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  1. As a squad we have just finished playing this and found it very enjoyable. I would like to congratulate Elliot on his hard work and clever mission building.
  2. May I ask how you have managed to speed up repair times? This is something I would like to incorporate into my squad events. It could mean that I could do away with re-spawn points and keep the player in the game.
  3. That is excellent Jim, many thanks that is just what I wanted. Many thanks Salute Friar
  4. Salute I am building a dogfight map where tanks are moving across country, encountering different scenarios. I want to add re-spawn points if they get killed or damaged but would prefer not to give away the position until players reach that part of the map. Is it possible to only activate a spawn point when a trigger zone is fired? I have looked but can not see anything? Your advice would be appreciated.
  5. I updated my logic as you suggested and "Bingo" it has worked as required. many thanks once again
  6. Salute, I would very much appreciate someone guiding me as to what is wrong with the simple below code please. It is for a tank dogfight mission I am currently building. The test spawn is for a tank I can spawn into to drive into the check zone. When the zone fires it should activate some ground units. I don't think it is even getting that far as the message does not display. I am testing this on my own local game server. The zone has been set True for allied vehicles (the spawn is for a Russian tank) I am sure its a simple mistake I have made.
  7. @DD_APHill Hi, If you are building missions I would be interested to have a chat over at the Dogz, perhaps we can share some stuff?
  8. Use a joystick with a twist rudder function (ala X52). I use the twist for left and right and the forward / backwards for up down. hence i can move through both planes as i traverse. I also use the rudder pedals for the moving the tanks left and right. works a treat.
  9. That is an interesting tool. Is it still a work in progress (I had trouble deleting some way points, probably me though !) Are there other maps etc.
  10. Bump - 45 views and no reply? Am I correct or is no one sure? Salute and Regards Friar
  11. Salute Would anyone be able to confirm please if my understanding is correct On a waypoint A setting of "Low" means the tank will be more likely to attack anything it sees whilst on route. A setting of "High" means it will ignore distractions and concentrate on getting to the end of the route. Stationary Tank A setting of Low makes it not as aggressive as "High", very Aggressive? I am looking to tune a number of maps for my squad and want to make sure I have the correct understanding.
  12. Salute Any update on this issue at all please Has it been accepted into the fix programme? Did any dev get to the bottom of what was causing it?
  13. Many thanks for this I will take a look and see if I can use your groups. I did try looking in the groups (but obviously not hard enough!)
  14. Salute I am currently working on another element to add to our squads Tank Crew Dogfight Map. Currently it has 3 elements that people can play, Town Skirmish (teams start at either end of the town and go looking for each other with the added spice of a flag capture in the middle of town), Battlefield (teams start on open ground and head towards each other, Target Range (does what it says on the tin, Alied and Axis tanks can spawn in revetments side by side and blast away at targets set at 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, 2500m and 3000m). I am looking to add a fourth, "Hunt The Tiger". This scenario is that the map will place, up to 4 Tigers around the town in random locations (so that it can be played a few times before players work out the locations, at which point I will have to edit it to move them). Players will then have to try and find them in the town with out getting taken out (as a squad we play with no icons for tanks so they will be hidden). Ideally I would like each Tiger to have a couple of places it could be found. The hunt starts by someone on the Allied side killing a truck which is placed as a trigger. When the truck is killed (it has no other purpose but players may not want to do the hunt, so the truck goes un killed, the hunt is not started.) When the truck is killed by a player an event is triggered that starts the Tigers spawning in their positions. As a test I have got as far as the code below but am wondering how I go about setting the random positions for them. I assume it would be based on timers pulsing or not to spawn the Tiger(s) in. In the code I have just 3 tanks side by side so I can see them spawning, eventually they would be distributed across the town waiting to be found. The timers are set to a 60% random setting to add to the guessing game, it may be 1 Tiger out there (my floored logic at the moment means no Tigers could spawn), it may be 4 (as an aside, it would be good to tell the players how many Tigers have been spawned if anyone can advice on this as well, I looked at counters and an MCU for Data Update but did not find any user guide for them) The spawners are set to have "Spawn On Me" so I can fix their position. I have seen the the thread on random bomber routes which I suppose is a base for what I am trying to do? (If someone could nudge me in the direction of that post I would be grateful) Is what I am trying to do achievable? Has anyone done anything similar? Your advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.
  15. Salute, been playing around today and have come up with the following, looks pretty atmospheric if you ask me....sitting there, engine off...is that a T34 I hear rumbling through the mist.... The Level sittings are not as clear as I thought in the pictures. The one one the left has the level at 50 and the one on the right at 75.
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