two man tanks.) Test your squad / group team-work! Teams will spawn in behind the white line on the grass. The race starts with the two tanks positioned in the starting boxes. When the race starts (I have started it with a "3,2,1 go" and also
  11. Run you game sound at 100% and adjust it in Windows Volume Control / Sound Mixer. All the little sounds can be heard. It does make a difference. There is a thread about it somewhere.
  12. @JimTM - Spot on as always Sir - I have used the Behaviour MCU and it has done exactly as I wanted. Many thanks. Goes back to the old adage - "Read The F*!@~ Manual"
  13. Salute I have played on the Finish servers and also Advance and Secure and seen this feature. As a mission builder I would like to be able to place an icon on the map showing a spawn point but that it is currently not available. How do you get to display the spawn point but with a "Not Available" type logo? I know how to not have the spawn point show at all and then when a player enters a check zone it gets enabled and appears, but how do I show its location BEFORE it gets enabled? Many thanks in advance DD_Friar
  14. Salute, Apologies if this has already been confirmed but I would like to ask, myself and fellow squad mate DD_FT having been playing quite regularly on a Friday evening UK time. We always take the T34. We start our evening by having a quick go at the nearest German spawn point taking in the Control Point on route. We generally are able to kill a couple of Panzers and get killed a couple of times. We then set about driving deep into enemy territory enjoying the challenge of navigation to attack Supply Stations or rear airfields. A German pilot found us once and asked in the chat if we had
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